The Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Soil Mites

A close-up photograph of a soil mite crawling on the ground. Fascinating Facts About Soil Mites: Discover the tiny world beneath our feet!

Learn about the essential role of soil mites in soil and plant health. Discover the different types of soil mites and their functions, as well as how to manage them. Soil mites are beneficial to the soil ecosystem and killing them would require killing the soil.

Japanese Beetles Stop Them in Their Tracks

A close-up image of Japanese beetles on a leaf, highlighting the need to stop Japanese beetles from causing damage. Stop Japanese Beetles: Effective strategies to protect your plants.

The Japanese beetle has become a significant plant pest hazard to American agriculture and turf. Adults skeletonize the leaves and consume the fruit of several types of fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, and vegetable crops, while larvae feed mainly on turf roots.

How To Stop Cats Using The Garden As A Toilet.

A gray cat exploring a lush garden, showcasing measures to prevent cats from using it as a toilet.

Stop cats fouling in your garden with one or a combination of the following.

Prevent access with plastic spikes, or roller fence tops, stopping them from getting a grip.
Grow herbs such as Thyme, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Mint (Smells Cats Hate).
Spray down areas cats have defecated with DIY sprays to prevent them from returning
Set up motion detection sprinklers (Cats hate water).
Set up motion detection noisemakers
Set up ultrasonic cat scarers
Add netted balls of human hair around the garden.
Protect growing areas with wire mesh to put cats off fouling.
Use river rock as a mulch to prevent cats from burying their feces.
Place citrus peel around your garden. Cats’ senses are many times that of ours. Citrus is overbearing,


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