Can Perennial Plants Spread and Become Invasive?

A lush green ostrich fern thrives in the garden, demonstrating how perennial plants can spread and become invasive.

Perennials are usually more difficult to control than annuals or biennials because they spread both vegetatively and by dispersing seeds. While some are invasive, others take a lot of space. However, perennials considered invasive in one area may not necessarily be invasive in other areas.

How to Use Boiling Water to Kill Weeds

A close-up photo of a kettle releasing steam as boiling water pours out, demonstrating the use of boiling water on killing weeds.

If you want to use a natural alternative to get rid of weeds, boiling water can be used. The easiest method is to pour the boiling water over the weeds and ensure it penetrates the ground where the weeds are growing. Then cover your hands and carry the pot over to the designated area and pour over the weeds.

Ultimate Guide: Leaf Mulch for Weed Control!

Leaf Mulch For Weed Control

Tired of battling stubborn weeds in your garden? Learn the secret weapon that professional gardeners swear by – leaf mulch for weed control. Find out how you can save time and effort while maintaining a pristine garden!

How to Kill Japanese Knotweed?

A vibrant image of a lush Japanese knotweed plant in full bloom, standing tall and robust. Its vibrant green leaves are heart-shaped and its stem is reddish-brown. The plant grows aggressively, requiring immediate action to kill Japanese knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed can be killed by using a multi pronged approach of the following 5 methods.

Digging out the rhizomes. This removes the food source for the plant to continue to grow.
Smother The Plant. Laying tarps over the plant removes the light. The plant cannot photosynthesize.
Cut the plant regularly. Each time you cut the plant, it has to use energy to produce top growth. This weakens the root system.
Inject herbicide directly into the rhizome. This will help destroy the plant’s root system; a licensed company should perform it.
Burn all clippings of Japanese Knotweed. The smallest piece of this plant has the ability to infest new locations.


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