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11 Best Electric Mowers That Won’t Break The Bank

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Mowing your lawn or backyard can be a weekly task depending on your location, grass type, and weather. But you need a strong helping hand to finish this lawn care task without exhausting yourself. And by helping hand, I mean an electric mower.

I have reviewed this list of corded electric mowers based on ease of use, maneuverability, efficiency, online rating, and cost. Analyzing the pros and cons of these will assist in choosing the right electric mower.

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Corded electric mowers are becoming the talk of the town for their no noise, no prep, no refueling, and no gas features. They are not quiet; however, they are quieter than your old school gasoline mower, so you and your neighbors will be thankful for these.

I always thought a yard was three feet, then I started mowing the lawn”.

Lettie Cowman

picture of corded electric lawn mower

Corded electric mowers are less costly compared to their counterparts with batteries; on top of that, they also require little or no maintenance. The most significant plus point for using a corded electric mower is not having to worry about battery runoff or recharging. In other words, you have unlimited usage time as long as the mower is connected to an electricity source.

This article focuses on corded electric mowers; if you are interested in cordless or battery-operated, click here to read about 11 Best Battery Mowers (Including Our Top 3 Picks).

Getting an electric mower means your yard will stay in shape throughout the year. Let’s discuss the features of the following models. My detailed review of all these top-quality corded electric mowers will help you choose the best electric mower.

List of Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

ModelAmpsDeck size or cutting widthWeightPrice RangeAmazon Rating
Greenworks, Model #250221220 inches56 lbsUnder $2004.4Buy now on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER, Model #MM20001320 inches46.85 lbsUnder $2004.2Buy now on Amazon
Sun Joe, MJ401E-PRO1314 inches30 lbsUnder $1504.4Buy now on Amazon
LawnMaster, ME1218X1219 inches 35 lbsUnder $1504.3Buy now on Amazon
CRAFTSMAN, CMEMW2131320 inches 20.83 lbsUnder $2004.3Buy now on Amazon
Greenworks, MO13B001321 inches 57.32 lbsUnder $3004.4Buy now on Amazon
Earthwise, Model #506141114 inches 22 lbsUnder $1504.3Buy now on Amazon
Ryobi 13 in. 11 Amp Corded1113 inches 23 lbsUnder $1504.1Buy now on Amazon
Scotts, 50620S1220 inches 53 lbsUnder $2003.7Buy now on Amazon
American Lawn Mower Co., 505141114 inches 26 lbsUnder $1504.2Buy now on Amazon
Sun Joe, MJ401E1213 inches 22 lbsUnder $1004.2Buy now on Amazon

1. Greenworks, Model #25022

picture of Greenworks 25022 lawn mower

Powerful, easy to use, well designed – reviewed by Carmel

I’ll start the list with one of the notable brands of garden tools. Greenworks has a wide range of trimmers, lawnmowers, garden carts, leaf blowers, and so much more. They provide innovative solutions to help landscape and home gardeners.

They have a long list of lawnmowers, but my favorite product in the category of electric lawn mowers is the Greenworks Model 25022. This is a perfect mowing tool for new and experienced landscapers or gardeners. It might be your first product from Greenworks, but believe me, it won’t be your last.

This heavy-duty mower is easy to operate and weighs around 56 lbs. The 12 Amp motor on this mower can handle the toughest grass in your garden. It might slow down a bit when working through thick patches of grass, but this will not reduce the overall efficiency of the mower.

With the seven height adjustment options ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches, you can trim any type of grass in your lawn. The 20 inches deck for this corded mower is not just strong (made from steel) but also wide enough to cut a large area.

With this model, you are guaranteed to finish the task in less time compared to a powerful gasoline mower. Whether you mulch the grass to create an eco-friendly fertilizer or cut it for a neat lawn, this mower can do it all with its 3-in-1 features, and it’s easy to operate with a simple push-button. It offers mulching, rear bag, and side discharge.

Two front (7 inches) and rear (10 inches) wheels make it easy to push and maneuver the mower on uneven ground. I have discovered that this mower is easier to use than my gas mower on sloped areas.

It also has extra features like the cord retainer and the folding handles. This allows you to fold the handles for easy storage. I consider this mower ready to use because it does not require much assembling to get started. All you have to do is attach the handle with the mower using the four screws without over-tightening.

AffordableThe latch can break if the screws are too tight
It covers the lawn in a few passes with the wide deckSuitable for small or mid-sized lawns
Made of sturdy steel material for long-lasting resultsNot self-propelled
Offers seven height adjustments
Endless mowing time
No pull start
Foldable top handles positioned at a perfect angle.


2. BLACK+DECKER, Model #MM2000

picture of Black and Decker MM2000 corded electric mower

Cuts grass blades quickly and effectively – reviewed by Kenneth

Black and Decker have been around for over a century. It’s one of the brands everyone has heard about. Their extensive range of tools is designed based on customer needs, and they stand out among others.

The MM2000 model is created to tackle the toughest grass in your lawn or backyard with the 3-in-1 features. The 20-inches deck and the 13 Amp motor make this electric mower a powerful machine. Once you start working with this electric mower, there is no going back to gas mowers because it’s easier to use than a self-propelled gas mower.

The EDGEMAX in this Black and Decker corded mower will help you ensure the grass is trimmed close to the edge to reduce the extra trimming required. I had trouble working near walls with my previous mower, but with this model, I can cut the grass near the wall or fence in no time that too, with precision.

Black and Decker MM2000 is also equipped with seven height settings, and you can shift between them using a single lever. You can cut the grass anywhere between 1.5 to 4 inches. The large grass bag has an overall capacity of 13 gals. Assembling it does not require any tools; all you need is little patience and the instructions in the manual.

This electric mower has a plastic body which makes it lightweight, and it weighs around 46.85 lbs. If you are looking for something that will last after years of mowing, it’s this product. But you need to consider one point when using this, never let the dirt clog the motor; otherwise, your mower might die within a few years. I believe a regular cleaning routine after mowing will help avoid this issue.

The grass clippings are well-packed inside the bag. The carry handle near the motor is a great addition; it makes it easy to carry the mower. The latches near the folding handle are flimsy so fold them carefully.

If you want a powerful alternative for your gas mower, get this one because it’s cheaper than heavy-duty gas mowers but provides the same cutting power with its 13 Amp motor. In other words, you get the same benefits but at a lower cost.

Easy to push, clean, maintain and storeThe cable holder and handle padding needs to be improved
Versatile with mulching, side discharge, and bagging option for grass clippings
Designed for 1/3 acre lawn
ABS plastic deck and nylon grass bag
Trims the grass near fences or landscape borders
Requires minimal space for storage
You can lock the handle in two different positions.
Height adjustment requires no bending.


3. Sun Joe, MJ401E-PRO

picture of Sun Joe MJ401 lawn mower

The most effortless mower I’ve used in years! It’s a Beast! Sharp blade – reviewed by Psmithmore

Sun Joe sells user-friendly and affordable tools. If you struggle with your regular-sized mower to cover the tight areas, you should buy this compact electric mower to mulch and mow.

This mini mower was explicitly designed for tight spaces but with a powerful 13 Amp motor that quickly mows a small or medium-sized lawn. Do not underestimate the mowing capacity of this machine because of the size as it delivers the best results.

One thing you need to remember about this mower is that You should pull the button and the lever simultaneously to start the mower. I believe the manufacturer should have listed this critical instruction in the manual.

It has the three main features anyone is looking for in an electric mower; lightweight, quiet and efficient. The compact grass bag attached to this mower has an overall capacity of 10.6 gals.

The 14 inches long blade of the MJ401E-PRO model can cut quickly and fast through the tall grass. Another point worth mentioning is the three height adjustment options (1.18 to 2.52 inches), someone might think they are less than others, but these three options are enough to perform the average mowing.

What I dislike about this lawn mower is the height adjustment method. After placing the mower upside down and adjusting the wheel axles, this is done. This will increase the mowing time if you decide to change the height midway and require more physical effort.

Some of the other expensive mowers I have used have clogging issues that can fail the motor, but the discharge chute for this mower ensures the grass never clogs the engine or the deck.

The wheels on this small machine can handle any terrain. The deck is plastic, but the manufacturer has used rust-resistant material to ensure durability. The start button is equipped with a safety switch, and the handle is also collapsible. This mower is the easiest to maneuver, even for kids or the elderly, because it weighs only 30 lbs.

Assembling the MJ401E-PRO is straightforward, but if you feel stuck at any point, you can refer to the assembling video published by Sun Joe.

Convenient, small, and powerfulNot for large lawns
The robust steel blades are long-lastingLengthy manual height adjustment method
It takes less space for storage with the collapsible handleFixed handle height
Safety switch to avoid accidental starting
Gives professional quality results
Covers narrow spaces


4. LawnMaster, ME1218X

picture of Lawnmaster ME1218X lawn mower

Lightweight. Low maintenance. Easy operate – reviewed by Jiaka

LawnMaster tools are designed to reduce the effort required to complete any lawn or yard task. With their ME1218X, you can either side discharge or mulch all the extra grass in your lawn. This maintenance-free 12 Amp product is a great option combined with the 3600 rpm speed and six height adjustment positions. You can adjust the blades to any setting between 1.5 to 4 inches.

It’s important to mention that this mower does not offer the bagging option. Therefore, it does not include a grass bag. It has a wide cutting width, which means you can mow a large patch in a single run and easily handle tall grass. It has a convenient single-touch height adjustment method. The mulching feature on this mower will trim the grass clippings into small pieces.

The weight of the electric mower is a concern for some of us because an hour or two of mowing can be a labor-intensive task, especially if you have a heavy mower. Luckily, this mower is only 35 lbs.

This mower is a perfect pick for newbies since it’s easier to operate and assemble than other models. Storing this big mower is no big issue because folding the upper handle takes little space in my storage shed. You can store it in a corner or hang it vertically on a sturdy hook. The only negative thing I noticed is the cord connection (keeps falling) and the plastic handle.  

Six cutting heightsNot for large lawns
Easy to maneuver and lightweightWheels are not for uneven terrain
2 step start feature
Rustproof deck
2-in-1 side discharge mowing and mulching
Easy to store in small spaces



Craftsman CMEMW213 corded electric mower

Lightweight with plenty of power – reviewed by Diana

I have already shared two other 3-in-1 option mowers, but another brand named CRAFTSMAN sells a 3-in-1 corded electric lawnmower. The motor capacity of this powerful electric mower is 13 Amp. There 6 cutting height options that can be adjusted easily using a single lever.

This one does not disappoint in terms of blade quality as the primary function of any mower is to cut the grass, so a mower with dull blades is of no use. The winged blades give precise results compared to others. The high-quality blades and the 20 inches deck are designed to work through the tallest grass in your yard without much physical effort.

There are multiple setting options to help you cut the grass between 1.5 to 4 inches. My favorite part about this mower is the weight. It weighs only 20.83 lbs. However, this is because it has a plastic body. It requires less space for storage with the foldable handle assembly.

For the most part, this is a convenient mower, but stopping it requires an extra step because you need to release the lever and press the button. After all, it does not stop immediately after removing the lever. In my opinion, this presents a safety issue.

I would not recommend using this on damp grass other than that this mower suits the needs of anyone looking for a multifunctional and powerful electric mower.

Lightweight and easy to maneuverThe plastic body might not be durable
Three options – side discharge, mulch, or bag the grassThe pouch fills quickly when mowing a large area
High-quality winged blades
Six height setting options
Environment friendly and recommended for ¼ acre area.


6. Greenworks, MO13B00

picture of Greenworks MO13B00 lawn mower

Ready to roll and performs better over gas – reviewed by Michael

This giant 21 inches wide Greenworks mower is for medium or large lawns. The 13 Amps (3600 rpm) motor is powerful enough to trim the tall and thick grass. It’s made to handle the toughest mowing jobs.

The MO13B00 is an updated version of previous mowers by Greenworks. It has improved motor lifespan and a brushless design. You can assemble it within 5 minutes, and it requires no tools. The top part of the mower is made of plastic, whereas the bottom is steel, so it’s a long-lasting machine. The mower comes with a cam lock handle for easy folding.

You can sort out the grass in any three ways, meaning you can side charge, rear bag, or mulch it. The height adjustment lever for the mower is located at the right spot near the rear wheel. You can cut the grass at seven different heights between 1.75 to 3.75 inches.

Everything about this new design is perfect except the size of the grass bag because you will have to empty it more frequently when mowing a large lawn. But this isn’t a fault and varies from one user to another. In my opinion, MO13B00 is one of the best-corded mowers based on the features, and if you can afford it, you should not have to think twice before buying this model.

Wide deckThe weight makes it difficult to push
Versatile functionsWobbly handle
Easy to start and operate
Upgraded, efficient electrical design
Powerful but quieter than a gas mower
No-tool assembly


7. Earthwise, Model #50614

picture of Craftsman CMEMW213 lawn mower

Better than the gasoline mower I had – reviewed by Cody

The American Lawn Mower Co. develops Earthwise tools, and Model #50614 can help you trim the grass evenly. The slim design promises easy maneuverability and storage.

If short grass height and weight are your concern, buy this product. It weighs around 22 lbs, and the cutting height can be as short as 1 inch and as long as 2.5 inches. It is designed to cut the grass close to the ground. Based on the price, this is a budget-friendly pick for small or medium-sized lawns as well as backyards.

The Earthwise 50614 model has an 11 Amp brushless motor that offers the efficiency of a gas mower. It’s one of the best low-maintenance products you will ever buy. The 14-inch cutting width will fit through any area, and you can try the five different cutting heights to achieve a well-manicured look on your lawn.

One of the significant drawbacks of this mower is that it does not have a side discharge option. It comes with mulching and rear discharge options. This means you will have to empty the bag more often, and using it without a bag will dump all the grass on your feet.

What standouts for me about this corded electric mower is the grass bag. The fabric bag has a sturdy top cover and a grass-level indicator. The grass bag also has a large capacity of 16 gallons.

You can adjust the handle height according to your convenience to maximize maneuverability. Foldable features of the handle ensure easy transport and storage. The cushion grip on the handle will ensure you can use the machine for an extended period without hurting your hands.

Works on all types of lawn grassesNo side discharge option
Large 16-gallon grass bagPlastic wheels can break on uneven ground
Grass level indicatorThe highest height is not enough and can burn the grass
Lightweight yet robust and sturdy
Cushioned handle


8. Ryobi 13 in. 11 Amp Corded Electric Mower

picture of Ryobi 13 inch corded lawn mower

Tremendous and easy-to-use mower- reviewed by Lynn

This Ryobi electric mower gives tough completion to any self-propelled mower. The cutting width is smaller (13 inches) compared to some other models in this list, increasing the mowing time if you have a large lawn.

This product is intended for small lawns or backyards, but it has powerful features similar to a full-sized mower; the top is the 11 Amp motor. It’s also inexpensive. The most common issue with corded mowers is handling the extension cord, but this one has a hook near the cord connection to facilitate cord management.

One thing that might bother you about this mower is the adjustment lever. The height adjustment lever is located next to one of the front wheels. Pushing the lever hard can damage the wheel, so be careful about that.

Always have something nearby to dump the collected grass; otherwise, it takes longer than usual to finish the job with this Ryobi mower. This also means that it is not recommended for large lawns.

The only maintenance work needed for this handy outdoor tool is cleaning. The reviews about this corded mower indicate that it can easily cut 6 inches tall grass. The cutting height adjustment can be between 1 to 2.5 inches.

This machine would suit any homeowner with low mowing needs or a small lawn. It weighs 23 lbs., making it easy to push compared to a self-propelled gas mower. If you are looking for a mower with foldable handles, skip this mower because this 13 inch Ryobi mower does not have foldable handles.

Easy to assemble and operateRequires cleaning to avoid clogging
Spacious grass bag


9. Scotts, Model 50620S

picture of Scotts 50620S lawn mower

Well Built, solid, a workhorse – reviewed by Johnson

This is a heavy-duty electric mower that falls on the expensive side, but it has an alloy steel body, so it’s built for durability. The steel body adds to the overall weight of the mower, and it weighs around 53 lbs.

The high efficiency 12 Amp motor (works at 3600 rpm) of this Scotts mower is the main reason for adding it to your list of outdoor tools. The 20 inches cutting width and the three options for mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge further make this mower a valuable addition.

Grass bag has a capacity of 16 gals to help you mow without emptying it every few passes. The V-shape handle makes it easy to turn this mower because it gives better control and is foldable.

As far as the assembly is concerned, it takes only 5-10 minutes. If you plan to use this for challenging work, make sure you have some spare blades to replace when the old ones are worn out. One issue with this mower is mowing close to fences, walls, or borders because this mower does not give clean results near these.  

The wheels on this push mower are designed for maximum stability. You can use the lever to adjust the cutting height between 1.5 to 4 inches.

Foldable push handleHeavier than other models
Cord retention hookTrouble mowing near walls or fences
All-terrain wheels at front and backThe wheels can fall off because of nut quality
Steel front guard
Easy bag attachment and removal
3-year manufacturer warranty


10. American Lawn Mower Company, Model #50514

picture of American Lawn Mower Company corded mower 50514

Like the lawnmower equivalent of that quiet kid on the playground – reviewed by Haz

The 14-inch deck and the 11 Amp brushless motor are the perfect combinations you need for an easy mowing experience. You can adjust the height of the deck at five different positions between 1 to 2.5 inches.

This corded electric mower has a spacious grass bag, making it convenient to use as a mulching or bagging mower. The grass level indicator will let you know when the bag is complete so that the mower always performs at maximum efficiency.

The top handle is positioned at the right point to ensure the mower’s weight is distributed equally. Using the mower on rocky terrains with stones can dent or permanently damage the blades, so avoid doing this. This 14 inches mower can reach every corner of your lawn which is where it competes with the large 20 or 21 inches mowers. The blades give clean cuts even on thick grass patches.

The carry handle on the grass bag does not lock properly; however, this can be fixed using glue or any other permanent thing. You can fold the push handle on this corded electric mower, so it takes less space in your garage or shed.

Cushioned, adjustable handleNo side discharge
Easy storage
16 gal grass bag
Fast to assemble


11. Sun Joe, MJ401E

picture of Sun Joe MJ400 lawn mower

Great little machine – reviewed by Dan

The model MJ400E by Sun Joe is for anyone on a tight budget. This is a genuinely affordable mower with a powerful 12 Amp motor. It has 13.4 inches wide blades, which is decent for average lawns. You can adjust the height at three different positions to go as low as 0.98 inches, and the highest is 2.56 inches.

Anyone can mow with this lightweight mower because it weighs only 22 lbs. The only drawback is it’s for small lawns only.

You can use it for a medium lawn, but the bag has a capacity of 9.2 gals. Therefore you’ll have to empty it frequently. This mower has a plastic body and wheels, making it unsafe, so you might consider this point if you are planning to use it for heavy-duty work or uneven terrains.

This mower ticks all the boxes because it’s inexpensive, powerful, lightweight, and trim. It’s an excellent pick for any lawn owner unless you have a large lawn.

Detachable grass bagNot for large lawns
LightweightNo mulch or side discharge option
Collapsible handles
Easy storage and maneuverability


My Top Three Picks for Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

picture of Corded-Electric-Lawn-Mower-infographic

You will not have to worry about recharging or buying new batteries with a corded electric mower. Just plug in and start mowing. Corded electric mowers require maintenance in changing blades and cleaning to prevent clogging, especially after mowing damp grass.

The budget is a significant concern when buying a long-term gardening tool like a mower. I have shortlisted three options from the above list so that you can buy the best product within your budget.

The key features to focus on when buying a corded electric lawn mower are summarized in the infographic.

Best Under $300

Greenworks, MO13B00 has an updated motor that enhances the overall performance of the mower. This mower can easily carry out large mowing jobs in less time with its 21 inches expansive deck.

  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful motor
  • Combination of plastic and steel body for long term usage

Check Price on Amazon

Best Under $200

BLACK+DECKER, Model #MM2000, is one of the toughest mowers, and it will start paying for itself after a few mowing sessions. It offers a powerful motor and a large deck size. Other features include:

  • Precise mowing near walls
  • 3-in-1 options
  • Easy height adjustment at 7 different positions

Check Price on Amazon

Best Under $100

Sun Joe, MJ400E has a high efficiency 12 Amp motor, and with its small design, can get you almost anywhere on the lawn. It comes at an accessible price that you do not want to miss.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push
  • Small and powerful

Check Price on Amazon

FAQ’s about Electric Mowers


Electric mowers are corded or cordless, and they are gaining popularity mainly because of the several benefits they offer over gas mowers. The electric mower does not depend on gasoline because it uses a rechargeable battery or a live electricity source. You can read the article I wrote about electric lawn mowers for more information. I have discussed in detail the pros and cons of electric mowers.

I hope this article will help you choose the best corded electric mower for an effortless mowing experience. This article provides you with enough information about each product to finalize your decision about the lawnmower.

Corded electric mowers are one of the most convenient machines once you understand cord management for your lawn. If you are new to lawn mowing, I would highly recommend reading the article I published about 10 tips on How to Mow A Lawn for Beginners. This article answers every question you might have before mowing your lawn for the first time.

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