Get rid of aphids from the garden and kill whiteflies
734 views · Oct 10, 2021
aphid control - kill whiteflies - 5 ways including Neem Oil
There is nothing worse than running up to your glorious brassicas, Getting ready to pull some chard or kale to find whiteflies or aphids. These pests not only stunt your plant's growth but can even kill your plant.

Aphid, whitefly, mealybug control is something that we all need to consider as these pests breed very fast and can soon overwhelm a garden. There are lots of organic ways to kill whitefly, Control aphids and neem oil is one of them.

Today I show you 5 ways to control aphids or kill whitefly or mealy bugs, We are talking using SB Plant Invigorator, Neem Oil, and soap solution. We talk about organic pest control and organic pesticide.

Neem Oil in gardening really works and using neem oil for plants you can be sure of a pest-free life. So in this episode, I show you how to kill aphids, How to kill whitefly and how to kill mealy bugs Join me now and learn how to control these pests in the garden.

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Products used in this video
Neem Oil

SB Plant Invigorator

Castile Soap

Double Head Brass Sprayer Gun Hand Pressure Sprayer

Sprayer bottle 

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