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Welcome to our vibrant Media Center, where nature meets news! Dive into the world of Simplify Gardening, a thriving community for gardening enthusiasts and green thumbs alike. I’m Tony O’Neill here; you’ll find our latest press releases, media coverage, and exciting updates from the ever-growing gardening world. Whether you’re a journalist seeking information, or a passionate gardener eager to stay informed, our press page is your gateway to all things green and blooming. Let’s cultivate knowledge together and sow the seeds of inspiration!

At Simplify Gardening, our press team thrives on partnering with journalists across the globe to share captivating and unique stories from the gardening world. If you’re a member of the media and are interested in collaborating, we invite you to get in touch with the appropriate department or send an email to We’re excited to bring the enriching experiences of Simplify Gardening to a wider audience.

Our Mission

At Simplify Gardening, our mission is to empower individuals of all experience levels to discover the joy and benefits of gardening. We strive to provide accessible, accurate, and practical information that guides gardeners through every step of their journey, from planning to harvest.

We believe everyone can cultivate their green thumb, and we are dedicated to making gardening an achievable and rewarding endeavor for all. Through comprehensive guides, expert advice, and supportive online communities, we aim to nurture a love for gardening, inspire sustainable practices, and contribute positively to our global gardening community.


Tony O’Neill, the green thumb behind Simplify Gardening, is a passionate gardener, author, and digital publisher. His journey began in his childhood when he was introduced to the world of gardening, instilling in him a lifelong love for nature and cultivating plants. As he grew, so did his passion for gardening, and his natural inclination to share his knowledge with others eventually led to the creation of Simplify Gardening.

A full-time firefighter, Tony has successfully balanced his career with his love for gardening. Despite his demanding job, he made time to develop Simplify Gardening, making it a haven for worldwide gardening enthusiasts. His expertise, dedication, and charismatic personality have made him a favorite among his followers, who appreciate his helpful tips and his authentic and approachable style.

As an author, Tony has penned the books “Composting Masterclass” and “Your First Vegetable Garden,” providing invaluable advice for gardeners of all levels. His upcoming book, “Veggie Gardening with a Side of Science,” is set to be released in early 2024, further expanding his repertoire and contribution to the gardening world.

Tony’s achievements were recognized when he was named Ezoic’s 2021 Publisher of the Year, a testament to his unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the digital publishing community. This accolade underlines his commitment to creating quality content and his success in building a thriving digital platform.

When not firefighting or working on his gardening projects, Tony enjoys spending time with his family, continuing his endless quest for knowledge, and exploring new ways to make gardening more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. His mission continues to empower individuals to discover the joy and benefits of gardening, nurturing a love for the practice and fostering a global community of gardeners.”

Social Stats

Image show the Social media stats as of 23/05/2023 for Simplify Gardening Social channels. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tiktok and the Simplify Gardening website.

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 photograph of Tony O'Neill, the winner of the Ezoic Publisher of the Year 2021 award, standing confidently with a trophy in his hands. Tony O'Neill is known for his expertise in Simplify Gardening.
Tony O’Neill, the winner of Ezoic Publisher of the Year 2021, Simplify Gardening with passion and expertise.

Ezoic’s 2021 Publisher of the Year

In recognition of his dedication and impactful contributions to the digital publishing community, Tony O’Neill was awarded Ezoic’s 2021 Publisher of the Year. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon individuals who are committed to their websites and the broader digital publishing industry.

Tony’s website, Simplify Gardening, has become a go-to resource for amateur and seasoned gardeners, providing invaluable advice ranging from plant care to propagation techniques. His tireless work and commitment to sharing knowledge have made his site successful and significantly impacted the gardening community.

This award underscores Tony’s commitment to quality content and his ability to create a thriving digital platform. His efforts serve as a model for other digital publishers, showing what’s possible when passion and expertise align with the power of technology.


A photo of a book titled "Composting Masterclass" by Tony O'Neill, featuring a green cover with vibrant illustrations
Unlock the Secrets of Composting with Tony O’Neill’s Masterclass!
"Your First Vegetable Garden" book by Tony O'Neill, featuring a colorful cover with vibrant vegetables, gardening tools, and the author's name prominently displayed.
Grow your own green paradise with ‘Your First Vegetable Garden’ by Tony O’Neill.
 photo of a book titled "Gardening With A Side Of Science" written by Tony O'Neill. The cover of the book showcases vibrant illustrations of various plants and scientific equipment.
Discover the fascinating world of Tony O’Neill’s ‘Gardening With A Side Of Science.’

Tony O’Neill: Mastering the Art of Gardening

Tony O’Neill, a dedicated gardener and the force behind the successful website Simplify Gardening, is the author of two highly acclaimed books: “Composting Masterclass” and “Your First Vegetable Garden,” with a third book, “Veggie Gardening with a Side of Science,” set to be released in early 2024.

In “Composting Masterclass,” Tony shares his expert advice on creating nutrient-rich compost, an essential element for any thriving garden. He simplifies composting, giving readers clear, actionable steps to convert kitchen scraps and garden waste into black gold for their plants.

Your First Vegetable Garden” is a comprehensive beginner guide offering practical tips and advice for starting a vegetable garden. Tony’s expertise is evident as he guides readers through the process of planning, preparing, planting, and maintaining their first vegetable garden, setting them up for a bountiful harvest.

His upcoming book, “Veggie Gardening with a Side of Science,” promises to blend practical gardening advice with fascinating insights into the science behind successful vegetable gardening. This book will surely be another valuable resource for gardeners of all experience levels.

Social Media Platforms

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Tony O’Neill and Simplify Gardening have significantly impacted the digital publishing and gardening world and successfully built robust communities across various social media platforms. With a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok,

Tony engages followers through valuable content, gardening tips, and interactive discussions. These platforms have allowed Tony to extend the reach of Simplify Gardening, connecting with gardening enthusiasts worldwide and fostering a global community bonded by the shared love of gardening.

Video Content

Tony O’Neill brings his love for gardening to life through his engaging video content on YouTube. His Simplify Gardening channel is a must-visit destination for gardening enthusiasts, offering insightful tutorials, expert advice, and a behind-the-scenes look at Tony’s gardening adventures.

Whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced horticulturist, Tony’s YouTube videos will inspire you, equip you with practical tips, and ignite your passion for all things green and growing. Don’t miss out – join the growing community of Simplify Gardening followers on YouTube and turn your gardening journey into a flourishing success story.

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Testimonials: Voices from Our Gardening Community

Google Reviews

Tony O’Neill’s dedication to providing top-notch gardening advice and resources has earned Simplify Gardening a stellar 5-star rating on Google. Discover some of our glowing reviews from satisfied gardeners below:

5 Star Google Review From Victor
5 Star Google Review From Miss Wee Lassie
5 Star Google Review From Nakita Duncan
5 Star Google Review From Georgina Walsh
5 Star Google Review From R.Page
5 Star Google Review From Esther Watson

Read all Google reviews here.

What Viewers Are Saying

Tony O’Neill’s expert guidance and engaging content on social media and YouTube have resonated deeply with our community, sparking a wave of positive feedback and heartfelt appreciation. Here’s a snapshot of the uplifting comments from our social posts and video tutorials:

Brand Assets

Logo & Headshot

A close-up photo of the Simplify Gardening logo, featuring vibrant green leaves forming the shape of the company name


A photo of Tony O'Neill, the renowned gardener from the Simplify Gardening community, standing proudly behind his enormous monster cabbage, weighing an impressive 67 pounds.
Tony O’Neill, the gardening guru from Simplify Gardening, with his 67lb monster cabbage.

A photo showcasing Tony O'Neill, the founder of Simplify Gardening, alongside an allotment member and the iconic scarecrow, Worzel Gummidge.
Tony O’Neill, the founder of Simplify Gardening, finds inspiration in the company of an allotment member and the enchanting Worzel Gummidge scarecrow.
A photo of Tony O'Neill proudly displaying two giant zucchinis, the largest one weighing in at a whopping 131 pounds.
Tony O’Neill with his record-breaking 131-pound zucchini harvest.
Tony O'Neill proudly displays the bountiful harvest of large garlic bulbs in his hands.
Tony O’Neill’s triumphant garlic harvest.
Tony O'Neill proudly holds two gigantic sticks of Rhubarb, almost breaking the world record.
Tony O’Neill reaches for greatness with two colossal Rhubarb sticks.
Tony O'Neill proudly displays the impressive size of his cucumbers grown in his polytunnel.
Tony O’Neill showcases his remarkable cucumbers from the polytunnel.
A photo featuring Tony O'Neill and Nigel Jewks from The Muddybootz Channel. Tony O'Neill is smiling, and Nigel is giving a thumbs up gesture.
Tony O’Neill and Nigel Jewks radiate positivity and camaraderie at The Muddybootz Channel.
A photo of Tony O'Neill standing in front of vibrant rose bushes at the Simplify Gardening Gardens.
Tony O’Neill amidst the vibrant beauty of the Simplify Gardening Gardens.
Tony O'Neill posing proudly beside an astonishing Rhubarb Plant, close to breaking the world record
Tony O’Neill with a record-breaking Rhubarb Plant.
Tony O'Neill standing in front of a stunning Rhododendron calendulaceum, a vibrant and colorful flower in full bloom.
Tony O’Neill embraces nature’s vibrant masterpiece.

What Are You Waiting For?

Tony O’Neill and Simplify Gardening represent a unique opportunity for the press to partner with a recognized leader in the digital gardening space. Known for his engaging content, comprehensive guides, and strong commitment to the gardening community, Tony has successfully built a global brand that resonates with gardening enthusiasts of all levels.

By working with Tony, you can access his extensive expertise, dedicated audience, and the powerful platform he has built. His approachable style and deep knowledge of gardening and digital publishing make him an excellent source for gardening insights, stories, and trends.

Collaborating with Tony O’Neill and Simplify Gardening offers a chance to share in his mission of making gardening accessible and enjoyable for everyone and to reach a passionate, engaged, and continually growing audience.

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