9 Best Gas Mowers for Your Backyard

Gas-powered lawn mowers have traditionally been the favored option for homeowners aiming to maintain lush and well-manicured lawns. While proper watering and fertilizing are essential, choosing the right lawn mower can significantly contribute to attaining a lawn that might make your neighbors green with envy.

And since several gas mowers are available that vary in shapes, sizes, engine capacity, cutting width, and drive type, such as walk-behind or self-propelled, picking the right one can be a little tricky.

The best gas lawnmowers are powerful, efficient, and easy to operate and control. These mowers will be a perfect fit for your backyard and make mowing much more convenient for you.

Gas mowers have been around for a long time now. And gardeners usually swear by gasoline-powered mowers over others. And there are various reasons for that.

Gas mowers are much more durable and robust. They can cut the toughest grass easily while offering a great run time. And to maximize all these benefits, we have curated a list of the best gas mowers in the market. Let us have a look.

1. Honda HRX217HYA

Honda HRX217HYA “Powerful mower – well built. Tackled 2 overgrown acres easily.”



  • Electric start
  • Self-propelled with speed adjustability
  • hydrostatic Cruise Control
  • Roto-Stop blade stop system
  • 4-in-1 System – mulch, bag, discharge, and leaf shred
  • Twin blades for finer and better cutting
  • Powerful engine


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for small lawns
  • Heavy
  • A little loud

Honda already has a reputation of offering some of the most durable, robust, and high-performing engines. Whether you talk about their automobiles, generators, or lawnmowers, they do not fail to impress. Their 21-inch gas mower was also a hit in my opinion!

The gas lawnmower has a powerful 200cc discharge engine that sits pretty on the 21-inch deck. And of the best things is that it does not have a single blade. It features two offset blades offering smaller and finer clippings than other models. And the mower has 7 different adjustable cutting heights, which is also a great feature.

One of the features of this mower that makes it stand out is that the cutting deck is made of polycarbonate resin – a material usually used to make helmets. This means it is extremely strong and tough but also quite lightweight. It would not rot, dent, peel, crack, chip or rust. This might be one of the reasons why Honda offers a lifetime warranty for its cutting deck!

Also, a convenient clip makes it quite easy to switch between bagging, mulching, side discharge, and lead shredding functions. Moreover, the knob can even let you choose how much grass to bag and how much to mulch. And I liked the fact that this is possible without having to add or remove any attachments.

Another factor that made mowing extremely easy for me, even on uneven terrains and steep slopes, was its rear discharge door. This gives better control over the mower and makes it quite easy to navigate. Moreover, it ensures that you do not need a separate discharge chute attachment making things quite convenient—the clippings for right out of the bottom part at the rear of the mower.

Besides all these perks, I love this mower for its Roto Stop technology. With this, you can stop the blades without turning off the engine.

So, if you have branches or twigs in your path, you do not have to turn off the mower while removing them. You can simply stop the blades and still get the engine running. This will help you clear your path while also ensuring safety.

Other than this, I really liked the Hydrostatic Cruise control that offers precise control over the mower’s speed. Overall, I really liked using the mower, and it is definitely one of the best gas mowers I came across in a while.

However, it can be a little loud and is quite heavy. But with the given performance, I do not mind these minor issues. Moreover, the self-propulsion is impressive. All you need is little fingertip pressure to get the mower going.

HRX217HYA would be great if you have a medium-to-large yard with thick and tough grass. Also, it is not lightweight or quiet. So, if these things do not bother you, you should get this powerful, robust, and sturdy mower!

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2. Troy-Bilt TB130

Troy-Bilt TB130 “Easy to use … Easy to start … Easy to store”

chyanna monroe


  • Reasonably priced
  • No need to change the engine oil
  • TriAction cutting system
  • Included mulch kit
  • Dual-lever for 6-position height adjustment
  • 11-in rear wheels


  • Not very powerful power
  • Average built quality
  • Not self-propelled

Powered by a 159cc engine, the Troy-Bilt TB130 comes equipped with a 21 in cutting deck. This gas mower is quite affordable and a steal for all its features. It is best suited for medium-sized yards and can make mowing quicker and easier for you.

One of the best features of this gas mower is that you do not have to change the engine oil. You can just check before using and top off if needed.

Along with this, it also comes with a TriAction cutting system which makes it quite efficient. In my opinion, it even compensates for the less powerful engine.

Also, it offers a much neater lawn thanks to its rake attachment. This can come in handy and give a well-groomed look to your lawn without much hassle.

Other features that can be quite useful are the adjustable loop handles and the circular plastic cover for the Tri-Action blades. It also has a fairly large bag for grass clippings.

Other than this, its 11-inch back wheels are quite sturdy as well. This makes it easy to push the mower around, even through uneven terrains, hills, and slopes.

I also liked the fact that it has an optional side discharge chute. With this, I can customize how the clippings are stored or dispersed.

However, there are a few things that I am not a fan of. The build quality is not that great, and the engine is not so powerful. Also, some grass clippings come through the collection bag on the front end.

But given its price, these minute elements can be easily overlooked. While the quality of the material is not the best, Troy-Bilt has compensated for it by offering a wide range of features in this gas mower which makes it completely worth it.

So, if you have a medium-sized yard and are looking for an all-in-one gas mower within a budget, this could be a great choice. This gas mower will help you with several garden duties.

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3. Craftsman M105

Craftsman M105 “Excellent, Powerful, Easy to Assemble”



  • Affordable
  • Offers great maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Three-in-one capabilities: mulching, side discharge, bagging
  • Easy to assemble


  • It does not come with oil
  • Changing the oil can be difficult
  • Not so powerful
  • Not self-propelled

The Craftsman M105 is a decent-priced gas mower with a plethora of features. The fact that it has to offer almost the same features as other high-end mowers make it a lot more desirable. The mower has a 21-inch cutting deck suitable for small to medium-sized lawns.

Also, it has sharp blades that ensure you do not have a hard with thick and taller grass. It can also easily pick up leaves during the fall season, giving your lawn a clean look.

And one of the things that can make it even better for its price is that it starts quickly and usually in the first go. This is something that usually expensive and high-end mowers offer. Besides this, there is no need to bend down to get a hold of the pull cord as it is located halfway up the handle.

While many people would not like that it does not come assembled, it should be noted that the mower is quite easy to assemble.

Talking about ease, the height adjustment levers are also very easy to operate, making your mowing experience a lot more convenient. And I really like that it comes with a hose attachment which makes cleaning the bottom part of the mower really easy and quick!

It comes with a mulching bag which can be quite useful and can help in picking up any stray grass clippings. So, it can help in giving your lawn a much tidy look. I also like that it works with different mulching functions but can be removed.

Although all these perks make the Craftsman M105 a nice mower, I have an issue with the size of the grass collection bag.

It is quite small, which means it increases the frequency of dumping. So it might take longer to mow the lawn. However, if you are using this mower on a medium-sized lawn, you might not face any significant issues.

Also, it does not self-propel on top of being heavy, which can make things a little tedious. So, this might not be the right choice for the elderly and kids. Due to this, it could be difficult to push when the grass is wet as it even has small wheels.

But if you do not have an issue with its weight and pushing it across, this could be a good gas mower for you.

Also Available: 3-in-1 with Bagger

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4. Mellcom 21 Inch

Mellcom 21 Inch Easy to assemble, lightweight steel body”

m r lucky


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Self-propelled
  • 8 Adjustable Heights
  • Foldable Handlebars


  • Not suitable for uneven terrain
  • Replacement parts can be difficult to source

You know it will be powered with a 173cc gas-powered OHV engine. The Mellcom gas mower also has a 21-inch cutting deck that suits any medium-sized lawn.

And as it comes with a bagger, mulch plug, and side discharge chute, it also lets you easily mow in different cutting modes. Besides this, it also lets you spread the clipping, making it a 4-in-1 model.

This mower is extremely easy to assemble and also quite lightweight. So, it will be a good option for the elderly as well. Besides this, it allows you to choose from 8 different height settings, which can be quite helpful if you have hilly or uneven terrains.

The mower is quite easy to start, which is rare in gas mowers, especially at this price. It usually started in the first go. Also, the self-propelled feature works well.

I like that the mower can be foldable. Once folded, it can be easily stored even in the tiniest space in your garage. Also, folding it is quite easy and simple.

However, one might have some trouble mowing if they have uneven or hilly terrain. The mower is not so robust that it can handle bumpy grounds.

But if you have an even, plain ground, this would be a nice pick for you. This would work effortlessly for medium size lawns. And with so many features under such a price, this gas mower is something one should definitely consider purchasing.

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5. Toro TimeMaster 21199

“Toro TimeMaster 21199 is the best there is for small mowers you simply can’t beat the personal pace system.”



  • Self-propelled
  • It saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Dual-Force Cutting System and Atomic blades
  • Personal Pace with Traction Assist
  • Spin-Stop Blade Stop System
  • Good run-time


  • Expensive
  • No electric-start option
  • Does not mulch well

Although it is priced at over $1,000, the Toro TimeMaster’s cost is truly justified with its features, mowing capabilities, and power. And why not! It is one of the most reliable and popular brands when it comes to lawnmowers.

The TimeMaster 21199 is heavy-duty equipment, so you can pick up this beast if you have a huge lawn with thick and tough grass. And it comes with a 1.2-quart tank that can easily give you a nice mowing session with an average of 45-60 minutes of runtime. This is enough for someone who has a medium-to-large lawn.  

And living up to its name, this mower does reduce the time it takes to mow a lawn. So, if you have a big yard, this would make mowing much less tedious for you. Not to mention, its atomic blades can cut down grass into fine mulch.

Equipped with Briggs and Stratton 223cc OHV engine, this lawn mower can make your mowing chores much more convenient. And this is accompanied by a 30-inch deck which is quite wide to give you a clean and smooth cut. It also comes with Toro’s Dual-Force cutting system, giving your lawn an impeccable finish.

According to me, two of the best features of this mower are the Personal Pace and Traction Assist. With this, the mower adjusts your walking pace and helps you mow even on tricky terrains. So, apart from time, it also reduces your effort while mowing.

And keeping safety in mind, this mower also has the Spin-Stop Blade Stop System. This lets you stop the blade from spinning while the engine is still running. This feature is handy if the user needs to step away from the mower briefly.

What I like about this mower is its quick-stow storage handle and its washout port, which helped a lot in cleaning the part under the deck.

However, given its powerful engine, the mower could have mulched better. Other than that, I had no issues with this mower. Also, since this is a powerful mower, people would like to use it for bigger spaces, meaning they would need a bigger tank for more gas – which this mower lacks.

Overall, TimeMaster 21199 is an amazing mower that can help you mow a fairly big yard efficiently and effortlessly.

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6. Yard Machines 11B-B0S5700

“Yard Machines perfect for ditches and around trees”

Bill Keating


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Good for tight spaces
  • Comes almost assembled
  • 6 cutting heights
  • Side discharge and mulching capabilities
  • Dual-lever height adjusters


  • Average built quality
  • Not self-propelled
  • Little loud
  • Not suitable for large lawns

This gas mower by Yard Machines is another amazing pick for people with a small backyard. This comes equipped with a 140cc OHV engine featured with a recoil start and a primer. With this mower, you can easily mulch or side discharge and mow your lawn effortlessly with its 21-inch cutting deck.

You can try adjusting it to 6 different cutting heights with its dual lever. Also, the wheels of the mower are made from bar treading, offering better traction. The mower can easily be used on uneven or hilly regions.

The mower is also quite lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver. Also, its 7-inch front and 11-inch rear wheels make it much easier to mow on steep slopes.

According to my observation, the side-discharge flap is not quite sturdy. It may fall off if it comes in contact with tall and tough grass.

Overall, this can be a nice mower for someone with a small to medium-sized backyard with many tight spots or hilly terrains. This mower can easily go around trees or up a steep slope. It offers almost all the basic features needed for lawn mowing, which justifies its affordable price tag.

Also Available: 140cc Self-Propelled model

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7. Lawn-Boy 10736

“This Lawn-Boy is definitely hard to beat.”

Andy gossen


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for complicated landscaping features
  • Three switchable clipping-disposal modes
  • Two easy-to-adjust deck height settings
  • Large clipping bag empties easily


  • No speed settings
  • Not ideal for a big lawn

The Lawn-Boy 10736 features an 11″ high wheel, a 2-point height-of-cut, a Honda GVC 160OHC engine, and a specially engineered tri-cut system.

Available in two engine options – Honda 160cc and Kohler 149cc, you pick a model that suits your requirements best. You should buy this gas mower for your lawn for many reasons. It comes with a 3-in-1 discharge ability which helps you switch between mulching, bagging, or side discharge.

It also has a large grass collection bag (two-bushel) that can easily be emptied. I also liked its 21-inch steel deck with a deep dome. Besides this, I liked that the mower features an 11″ high wheel and a specially engineered tri-cut system. This brought a major difference in the overall mowing experience.

Another feature that grabbed my attention was that the manufacturer offers a Tru-Start commitment on the engine. The mower will start in one or two pulls for the first three years. If not, the manufacturer will repair your engine free of cost.

However, I discovered that the plastic front-wheel adjustment could not hold well to the cutting height. Moreover, the wheels’ treads seem more like a decorative feature and did not really help with traction.

Available in: Electric Start, Push, and Self-Propelled models

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“Rolling Thunder This B&D mower reall does the job well.”



  • Self-propelled
  • 3-in-1 mulching capabilities
  • 6 height settings
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Little expensive
  • Cannot handle complicated landscaping features
  • No auto-choke or other ignition assistance

It comes with a 140 CC gasoline engine that makes it powerful enough for blades and even for the self-propulsion system. Also, it is quite easy and quick to start, thanks to its recoil ignition system.

This mower is worth considering if you are looking for a well-built mower with superior engineering.

The BLACK+DECKER 12A-A2SD736 is a self-propelled gas mower with front-wheel drive that can come in handy for people with uneven or hilly terrain.

I really liked this feature. It can be very helpful if I come across a tricky spot or need to tackle an area that has rocks or sticks. I can simply tip the mower back on the rear wheels and move forward.

The mower is versatile and can cut grass well in various situations. While it has a 21-inch cutting deck, it can also be set to 6 different cutting heights to help you get a hassle-free mowing experience and a neat-looking lawn. And the height can be easily adjusted with the help of dual adjustment levers.

However, I did that the grass collection bag gets heavy, or it may even clog the rear discharge port if not emptied frequently. This can be an issue for people with large lawns or tall, thick grass.

Overall, this is a really nice gas mower that comes with a decent price tag and offers a bunch of features. This can be a great pick for medium-sized lawn owners.

9. PowerSmart DB2321SR

“This is the best self-propelled lawn mower I have ever purchased.”



  • Self-propulsion
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Foldable handles offer compact storage
  • 6 height adjustability setting
  • Extremely quiet
  • 3-in-1 feature (mulching, side discharge, and grass collection bag)


  • Assembling can be complicated
  • No bagger option
  • No speed adjustability setting
  • The belt for self-propulsion can come off easily
  • Low-quality material used for handles

The PowerSmart DB2321SR is a self-propelled gas mower with a 4-stroke 170 cc engine. This means that this can effortlessly handle even the toughest and tallest grasses.

Moreover, it also comes equipped with an air-cooling system within the engine which means the engine would not heat up, and you can mow your lawn for a long time without any hindrance.

Other than this, I really liked the build quality of the mower and the fact that it comes with a steel deck with a cutting width of 21 inches.

To save you more time and effort, the mower offers 5 different reclining positions so that you can choose the correct height based on the kind of area you are mowing. You can go as short as 1.18 inches and as long as 3 inches.

Also, the mower offers a 3-in-1 design that allows you to switch between mulch, side discharging, and bagging. It even comes with an 18-gallon grass collection bag. This will ensure that you do not have to empty the bag as often and you can mow your lawn without much hassle.

However, one of the major downsides of the mower is that it does not have a grass collection bag. Being one of the most basic features in almost every gas mower, this can be a deal-breaker for many.  

Overall, this is a powerful and efficient mower that would suit you if you have a large lawn with tall and tough grass. The mower might look small, but it can easily handle challenging situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do gas lawnmowers last?

A gas lawn mower typically lasts between 8 and 10 years if properly maintained. However, various factors may influence a gas mower’s durability and longevity.

These factors include – how the mower has been used, how long it takes to mow the lawn, and how hard the mower must work to cut the grass. All of these things can impact its lifespan.

What kind of gas should I use in a lawnmower?

The best gas in a gasoline-powered lawnmower is unleaded gasoline with a minimum of 87 octanes. Although using higher-octane gas would not benefit the engine, it can be expensive, making it a less popular choice.

How should I take care of my gas lawn mower?

One of the most basic things to do is flip the mower over and remove all the built-up grass clippings. This should be done after each mowing session. Be sure to change the oil regularly, as most gas mowers require an oil change.

Consider doing this before the start of the mowing season. Other than this, you should clean the air filters and even replace them if required. This will prevent dirt and debris from clogging the engine. Also, it is important to replace the spark plug every year.

How do I store my gas lawn mower during the winter season?

Before storing your lawnmower in your garage for the winter season, ensure the gas tank is empty. You can drain the engine oil and refill it with new oil. Now, you can store your mower in a dry and sheltered space. Ensure it is kept away from equipment like a water heater or furnace.

In Summary

People who frequently mow their lawns or are professionals usually depend on gasoline-powered mowers. This is because they are known to be much more durable than electric or battery mowers.

They are also much more powerful and can easily handle tall, tough grass and uneven terrain. Featuring powerful engines, multiple cutting options, and ample deck sizes, you can do a lot more with gas mowers.

I hope that at least one of the above-listed mowers will make for your ideal gas mower and help you enhance your mowing journey.  


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