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13 Father’s Day Gifts to Make Your Gardening Dad Smile

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Whatever you call him these days: dad, old man, pop, papa, it’s about a month from Father’s Day. And it’s time to start giving some thought to gift ideas to show appreciation and love for the big guy. If your dad’s a keen gardener, you might consider getting him some new garden tools. But where to start looking for dad garden gift ideas if you’re not a gardening enthusiast?

Before you head to the garden’s supply for father’s day, consider getting a lawnmower, pruner, items for garden safety, and even spades and other tools to slowly complete their collection so that they can use these tools for gardening and protection to their heart’s desire.

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These items are typically found in most gardening and department stores. They can be utilized for different gardening activities, ensuring that your parent can use them happily while gardening away.

13 perfect gardening gifts for Father’s day

Image of gardening tools, rain boots and watering pail.

So without further ado, here are 13 of the top, unique dad gift ideas for gardeners to help you get inspired. There’s bound to be one mentioned on the list below that’ll benefit your father.

1: The organizer rack can be a good gift for Father’s Day

Image of organizer rack with different tools hanging on it.

If your dad’s tool shed or garage resembles a bomb blast that had just gone off, consider getting him a tool organizer rack.

These come in various shapes and forms and can fit all the common, small, too big garden-related tools. And it can either be wall-mounted or floor-based. Some are even angled to fit in corners.

Not only will it neaten things up, but it’ll also create extra space for him. And turn his disorganized garden storage area into organized perfection—that even the most cold-hearted military drill instructor.

2: Look into getting a Cordless electric powered lawn-mower for Father’s day

Image of a green electronic lawn mower.

Electric lawnmowers come in all shapes and power outputs. Here it’s going to boil down to individual needs based on your dad’s garden size.

When buying one, three things to consider are how well it’ll cut the grass per single pass, are the cutting blades are adjustable, allowing for grass length preference, and how the mower discharges the cut grass.

For the last one, the cut grass needs to come out into an easily removed container.

Battery life considerations for electric lawn mowers

The final and most important aspect is the battery run time. Battery-powered lawn mowers range from 36 – 58 volts (small), 58 to 82 volts (medium), and 82 – 120 volts (large).

In a nutshell, the larger the garden, typically the more significant the power range you want to get. An electric-powered lawn mower will run for about half an hour to an hour before needing a recharge.

3: For Father’s day, look into gifting a Tree pruner

Picture of a tree-pruner.

Like any keen gardener, your dad probably keeps his garden’s tree branches pruned as the spring and fall seasons demand.

A good pair of prunes will have a solidly constructed metal sawlike blade with large angular teeth. And able to cut through branches up to 25 cm (9 inches) thick. The handle will also be height-adjustable, up to 330 cm (130 inches), removing the need for a ladder to reach those higher branches.

Safety considerations for tree pruners

As any safety-conscious person will tell you, sharp tools and unstable platforms don’t always go well together. Be on the lookout for one with a handy hook on the rear of the handle.

It is for hooking the pruner on a nearby branch while taking a break.

4: Precoiled polyurethane garden hose can be a great gift for Father’s Day


These water hoses are durable and expand in a stretching fashion. Making them easy to store away once done, and they self-drain any excess water inside the hose.

They’re perfect for watering flower beds, pot plants, and small lawns.

They come with attachable trigger-operated spraying heads for a simple point, spray, replace approach that you don’t necessarily get with traditional rubber hoses that often get tangled and need a lot of unfolding.

5: Gardening gloves can be an excellent gift for Father’s Day

Red and black gardening gloves

Most men might scoff at the idea of wearing gloves for gardening until that nasty rose thorn cuts them or they pick up an infection from fungi.

A good pair of garden gloves are made of nylon and should offer protection for the knuckles, palms, and fingers. And fit snugly, too, around the wrists. Dad, you’re in the backyard garden. Is anyone going to see you wearing gloves anyway?

6: Look into gifting a Compost Bin or Heap for Father’s Day


Almost every budding gardener has a compost heap located somewhere in their garden. It typically looks like a green or brown cone-shaped bin, and they come in various sizes. Perhaps dad requires a new one or hasn’t gotten around to getting one yet?

Compost heaps are great for recycling garden waste (mowed lawn grass, leaves, etc.) and kitchen waste (potato peels, apple cores, etc.)

You place it in the bin, let nature do its thing, and the final result acts as fantastic fertilizer for soil and plants. To fully aid you in this process, you can check these recent articles on compost bin sizes and their considerations and compost for beginners. The former recounts different compost bin types and size considerations for faster maturing, while the latter covers tutorials, benefits, and even content ratios for composting.

7: Leaf Mulcher can be a fantastic gift for Father’s Day


What’s a mulcher, you might ask? In line with the compost heap theme, a leaf mulcher is a high-powered machine with blades that speeds up the composition process.

A shredder, if you will, for garden waste. Suppose dad doesn’t have the patience to let nature do its thing. Its blades chop up the grass and leave it into tiny pieces that can be used immediately as fertilizer in the soil and for plant growth.

You have choices between petrol or electric operated. For small garden waste, an electrically operated one will suffice.

8: Look into gifting Knee pads for Father’s Day


Your old man might think you’re trying to get him into skateboarding when he first unwraps this gift. Gardeners typically spend much time down on their knees while attending to their flower beds, pulling weeds, etc.

So a bit of knee pad cushioning on the pointy bits will go a long way in reducing some of the pain he might feel later from gardening.

Alternatively, you can get him a garden kneeling chair. They’re height-adjustable; some even come with little pockets for storing hand tools like forks, shears, and trowels.

9: Wheelbarrows are great gardening gifts for Father’s Day


You might have broken dad’s last one, pushing your sibling around the garden or having races with the neighbor kids in the street.

Wheelbarrows are multi-functional. They can move tools from storage into the garden. Or compost to the flower beds. Or your dad’s new pot plants from the car trunk into the garden.

They serve as little mini pushcarts to use in the garden. When it comes to buyers’ choice, galvanized steel construction that’s rust-resistant is what you’re looking at purchasing.

10: Consider Garden shoes as a gift for Father’s Day


Outside it’s usually dirty. For gardeners, soil often comes into contact with water, which equals mud. And when trodden inside, it leaves unwelcome footprints all over your mom’s clean kitchen floor.

So for all-purpose garden shoes, you’re looking for something constructed of rubber with good heel and toe protection that can easily be cleaned and dried.

Comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Making it easy to transition from the house to the garden and back again. Argh, Crocs admittedly are ideal gardening shoes. Make sure dad knows no one sees him wearing the Crocs outside the home garden.

11: Spades are convenient tools to gift for Father’s Day

Multipurpose gardening spade.

I’m going to call a spade a spade here and ask what gardener doesn’t have one as part of his tool kit arsenal. And if your dad has been gardening for a while, he might require a replacement.

A digging spade is a primary tool for moving and laying soil. And should have good balance, a comfortable handle, and cut into the ground well. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

12: Chainsaws can be a valuable gift for Father’s Day


The ultimate manly man, garden power tool. For a dad with a big garden. If you’re old enough to remember Tim Allen’s character on the sitcom Home Improvement, you know what I mean when referring to his catchphrase grunt of approval. Nothing conjures up images of the “ultimate gardener” than a bearded, grizzled, red-flanneled-shirt lumberjack.

Which chainsaw to get and whether it’s petrol or electrical is a matter of choice and circumstance.

Does your dad’s garden have a lot of trees? Does he sometimes need to fall them or chop off large branches? The most popular choices favor cordless electrical models for small- to medium-sized gardens. One with variable speed adjusters, rubberized handles, and an anti-vibration feature should be priorities.

13: An Axe can be a good gift for Father’s Day


If you’re thinking, maybe a chainsaw is a little over the top for dad’s backyard garden, but he still needs to chop wood, then a good quality ax is the next logical solution. And seeing it’s for chopping down shrubs or branches, a specific chopping ax over a splitting ax is the better choice.

Axe considerations for gardening

The blade of a chopping ax is slimmer and sharper. It allows for better swing momentum and a deeper cut. The size of the ax head, handle length, and overall weight are your primary considerations. A 1.3 kg (3 oz.) ax with an 81 cm (32 inches) handle is a good starting point.

Bonus suggestions to gift your garden-loving father on Father’s Day

These two gifts are also amazing additions that you can consider giving to your father on Father’s day.

Gardening books are amazing to gift for Father’s Day

What will you do when your dad already has a well-stocked garden tool shed? One that would make a professional botanical garden landscaper jealous.

Then consider getting him one of the hundreds of published books on all aspects of gardening. Or buy him a gift card from a retailer like Amazon and let him choose one that interests him the most.

Garden Toolbelt can be an all-around great gift for Father’s Day

These handy belts fit around the waist and are length adjustable. They have an assortment of easily accessible front and side pouches, both small and big.

Garden toolbelts are made to hold all sorts of handheld gardening tools and essentials like trowels, pruners, and seeds.

Some brands design their models in luxury suede leather with double white stitching for a more manly look. It assures a high level of quality along with convenience and practicality.

Conclusion on 13 gardening gifts you can give your Father on Father’s day

So there you have it, just a few dad gift ideas for your gardening enthusiast father. And if all else fails, why not make a day of it? Go pick up pop and take him out for lunch and a few beers this Father’s Day. And then take him to his favorite local garden store to pick out what he feels he needs best.

He probably knows what’s running low if he’s a regular gardener. Or which of his current equipment is faulty and in need of replacement. Or perhaps there’s something he’s had his eye on for a while. You’ll be sure to make any dad feel proud and appreciated with this approach. And, of course, keep yourself in his good graces.

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