Can you grow tomatoes all year in a greenhouse?

A lush greenhouse filled with tomato plants growing in neat rows. The plants are basking in the warm sunlight, surrounded by green foliage and ripening tomatoes. This photo showcases the possibility to grow tomatoes all year in a greenhouse.

Tomatoes are particular plants that rely on sunlight and heat to grow and bear fruit. Unfortunately, these needs may not always align with variable weather conditions. However, thanks to a well-equipped greenhouse, it’s possible to grow your preferred fruit at any point during the year. The reason for this is that you can adjust the … Read more

Why Are Tomato Skins Tough? (How to Avoid it)

A photo showing a ripe tomato being delicately peeled by a tweezer, revealing its flesh underneath. This image illustrates why tomato skins are tough.

So, what causes tomatoes to have tough skin? And how can we avoid this? Some of the possible reasons for tough skins on tomatoes are the variety, under watering, high temperatures during growth or too much sunlight, and diseases such as curly top virus or anthracnose.

How to Save Leggy Tomato Seedlings? (Solved)

A close-up photo of tomato seedlings growing in a seedling tray, showing their slender stems and small leaves. Save leggy tomato seedlings by providing proper support and adequate light.

Save leggy tomato seedlings by planting right up to the cotyledon leaves when potting on. Then identify what caused it. Common factors responsible are lack of light after germination, inconsistent soil moisture, overcrowding, and poor ventilation. Resolve these issues after potting on to ensure strong future growth.

How To Grow Tomatoes – A Mind-Blowing Guide

A close-up image of vibrant, ripe tomatoes growing in a garden, showcasing healthy and luscious fruits. Learn how to grow tomatoes and cultivate your own delicious harvest.

To grow tomatoes successfully, they require rich fertile, water-retentive soil. A bright and sheltered location with nighttime temperatures of 12˚C – 24˚C or 55˚F to 75˚F. Consider greenhouse growing in colder climates. Feed weekly with a high potash feed once flowering has started.


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