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10 Best Rotary Compost Bins for Ease of Use

Compost bins help in keeping your environment clean while creating valuable waste for your garden. If you have a garden, you need to apply compost often to maintain soil fertility.

If your backyard is relatively small, you might be facing challenges with creating compost. Creating compost the traditional way can take several months. However, modern innovations have come up with compost bins that make composting more manageable and faster.

Rotary compost bins are the most recent innovations made of BPA-free and UV-resistant material. They create compost faster as they provide the perfect environment for decomposition, and you only turn them every few days.

In this post, we will be looking at the ten best rotary bins ranging from $400 to under $100. Read on and find out the best rotary bins and probably pick the one best suited for your household needs.

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter is one of the best in the market. It is manufactured by Forest City Models and Patterns based in Ontario, Canada.

It consists of a double chamber with a capacity of 37 gallons or 140 liters designed for quick curing of food and plant waste into valuable compost. You can fill up one section and let it compost as you fill the other, and therefore you don’t need to purchase two composters.

Also, this composter has built-in hand handles for easy turning of the bin every few days up to six times.  With FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber, like any other rotary bin turning your compost is much easier as you don’t have to reach into the compost and do it manually. Moreover, it has a tumbling structure that makes mixing much more effortless.

The material is that of recycled BPA-free polypropylene, which is UV prohibited, and galvanized steel. This material is long-lasting since it is corrosion-free and is not damaged from standing in the sun.

The sliding door and large openings make it easier to put in waste and remove compost.

With a good balance of compost material, you can prepare valuable compost in two weeks when the weather is hot.

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber has holes for proper aeration and deep fins that help mix in the air and break large clumps.


It is affordable, going for a little over $129.

It has two chambers which you use separately.

Made of corrosion-free material


You have to assemble the bin upon purchase which might be tasking.


VIVOSUN Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin

Vivosun Tumbling Composter

If you are looking for a smaller rotary bin for your home, then this could be a perfect choice. The design is more or less like the FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber we saw above.

The VIVOSUN Tumbling composter bin has a capacity of 43 gallons, making it ideal for a small household.

The alloy steel material used to make this bin is corrosion-free, BPA-free, and UV resistant. It also has a sliding door that makes it easier to add more material.

The twin-chamber allows the user to compost one while still filling up the other. You can, therefore, enjoy compost flow without having to purchase a second composter.

Also, the tumbling model makes turning compost much more effortless. When complete, you need to spin the bin a few times a week, and your compost will be ready in a few weeks.

When you buy the VIVOSUN Tumbling composter, you also get durable and waterproof latex rubber garden gloves and four durable ABS plastic claws.

The adjustable air vents and deep fins allow sufficient air circulation within the bin. Oxygen flow is essential for the activity of microorganisms acting on the matter. Also, these structures help break up and decompose clumps faster.

This bin also has handles which make turning easier. Additionally, the tumbling design makes it easier for material to mix in whenever you turn the container.

You don’t have to reach inside to turn the messy decomposing material like any other rotating bin.

You slide open the door, put in your waste or remains, and replace it to use this bin. Then once filled, use the handles to turn the container two to three times a week.


  • The bin has excellent ventilation facilitated by the adjustable air vents and vents in the structure.
  • It brings forth compost faster.
  • It is affordable, going for less than $100, and the quality is undeniable


  • The bin is smaller and could not be suitable if you need more significant amounts of compost.

Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler – 378 Litres

lifetime 60309 Double Composter

With a capacity of 378 liters, a height of 116cm, a width of 102cm, depth of 90cm, this rotating lifetime dual bin is relatively big and could be what you need to sustain your garden.

It has a dual tumbler, and you can fill one chamber while waiting for the other to set for use. The black color and thick double wall ensure that the decomposing matter attracts and retains sufficient heat for faster decomposition. As a result, the temperatures inside can go high when filled, hastening the decomposition process.

Using this composter, you should expect to get your compost ready within a maximum of eight weeks.

The bin also has an internal bar that helps mix compost while allowing air circulation, critical for decomposition.

It is also durable, and if well used, it could serve you for a lifetime. The tumbler is made of high density and UV protected polyethylene (HDPE)

These large drums turn independently, and despite their size, the turning axis makes it easy to shift them.

It also has large removable lids and openings that make it easier to put in and take out the compost. The big drums are also held by steel bars conveniently for the user when putting in material and emptying compost.

When you purchase this bin, you need to be prepared to assemble it. It comes with a manual with full instructions on the assembling steps. Also, expect to find everything you need inside this process, including a drill for making holes through the plastic.

If you need a smaller size, the manufacturer also produces 305 and 246-litre capacities with similar designs.


The bin is high quality and durable.

It is also big enough for a relatively large garden


The assembling process is quite involving, and it might take you a couple of hours to get it right. However, the instructions provided in the assembling manual are pretty straightforward.

Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Going for $358, this is one of the many composters from a reputable manufacturer. If you are looking for a large composter, then you might have landed the perfect choice.

Good ideas compost is wizard comes in two sizes, the junior size of 7cubic feet and a larger size of 12cubic feet. The two composters are similar in design, and you can pick the one that’s best suited for your needs. However, the smaller size goes for $189 as of now.

Good ideas compost wizards come already assembled and ready for use.

The compost wizard has two several advantages in that it is large and t also produces high-quality compost. This is because the composter has a good circulation of air.

When filled up, you can quickly turn the composter using the handgrips. These structures are simple and less likely to break.

It also has a low profile that helps keep the massive composter well outsight. Additionally, it makes it easier to put in material and offload compost when ready. Besides, if you live in areas with high strong winds, you don’t need to worry about it being blown over.

The compost wizard is also easier to move as you only need to leverage it off the base and roll it over to the location of choice.

It also has a 16inch removable lid that is easy to remove and place back. Additionally, it is twistable, ensuring safety from animals.

Moreover, it has a wheeled base that makes turning effortless. For best results, turn the composter once a week upon adding fresh material, and you will have your compost ready in two weeks.

The composters are made of durable material of 100% recycled polythene plastic. This material also does not fade from sitting in the sun for long hours.

Also, this composter has end air vents that allow air critical for microorganisms’ aerobic activity.

If you are looking to purchase this composter, expect to get a one-year limited warranty.


It has a large capacity.

It is durable

It also has a quick turnaround.


It is a single chamber, and you might need to buy two for a constant supply of compost.

SQUEEZE Master Large Compost Tumbler Bin

Squeeze Master Compost bin

The squeeze master is a dual composter designed for quick decomposition and high-quality compost.

The bin is made from high-quality BPA-free PP and steel material, durable for long-term use. The recycled polypropylene (PP) material is also durable and UV inhibited.

The support is made from powder-coated steel, which makes it sturdy and free from corrosion. Also, the bin can stand in the sun for many years without getting damaged.

The modified PP material makes the bin more resistant to cold, keeping the decomposing matter warm even in cold weather.

The squeeze master has a capacity of 43 gallons or 160 liters. Since it is dual-chambered, each chamber holds 80 liters or 21.5gallons of compost.

The compost bin is efficient and easy to use. You slide the door open to put in waste and slid it back to close. Also, you can turn the bins with little effort a few times a week.

It also has air holes that allow air circulation and quick turnaround, and effective compost creation.

The two bins allow for continuous compost production, whereby as you wait for one bin to set, you continue filling the other. 

If you are using this composter, expect to have your compost ready within six to eight weeks. It has a tumbling design that helps the material mix effectively when turned.

The composter is easy to rotate as it has deep sunken handholds on the barrel for a good grip when turning. These hollow structures are not just designed for grip as they are also designed to help break up the large clumps and mixing in oxygen when turning the drum for faster decomposition. Additionally, they help prevent material from sticking to the sides of the bin.

The squeeze master comes unassembled with a manual bearing clear instructions of the assembling process. This bin is easy to assemble and will take you less than an hour to put together.


It is durable and UV protected.

The bins turn quickly.

It is a dual bin


The bins are relatively small.

It comes unassembled, and you will need to put it together


Miracle-Gro Small Composter – Compact Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin (18.5 Gallon)

Miracle-Gro Small Composter

Miracle-gro small composter is only 29.5 inches tall and 17 inches wide and ideal for small spaces such as your balcony, porch, patio, or rooftop garden. It is compact enough with the perfect compost capacity of 18.5 gallons, or 84litres.

If you find this size too small, you can also opt for a larger size of 27.5 gallons or 105 liters. You can purchase either size on amazon ranging from $64.90 to $69.90. This composter is made of high-quality plastic similar to the more miniature single-chambered miracle gro composter.

The dual chambers are independent and turn independently. For this reason, once you buy the double design, you already have two composters whereby you can keep producing compost uninterrupted.

The hexagon-shaped miracle gro composters are compact enough and designed to provide a quick turnaround of four to six weeks.  They also have an efficient aeration system, which hastens the decomposition process.

Miracle-gro small composter is designed with internal mixing bars that help blend the compost with air when the bin is turned.

The plastic material used is UV-protected and BPA-free, so you don’t need to worry about toxins in your compost. Also, if you choose to let your miracle gro composter stay in the sun for quicker activity, you don’t need to worry about damage.

The composter is designed for all-year-round use. It has a heavy-duty design with a sturdy side-locking mechanism for durability. This system also ensures that your interaction with the device is most accessible when loading material and removing compost.

The bin is also tightly sealed, which keeps the door safe from opening and smells well locked inside.

Whenever you purchase this compost bin, you get a pair of multipurpose water-resistant gardening latex gloves.


The bin is durable and easy to use

It provides a quick turnaround of compost

This bin is also ideal for small spaces


These bins come unassembled and not ready for use.


Jora Composter Tumbler JK270


Jora provides three types of composters of different sizes: 33gallons, 70 gallons, and 103 gallons. All these octagon-shaped bins have similar designs, and you only choose according to your needs.

The barrels are made of high-quality galvanized powder-coated steel, which is long-lasting and corrosion-free.

The design also allows for easy turning of the bins, and you are required to turn the bin by hand once you put in fresh material.

The bins are dual-chambered, a significant advantage for the user; as one chamber cures, you continue filling the other. Consequently, you get a constant supply of compost.

Jora composter is also animal-proof, and the metallic body is hard to break even for rodents and other pests. Additionally, it is placed at a good height above the ground, making it safe from these attacks. The height also ensures ease of use when filling in and emptying.

The height of the bins makes it easier to empty as you place a wheelbarrow below the barrels and turn the tins to pour out the compost.

The compost usually matures within a maximum of eight weeks. The composter works faster due to its high heat retention allowing temperatures to rise above 160 degrees. Consequently, you can use the composter all year round.

Due to the high temperature levels within the container, gardeners can compost hard material such as small bones and remains of fruits and plants.

The barrels are also structured to allow the free flow of air essential for decomposition. At the same time, they keep the smells locked inside.


It is easy to use

You can decompose hard material inside

It is dual-chambered


The device comes unassembled for the user to put together

Mantis CT08002 Back Porch ComposTumbler, Green

Mantis CT8002 Compost

Mantis CT08000 back porch is ideal for outdoor compost production. This rotary bin retails at $199 and is one of the best in the market suited for urban spaces.

It has a capacity of 37 gallons or 140 liters and is well designed to keep odors well enclosed and prevent attack by scavenging animals. Moreover, it has a quick turnaround of compost of up to 6weeks.

It has a removable door for easy filling and emptying, and the removable door is also safer from damage.

The bin also has an air vent at the top, which allows a constant flow of air inside for quicker decomposition.  It also has drainage vents that help get rid of excess moisture of water.

When filled, the bin is easy to move to the garden as it has appropriately secured two wheels.


It has a relatively large capacity

It is easy to move


It could be too big for more miniature gardeners

If you are using this bin, you might need a second one for a continuous supply of compost for your garden.


DF Omer 13.2 Gallon / 50L Tumbling Composter | All Season Compost Tumbler | Heavy-Duty Fast-Working Compost Bin – Outdoor or Indoor Use | Get Quick Curing Compost All Year Round DF OMER

DF Omer Tumbling Composter

DF Omer Ltd, the manufacturers of this 13.2-gallon composter have over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of gardening supplies across the world. From this reputation, you can trust their products to be some of the best in the market.

The Df Omer composter is ideal for small gardeners with medium households. It is a single composter with built-in mixing bars that help improve the composting process. When turned, these mixing bars help blend in the compost with air containing oxygen essential for aerobic activity or decomposition.

It also has a handle that makes turning the bin much easier. The opening is also wide enough to allow the user to put in material and remove compost with much ease.

This rotary bin also has a special tray designed for collecting precious liquid compost for your garden or plants.

This rotational bin is also designed with your safety in mind. It is made of recycled plastic that is BPA-free, toxin-free, UV protected, food-grade, and frost resistant. This means that the bin is safe and also durable, and to assure you of this, the manufacturer offers all buyers a two-year limited warranty.

When you purchase the product keep in mind that it comes unassembled. However, the assembling process is quite straightforward that’s to the easy-to-follow assembling instructions that come with the product manual.

When filled, remember to turn the bin every few days to mix the compost and faster the decomposition process. By so doing, you should expect to have your compost ready within a few days.


The composter is reliable and manufacturer well known

It is durable and easy to use


The product comes unassembled, so upon purchase, you will need to spare some time for assembling.

It is also a single composter, and you might need to buy a second one for continued production of compost.

Gobetter 45 Gallon Composting Tumblers, Rotating Composter Bin Outdoor with Certification BPA Free and UV Resistant,Capable,Faster,and Environmentally Friendly

Gobetter Composting Tumbler

The Gobetter 45 gallon composting tumbler is another reliable composter, which you can get at an affordable price of $79.96.

The bin is made of high-quality and durable Polypropylene PP and Alloy Steel material. Apart from being long-lasting, the material is also BPA-free, corrosion free and UV protected.

The relatively small size is also practical for persons with smaller gardening needs. It also means that the composter can be kept safely on the balcony.

Moreover, this is a dual rotating composter and you don’t need to buy another one as one chamber cures you can continue filling the other.

It has vent holes that allow the air in for faster decomposition. Additionally, it has a tumble design that ensures that a larger surface area of the compost is well aerated. This design is also helpful during mixing as it ensures that the compost is well mixed when turned.

This high-quality composter comes with a good deal of 1-month refund and 18 months guarantee to all buyers.


It is a dual composter

It comes with a good deal and easy to return policy

It is pocket friendly


Some gardeners might find it too small for their needs.

My take

When looking for a composter, you need to look at the size and meet your needs. Having too large a composter would take too long to fill and create compost. It is, therefore, best to have two compost bins to allow continuous recycling of waste and production of compost.

Other features you need to look for include the cost, durability of the bin, ease of use, ability to allow air, and speed of compost processing.  Depending on your budget, here are the winners:

Best under $100

Miracle-Gro Small Composter – Compact Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin (18.5 Gallon)- it has good ratings and is perfect for a small household.

Miracle-Gro Small Composter

Best under $200

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter– is highly recommended for its size and cost. It is also perfect for a medium-sized household or gardener.

IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

Best under $350

Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler– is one of the most long-lasting composters in the market, and with proper use, it can serve you for a lifetime. If you are looking for a big composter, then this would make a good choice.

lifetime 60309 Double Composter


The three composters above are my personal best picks based on useability and durability for their price range. They will all do a great job at creating good compost at home.

If you would like to learn how to make nutrient-dense compost at home then check out this post, Composting for beginners, where I walk you through it step by step as well as give you the secret sauce that ensures you are successful.

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