Save Time and Get Results With Proven Garden Mulch Ideas
650 views · Oct 8, 2021
Want to grow astonishing vegetables?  In this video, I take you through many of the vegetable garden mulch ideas. Using Mulch in the garden does not only make it much easier for the gardener, by reducing the weeding process, but it also retains moisture in the soil. Helps to build soil structure, texture and soil microbial, bacterial and fungal life. 

It has so many uses in the garden and there are many different varieties of mulch that one can use. Organic and inorganic mulches can all be utilised to make the garden a much better looking and more efficient place. 

In this video, I take you through a variety of mulches and show you what each benefit for said mulch is.
00:00 What is Mulch?
00:30 Introduction
00:49 Why nature covers bare soil
01:18 Why gardeners Shouldn't keep digging soil
01:48 Mulch categories
02:38 Organic Mulches
11:35 Mulch benefits
12:53 Inorganic Mulches
14:27 Conclusion
15:04 Why compost

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