Do Raised Beds Attract Termites? Avoid this!

Close-up photo of crawling termites in a garden raised bed.

Raised beds do attracts termites and cause termite infestation. However, said infestation is heavily dependent on several conditions, such as the wood you used, the moisture levels of the raised bed itself as well as the general area of your garden, and the placement of the gardening bed.

How to Rotate Crops in Raised Beds

A photo of several garden raised beds in a lush garden. Each bed is filled with different crops, demonstrating the practice of rotating crops on garden beds.

Rotating your crops in a raised bed involves organization and refraining from planting a given family of plants in the same area each year. Soil is rested as different nutrients are utilized depending on the plants being grown. It also helps microbe diversity.

How To Stake a Raised Garden Bed in 11 Steps

A photo of raised garden beds with a sturdy stake placed in one of them, ready for supporting plants. The raised garden bed stake ensures proper plant growth and stability.

Staking a raised garden bed involves driving stakes into the corners of the bed to keep the box secure.  The stakes support the raised garden bedsides and help keep the garden bed from slipping, which is important if you install it with an incline.


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