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Gardening Jobs To Do In December

red berries with snow

The cold has definitely kicked in this month. Typically December is a dark damp month and most gardens and plots are looking very bare and dank.  Harvests are still coming through. Now that we need to be finishing those little jobs we have been putting off.

It is a perfect time to get into your garden shed and give them a good old cleanout. Clean and sharpen all your tools, and wash all your trays and plant pots. Usually, most folks tend to forget their gardens and plots this month as Christmas takes over. Preparations for this holiday seem to last all month. If you have some time spare, there are still things you can be doing in the garden.

15 Jobs to do this month

  1. Tidy the Shed
  2. Clean, sharpen and oil your tools
  3. Check stored summer bulbs for signs of rot
  4. Harvest winter veg and parsnips
  5. Prevent your ponds from freezing
  6. Fix any structures that require it
  7. Clean tidy paths
  8. Mulch beds with compost or manures
  9. Plant bare-root trees
  10. Clear borders
  11. Prepare cold frames
  12. Plant amaryllis bulbs
  13. Order Seed Catalogs
  14. Move containers to a sheltered spot
  15. Remove any dead leaves resting on plants

Tidy Your Shed

It is amazing how messy sheds get in the garden. We seem to dump all sorts of rubbish into them throughout the growing season. Cleaning the shed now means not only can you have somewhere warm to rest when working in the garden over winter. But You will know where everything is and be able to put your hands on it when it is required.

Clean, sharpen and oil your tools

Tools are very expensive and it is important to look after them. Clean off any soil and rub them down or wash them. Ensure to oil them after so they do not rust. Sharpen any cutting edges and you will be ready for everything the garden throws at you next year.

Check stored summer bulbs for signs of rot

As you would during the winter bulbs, You should check stored summer bulbs for signs of rot. If you do not do this and there is rot, it can spread to every bulb in the container causing you to lose your stocks.

Harvest winter veg and parsnips

Now we have had a good frost, Winter veg will be much sweeter. You can start to harvest this now. I can tell you, there is nothing like visiting the garden on December 24th and harvesting your own Christmas dinner.

Fix any structures that require it

Over the summer and Autumn, winds and rain may have damaged structures in the garden. With everything dead back, it’s an opportunity to repair these pieces of furniture.

Clean tidy paths

Paths can become overgrown with weeds, algae, and moss at this time of year. Not only that, mud stuck to the sole of your boots can be left behind. Clean them off now by scraping the mud off and giving them a good brush. This will help with your footing over winter.

Mulch beds with compost or manures

We ask a lot of our gardens. They produce food and flowers for us most of the year. It’s now time to feed them and give some of the nutrition back to the soil. Mulch beds using compost or manures, will protect the soil from erosion and compacting.

The video below will show you how to make compost successfully at home. But if you would prefer to read an article I wrote about that you can do it here.

How To Make Compost – Composting Process – Compost Methods

Prepare cold frames

With all the sowing that is about to start next month, you should get to grips with sorting out your cold frames. These will be perfect for your brassicas and hardening off seedlings later

Move containers to a sheltered spot

If you haven’t done so already, Gather all your containers and move them into a sheltered spot. It will be a few degrees warmer than if left out in the open. It also helps with ensuring the pots do not freeze and thaw causing damage.

Remove any dead leaves resting on plants

Leaves for all their amazing uses can also be a hindrance in the garden, If they are left in the crowns of your plants they hold water which could rot the plant from the core. They also block out light from getting into the plant. Collect them and put them into your leafmould bins ready for spring.

cold frames with plants

More Jobs you can do now

  • Feed Birds through winter
  • Throw any seeds that are out of date and order more
  • Continue making leaf mould
  • Insulate outside taps
  • Remove dead material from plants
  • Take hardwood cuttings
  • Wrap up patio pots
  • Do the last mow of your lawn
  • Assess how your compost is doing
  • Preserve your supports
  • Protect winter crops from pigeons
  • Dig a Bean trench and fill it with all your waste
  • Check stored fruit

Well, it is the end of this year. We still have things to do. Those who thought gardening was just a summer pastime will have realized there is always plenty of jobs to complete. It leaves me to wish you all a happy Christmas and a merry New Year. I hope next year is a productive year for you with lots of happiness.

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