The Best Way to Plant Potatoes? Sprout Them!

A gardener holding potato sprouts ready for planting, demonstrating the best way to plant potatoes.

Sprouting seed potatoes will cause them to be ready earlier in the season. It can also increase the size and weight of the harvest. But not all potatoes require to be sprouted. Early varieties, those with a short growing season are planted early and benefit from sprouting before putting in the soil. Later varieties don’t gain much growth due to the warm temperatures already present.

Potato Paradise: How to Grow More in Less Space

Two people pouring freshly harvested potatoes into a wheelbarrow, demonstrating efficient techniques for growing potatoes in less space.

If you ask any gardener who grows their own food which vegetable they would never do without, the humble potato plant would be in the top three. Potatoes are a perfect plant for the amount of effort put into them. They give you tubers that can be stored right through until the following harvest. This makes them an ideal crop to grow, for those willing to be more self-sufficient.


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