Do Snake Plants (Dracaena) Keep Bugs Away?

A close-up of a snake plant leaf with a ladybug crawling on it. Exploring the question, "Do Snake Plants Keep Bugs Away?"

Snake plants have a chemical called Saponin that keeps mosquitoes away but NOT spider mites and mealybugs. Without proper care, bugs like aphids can attack your Sansevieria plant, and this plant will protect you from insects and the diseases they carry.

How Much Does A Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Cost?

Various snake plants in different pots, representing the range of prices available. Investigating the question, "Snake Plant Cost?"

The cost of snake plants varies depending on the variety, vendor, and plant condition. On average, you can get a healthy plant for as low as $10, going up to $1000, and the most expensive varieties are often exotic or hybrids.

The Ultimate Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Care Guide

A well-maintained snake plant thriving in its pot, representing the ultimate Sansevieria care guide.

Snake plants thrive outside their natural habitat if kept in an ideal environment, having indirect sunlight or proper lighting conditions, adequate watering schedules, humidity, temperature, and correct soil and potting with drainage.

How Long Does a Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Live?

A healthy snake plant (Sansevieria) showcasing its longevity and resilience with vibrant leaves.

Sansevieria plants or snake plants live 5-10 years on average with some living as long as 25 years, given the right growing conditions. Growing snake plants indoors in favorable conditions may result in longevity beyond 25 years.

Why Is Snake Plant Called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue?

A close-up of a snake plant, also known as Mother-In-Law's Tongue, showcasing its distinct foliage.

This plant species is most likely called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue because its leaves are pointed and sharp like the tongue of your mother-in-law. But there’s no official record of when, where, or how this colloquial name first came about.

Are Snake Plants (Sansevieria) Toxic to People?

A healthy snake plant (Sansevieria) showcased, with emphasis on its safety in relation to human toxicity.

Snake plants have low or almost insignificant toxic levels for humans. But if ingested in large doses, it will be poisonous and can cause vomiting and nausea, and it can cause numbness effect to your tongue and throat and make it swell.


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