15 Shrubs for Growing in Full Sun

If your garden receives six to eight hours of sunlight every day, you should be on the lookout for perfect shrubs for full sun. There are many to choose from, and each one has its own characteristics.

15 Shrubs to Grow in Shady Areas

A healthy shrub displaying vibrant growth despite being in a shaded area. Ideal for shrubs to grow in shady areas.

Your garden can still be colorful, even if it’s primarily shady. Many lovely plants will thrive in your garden under a giant shade tree or flower beds, hanging baskets, and containers.

15 Best Flowering Shrubs for A Colorful Garden

A stunning pink flowering shrub, one of the best flowering shrubs for a colorful garden.

Whether you need an ornamental shrub (Roses) for enhanced privacy (Weigela) or to attract pollinators (Abelia), there is a shrub for everyone. Shrubs would not only offer sweet-smelling blossoms (Sweetshrub) or tasty berries (Beautyberry) but will also add upbeat accents to your garden.


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