Will Mushrooms Grow in Winter? The facts!

A cluster of mushrooms emerging from the forest floor in the winter season.

You can grow common edible mushroom varieties indoors with controlled growing conditions using grow kits, mushroom logs or spawn. The mushrooms can also be overwintered in the cold months to have an early crop as the weather gets warm.

How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Grow Mushrooms - Learn how to cultivate mushrooms at home with these simple steps.

To grow mushrooms at home, you need a cool, dark, and damp place where you can easily control temperature and humidity. Generally, mushrooms thrive in locations like basements, closets, and cabinets. You can use mushroom growing kits for efficiency.

5 Methods of Growing Mushrooms

A collage of images showcasing different methods of growing mushrooms.

There are several methods to grow mushrooms. They can either be grown from Spawn, on Logs, in plastic bags with Straws, Spores or simply through ready-to-use mushroom growing kits.

Grow Mushrooms In Logs. Step by step how to guide

A close-up photo of mushrooms growing on a log in a forest, showcasing the fascinating process of growing mushrooms in a log.

One way my partner and I have experimented with growing mushrooms is by inoculating hardwood logs. We buy dowels impregnated with the mushroom mycelium and just drill holes in the log and bang them in. The mycelium will then take between 8 months and a year to spread through the log and will give spring and autumn crops for up to 4 years! We are currently growing, Oyster, Shiitake, Lions mane and Chicken of the woods. It is very exciting.


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