Tilled Soil’s Secret to Better Plant Growth

A gardener with a wide smile tills the soil in his garden, preparing it for better plant growth.

Soil particles need time to settle, and compaction occurs when soil particles pack together tightly, which leads to poor water drainage. So, waiting for at least 1-2 weeks after tilling before planting ensures that the soil has settled enough so it can be re-compacted and water to ensure optimal water drainage and root health.

How to Improve Soil Fertility for Productivity?

A person preparing fertile soil in a wheelbarrow, demonstrating how to improve soil fertility.

There are a number of ways to make sure your soil is fertile enough so you can experience great productivity. From adding organic materials like manure, compost, mulching. Adding a few necessary critters as that form part of soil life, as well as giving the soil adequate water and air.

Is Clay Soil Good For Plant Growth? The Facts

A thriving lettuce plant growing in clay soil, demonstrating the successful use of clay soil for growing plants.

Is clay soil good for plant growth? Clay soils hold vast amounts of nutrients, but they have their issues for plant growth. You can still grow in clay soils by amending them. Otherwise, you will face challenges. However, this won’t stop you from growing plants.


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