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How Do Mycorrhizal Fungi Help Plants?

How do Mycorrhizal Fungi Help Plants? Mycorrhizal Fungi helps plants as they work synergistically with the plant to provide additional water and nutrients that the plant’s root system would not be able to reach alone. The fungi attach itself to the root system and help to increase the mass of the plant’s root system. In turn, the plants provide carbohydrates that the fungi need to survive.

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Is Epsom Salt Good For Plants?

Is Epsom salt good for plants? Yes, Epsom salt is an ideal product to use for your plants. We all know Plants need Magnesium to be healthy and Epsom salt is made from Magnesium Sulfate and Sulfur. This is absorbed by the plant’s root system making them stronger and much more resistant to pests and diseases. It increases growth and produces larger vegetables and blooms.

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The Ultimate Guide to COVER CROPS

Cover crops are fast-growing plants that are grown to cover bare earth. They are not intended to be harvested and are grown for the improvement of soil quality. They have properties to help you build soil structure. Improving soil quality, water retention and nutrient density for the food you grow. They can save you money on fertilizer. And save you time on weeding as these crops will smoother all weeds preventing their growth. They will also help manage pests in the garden.

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