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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas (13 Mom Gifts For Gardeners)

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In 1865 William Ross Wallace penned this poem:

Blessings on the hand of a woman! Angels guard her strength and grace. In the cottage, palace, hovel! Oh, no matter where the place! Would that never storm assailed it? Rainbows ever gently curled for the hand that rocks the cradle. It is the hand that rules the world.

Indeed, the strength of a mother epitomizes all that is gentle yet strong; quiet yet determined; gracious yet resolute – and worthy of honor. Mothers give their all for 365 days a year, and in return, are given a single day – Mother’s Day.

So, if you are looking for a gift for that inalienable woman in your life, here are 13 suggestions. We have selected a mixture of items that depict so much of what she is; resilient, beautiful, productive, and ever giving.

Hummingbird Wind Chime

Delicate, light-radiating, constant, and colorful – day or night. Sound like mom? This wind chime is made of durable ABS material and fitted with solar-powered LED colored lights – red, yellow, green, orange, purple, red, and blue Hummingbirds.

Each of the six Hummingbirds, one of each color, hangs to chime in the wind, a combination of light and sound. The top disk is fitted with a solar panel that powers the LED lights in each of the chimes.

Self-dependent, colorful, light-emitting in the darkness, and reflective of the sun’s light, this lovely gift is lasting and beautiful. Share it with the one whose love for you has been ever constant and unconditional. She will love it.

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Set of Six Ceramic Owl Pots

These cute small ceramic pots are a hoot. Hand-crafted and ideal for succulents, the six owls, will make a lovely addition to your mom’s windowsill.

Because they are hand-crafted, each one is unique – like her. Measuring 2 x 2 x 2-inches, the owl-shaped containers, with large eyes at the rim, gives an effect of a little own with the planted hairstyle. Really cute.

A family of six little owls, each with their own character, will be a constant reminder of a loving gift from her child. The potential is endless. Adding herbs, ornamental grasses, succulents, or a plant of her choice will further add to this character-filled family. Each little owl is unique and cute.

Your mom can display them all on the windowsill, spread them through the kitchen, rotate her favorite one on her desk. A practical gift that will keep on giving a variety of looks, textures, and yields.

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Flowering Bromeliad Indoor Plant

Give a living bloom. The Bromeliad is a monocot with fibrous roots, a single flower plant from the grass- to family. The marvel of this plant is that after it has bloomed, it starts to fade. But then a whole cluster of them start sprouting from the fibrous roots to repeat the cycle.

A plant that gives color, blooms, and requires minimal attention. The new shoots can be split to replicate the plant – ever-giving and reproductive.

To care for the plant, place it in either the east or west windows as bromeliads thrive in bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade.

Tell mom not to put it in direct sunlight as it will wither. She will need to water when the top inch of the soil is dry. The plant will grow to be about 10- to 12-inches high.

It comes in a ceramic pot with a grey bottom two-thirds and a white top third.

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White Ceramic Succulent Pot with Motivational Message

Is mom current, dynamic, and loves a minimalistic type of style. This will be an ideal gift for mom, bringing a modern, philosophical touch to her home.

A white cylinder design with quadrant printed mindfulness message: top left – I Deliver; top right – I Accept; bottom left – I Trust, and bottom right – I Thank.

It comes with a bamboo base to catch water and protect furniture. The pot has a draining hole, so the base is needed and adds a lovely sense of quality and finish—a lovely unique gift and a constant reminder to enrich the lives of others.

To be able to receive and accept; to be filled with grace, forgiveness, and trust; and to continuously have an attitude of gratitude.

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Three 3-inch Ceramic with Mandala Patterns

This gorgeous set of three cylindrical pots is colorful, practical, and adds a sense of tranquility. Each measuring at 3 x 3.2-inches, the three pots would be ideal for a combination of herbs, succulents of decorative grasses.

Their different mandala patterns lend themselves to adding color, thoughtfulness, interdependence, and vibrancy. The bamboo base finishes the picture and functionality nicely.

Tell your mom that you love her and think she is epic and cool.

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10-Piece Gardening Tools Set and Organizer Tote Bag

If your mom likes practical gifts, this is it. A set of 10 practical tools that fit into a custom-made waterproof tote bag measuring 11 x 5.9 x 17.7-inches.

The tools made from quality aluminum are rust-proof. The full set consists of: A trowel, a grass fork, a transplanter, a rake, a cultivator, pruning shears, a pressure garden sprayer, digging claw gardening gloves, the tote bag, and 98-feet of plastic-coated binding wire.

All the hand tools are fitted with a soft-grip handle. Your mom will be able to get busy transforming the space of beauty, indoors or outdoors.

Especially handy are the garden gloves with fitted claws – allowing mom to scarify her flower beds, removing unwanted roots and weeds. The tote bag has ten compartments for the tools, helping to keep things organized.

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Psychedelic Salad Kit

And at this, the halfway point of this listicle here is something totally different. If your mom is a Baby-boomer, she will surely love this one – the ultimate psychedelic salad growing kit.

The kit comes with all moms will need to grow and make a lovely salad: seeds, pots, peat disks, and tips on how to get the best out of the kit – everything she needs to get you started. Include are the following seeds: lemon cucumber, red lettuce, spring onions, golden beetroot, & rainbow radishes. The result? A bright, colorful salad garden that will sprout some joy and interesting conversations. Now eating greens has become vibrant.

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Wall Lattice

These two lovely lattice ladders of 11.4 x 47.2-inches each are the ideal starting point for combining rustic with color or even food production.

Combined with lots of different colors- and shapes, this can be the basis of something beautiful. Staggered, indoor or outdoor, on the wall or on the windowsill – the options are as many as the imagination will allow.

Made from quality wood imported for New Zealand and treated through a high-temperature carbonization process, these items are durable indoors and out.

Add a coat of paint for further vibrancy. This could be mom’s start to vertical gardening, and she will have you to thank

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Hydroponics Growing System Home Herb Garden

The future of indoor gardening. It is effective, controllable, high-yielding, and year-round indoor growing. Hydroponics offers the opportunity to manage the three essential elements of plant-growth perfectly – light, water, and root nutrition.

Grown in a soil-free medium, fed by nutrient-laden water and getting the required light from special lighting, planting the basement becomes a possibility – if mom is so inclined.

This beautiful unit has 12 pods in which to plant anything from herbs to vegetables or flowers. An adjustable light height and a computer to control the watering and light cycles create a perfect growth environment – fill the water weekly and add nutrients to the water monthly, and you have a food factory in your house that is not only effective but is also beautiful in design.

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Smart Vertical Raised Garden Planter Bed with 8 Pots

Combining the principles of hydroponics and intelligent design, this could be a real feature in the home of the future—this computerized food-growing tower with four layers of growing potential.

Made of sturdy polypropylene, and is a worthy addition to any home.

They are fitted with LED growth lights to manage germination, bloom, and viewing. The large capacity water storage tank can store 4L of water, which can be continuously supplied to 4 small water tanks with a capacity of 300ml for watering on each layer.

The principle of layer-by-layer penetration can prevent excessive watering and at the same time allow the plants to breathe.

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Colorful Vertical Planter Stackable Gardening

Colorful, movable, and funky. Each vertical pot designed with grooves can be easily and infinitely superimposed and has good stability for a flower tower.

The bottom is equipped with a detachable water barrier, which not only supports the vegetable pot itself but also filters excess water and protects the roots of the plants.

The stackable garden planters are versatile. Perfect for growing strawberries, flowers, herbs, fruits, succulents, microgreens, and more. Great decoration for your house, garden, door gate, porch, balcony, lawn, patio, and more.

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Plant Mister, Glass Spray Bottle Small Watering Can

This funky watering system resembles an oversized perfume bottle. Pump it up, and you are able to hydrate plants effectively and with no mess. The 200ml sprayer can be used to spray water or nutrients, clean windows, and cool pets.

Made from glass and fitted with a pressurizer, this will be a unique gift for mom.

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Garden Elves Animal Ceramic Succulent Planters Set of 6

This mini set for animal farm pets with a diameter of 1.8-inches and a height of 3.15-inches is a lovely funky gift with huge potential.

The ceramic planter comes with a drainage hole in the bottom to help drainage and air exchange of the roots and prevents the flowerpot from overwatering.

Handmade with high-quality and durable ceramics baked in high temperatures, these cute cartoon animals are lovely.

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No gift you give will ever fully convey the gratitude you feel for your mother. An interesting fact about mothers: DNA linage tracking can only be done through the maternal line.

Mothers are the source of life, both at birth and into adulthood. Sadly, that reality often only fully dawns on us when they are no longer there to tell.

So, make an effort to give her something beautiful, alive, and life-enriching – because she more than deserves it.

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