HOW to make COMFREY fertilizer At Home- The Very BEST Way!
325 views · Oct 10, 2021
Making your own organic plant food means you can take control of your garden. Comfrey is an Organic fertilizer and mineral accumulator. I have made this video called organic plant food - free best organic plant fertilizer in order to show you the benefits of not only growing Comfrey but also making Comfrey tea. Comfrey Tea is packed with nutrients and minerals as this plant draws them up from the depths of the soil that most plants just can not reach.

To make the best organic plant food you need a variety of Comfrey called Bocking 14, this variety is sterile and can not become an issue as Comfrey can become invasive. As Bocking 14 is sterile it can only be propagated by root division making it a perfect plant to make organic plant food from.  Comfrey tea is free to make and is perfect to use at the flowering and fruiting part of a plants life. It boosts the immune system of the plant at what is a  very stressful time, It provides it with the minerals needed to produce great looking flowers and fruits. Taking control of your garden by making your own organic plant food means that you are not putting chemicals into your soil and contaminating your ground killing all the good bacteria and soil web life that we as gardeners work so hard to build up.

Comfrey, The Bocking 14 variety can be used in other ways, it can be used as the best organic fertilizer just by adding the leaves to the bottom of trenches and burying them to rot down where they will release their vital nutrients and minerals. In this episode of  Organic Plant Food - Free Best Organic Plant Fertilizer I show you two methods of making Comfrey Tea and Comfrey concentrate, this means that it is easy to store and can be easily watered down to the correct strength later when required.

Comfrey Organic Plant food can also be used to activate an Organic compost pile, Instead of using water for the moisture you could use a comfrey tea, this will add nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the compost, greatly boosting the content of the compost and giving the bacteria what it requires to produce a better overall organic compost.

All this comes from a miracle organic plant food. Comfrey, in my opinion, is the free best organic plant fertilizer for your garden. Watch the video Organic Plant Food - Free Best Organic Plant Fertilizer now to see exactly how to do it and I have a bonus build within the video to show you how to build your very own Comfrey tea pipe which will help you get the best organic plant food ever.

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