6 Outstanding Tips To Prevent RATS in Your Compost Bin
1K views · Oct 4, 2021
So many people worry about rats getting into their compost at home.` but with a little knowledge, you can still compost to get the best for your garden and also ensure you'll NEVER get rats in your compost bin.

In this video, I give you 4 reasons why rats invade your compost bins and 6 tips to ensure they don't. Make sure you watch to the end as this will prevent you from getting overrun with rats or mice

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Reason No 1 Looking for somewhere to live undisturbed
01:07 Reason No 2 Looking for food
01:26 Reason No 3 Nice and warm, save energy
01:44 Reason No 4 Security for the rats family
02:27 Tip No. 1 Location of compost bins to prevent rats
03:31 Tip No. 2 Compost bin design to prevent rats
05:33 Tip No. 3 Human Intervention to prevent rats
06:42 Tip No. 4  Adding compost ingredients to prevent rats
07:22 Tip No. 5 Keep compost moist to prevent rats
07:55 Tip No. 6 Remove clutter and mess to prevent rats
08:40 Showing inside a compost bay that's been in use for 2 years
09:33 Conclusion on preventing rats in your compost bin

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