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Pros Vs. Cons Of Drip Irrigation In Your Garden

Using a drip irrigation system has its benefits, like exact delivery of water and nutrients, reducing water consumption, can be utilized on different types of plants, reducing soil erosion, and less labor cost. However, despite all of these benefits, drip irrigation has its disadvantages, too, like root growth restriction, the need for constant inspection, affects the fertility of the soil, and the possibility of tubing leakage.

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A Step by Step Look at How Plants Actually Grow

From seed to sprout, sprout to vegetative, vegetative to budding, budding to flowering, and flowering to ripening, several stages are involved in plant growth. And to ensure their proper growth, they require adequate water, nutrients, air, water, light, temperature, space, and most importantly, time.

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Why do store-bought plants die so quickly?

Store-bought plans may die easily due to a lack of favorable conditions and necessities such as water, good soil, air, and the inability to meet their unique needs specific to the species. It may also be due to the plant feeling transplant shock. The plant struggles from the sudden change in settings from the perfect conditions in the store’s greenhouses, which causes it to continue to decline.

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Am I Overwatering My Plants? A Practical Guide!

A sure sign that you are maybe overwatering your plants is when growth stops, leaves turn yellow in color, and the plant starts to wilt. You can see this; what you cannot see is that the root system will start rotting, which prevents the plant from taking up the feed and green mold that grows across the soil surface.

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Reliable Vegetable Garden Cost According To You!

How much does a vegetable garden cost? It can vary greatly as no garden is identical, and also the resources required can vary on location, soil quality, preparation required, and what you wish to grow. But to answer this further, I asked 24 other gardeners to see what they spent when starting their vegetable gardens.

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