15 BEST Leaf Blowers and 3 Champion Blowers

How can you find hidden gems in a world where trends are always shifting? Many reviews tend to focus on the same products, rarely highlighting new options. We embraced the challenge of recognizing as many leaf blowers as possible. After evaluating 253 blowers, we are proud to present to you the top 15 that stand out from the rest.

A good leaf blower is effective because it applies sufficient force on debris to initiate and sustain its movement. The blower’s force is a product of the speed, volume, and focus of air generated by the blower.

Leaf Blower Brands Reviewed

We reviewed 213 residential leaf blowers from 32 manufacturers to select the 15 best blowers available. Below is a list of the reviewed brands and the number of leaf blowers reviewed.

CountBrandHandheld BatteryHandheld GasCorded ElectricBackpack BatteryBackpack GasWheeled Gas
2Cub Cadet11
3Little Wonder3
2Snap Fresh2
4Sun Joe22

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Leaf Blower

Many unique factors affect your choice of a leaf blower. Below we look at:

  • Your Debris Moving Needs
  • Leaf Blower Construction Types
  • Pros and Cons of Different Power Sources for Leaf Blowers
  • Leaf Blower Weight and Weight Distribution
  • How CFM and Windspeed Ratings Affect Leaf Blower Effectiveness
  • Leaf Blower Designs
  • Noise Level Considerations

Your Debris Moving Needs

Whether you have a swath of land covered in leaves or a courtyard that needs sweeping, blowers are a handy tool. Of course, the specifics of your sweeping needs will determine the best machine to choose.

Paved Areas: Driveways and paved areas can present a unique challenge. When leaves are dry, these areas require a lightweight leaf blower to clear them. However, flat-lying wet leaves tend to stick to smoother surfaces. Getting air between the leaf and the surface requires some force, so a more robust blower is required.

Dust Factors: If you’re using a blower to sweep a tennis court or dusty areas, a unit with too much power will effectively redistribute the dirt. A leaf blower with a responsive trigger is a good option as it allows you to control the blowing force.

Heavy Leaf Fall: A wheeled leaf blower is a significant advantage if your property has large perennial trees and park-like areas. Of course, if you have a riding mower, wheeled blowers can be attached to them for even greater efficiency.

Leaf Blower Construction Types

Handheld leaf blowers can be operated single-handedly. Electric-, 2-cycle-gas-, 4-cycle-gas-, and battery-powered models are available for small to mid-sized yards.

Using a backpack leaf blower for an extended period is more comfortable. Because the backpack is suspended, the weight is evenly distributed across your back and shoulders. Backpack units are generally more potent than handheld blowers.

To clear medium- to extra-large yards and areas, use a wheeled leaf blower. Because of their wheeled design, they’re easier to maneuver and cause minimum fatigue. In addition, they are the most powerful leaf blower, capable of clearing large piles of leaves and debris.

Pros and Cons of Different Power Sources for Leaf Blowers

Battery-powered leaf blowers are an excellent option for average-sized yards. New battery technologies combined with brushless motors result in blowers with a much lower pollution factor than any other blowers. Battery-powered blowers are available in handheld and backpack formats.

For years, gas-powered – 2-cycle engines have dominated the outdoor power equipment (OPE) sector. With society’s raised awareness of damages caused by pollution, the market is moving away from these engines. The 2-stroke requires a mixture of oil and gasoline to operate.

A word of warning: If you lend your machine to a neighbor, supply it with ready-mixed fuel to prevent damage to the blower engine.

Gas-powered – 4-cycle engines are a better alternative to 2-stroke engines – they provide better power, have less risk of damage, and run cleaner. New technologies now make smaller 4-stroke engines possible.

Corded electric-powered leaf blowers are an option for homeowners with a smaller yard. It is noticeable that fewer corded models are available, with most manufacturers no longer offering them as an option.

Leaf Blower Weight and Weight Distribution

While a battery-powered leaf blower can weigh in under 5 pounds, the average weight is in the 9-pound region. Backpack blowers are about 25 pounds for a 75cc engine version that will deliver more than 900 cubic feet of air a minute. Because the weight of a backpack leaf blower is evenly distributed across your more muscular back and shoulders, it will fatigue less than a 9-pound handheld version.

What matters with handheld versions is the balance of the grip. You will get tired sooner if you must wrestle your blower to keep the nozzle down. You can test this in the store to see if the blower nozzle naturally hangs at an angle that suits your work type.

How CFM and Windspeed Ratings Affect Leaf Blower Effectiveness

Blowers produce an airstream by having a sufficiently effective fan that takes air in and forces it out through a narrower pipe. Fan-blade size, angle, and speed are all factors that affect the fan’s effectiveness. The comparative sizes of the air intake and outlet also affect the final airflow strength.

Product descriptions typically declare the amount of air pumped and the speed with which it leaves the nozzle. The former measures the air volume as cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the speed as miles per hour (mph). A CFM of 1,000 means the blower displaces 10- by 10- by 10 feet of air a minute.

Residential vs. Commercial Leaf Blowers

Commercial Wheeled Blower

A commercial leaf blower like the SCAG Extreme Pro has an air output of 2,824 CFM, and their insane Windstorm produces a CFM of between 6,000 and 7,500. They’re priced accordingly, with the former above $2,000 and the Windstorm over $10,000.

The Cub Cadet commercial blower (CB 2900) displaces 2,300 cubic feet of air in a minute, and the nozzle exit speed is 200 mph – it also costs more than $2,000. All these commercial versions are wheeled, and the Windstorm has a ride-on platform.

Leaf Blower Designs

It is worth noting the design used for the wheeled professional leaf blowers. They use a fan with an intake from the front and a side exit to generate maximum force. By wheeling the blower forward, the unit clears the leaves to the left of it. Success factors are:

  • The paddle fan blade angle is acute, and every blade revolution forces the equivalent of the blade’s surface area out.
  • The exit nozzle is angled to blow parallel to the ground, creating maximum lift.
  • The force of the air can sustain the movement of the leaves close to the ground rather than scatter the leaves.

Scattered leaves are a result of using reflected wind to move the leaves. The smaller the angle between the nozzle pipe and the ground, the less scattering.

Tapering the nozzle end increases the wind speed but may adversely affect the volume of air forced through. Tapered ends work well or smooth surfaces and brickwork.

Noise Level Considerations

Some states restrict using leaf blowers during certain times, while others prohibit their use totally – mainly because of the noise they may cause. You can check the restriction at the nonoise.org website.

Another resource you may be interested in is the leaf blowers noise website. The topic is complex and is not within the scope of this article.

It would help if you always looked for a blower rated below 70 decibels. Echo currently holds the record for the quietest leaf blower.

3 BEST Handheld Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers


Here it is, the most potent blower the industry has to offer! The 650 CFM EGO POWER+ Blower is now available. This blower can move anything from wet leaves and rocks to mud and snow at speeds comparable to a category-five hurricane.

From 250 CFM to 500 CFM, adjust your speed with the help of a brand-new lock-on speed control dial. 650 CFM turbo boost is available when you’re ready to move heavy debris—all of this industry-leading power with over 90 minutes of continuous running time.

Longer run time, low vibration, and longer motor life are benefits of the high-efficiency brushless motor. Advanced aeronautics-inspired turbine fan engineering outperforms even the most expensive gas-powered models.

The flat and tapered nozzles that come with the kit make removing debris in any situation simple. This blower does the job faster and more quietly than a gas-powered one. Take advantage of Power Beyond Belief without all the hassle.

Technical Specifications

  • Turbo Button delivers a staggering 650 CFM
  • Variable-speed control dial delivers 225-500 CFM
  • Cruise Control Speed Dial
  • Over 90 minutes of run time: 15 minutes on Turbo; 200 minutes on low with 5.0Ah Battery
  • Flat and tapered nozzle attachments included
  • Brushless Motor
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic design for superb balance and user comfort
  • 5-year limited warranty

Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Blower

The M18 FUEL™ Blower is up to 4 pounds lighter than the competition and has the power to clear 15 feet away, reaching full throttle in less than a second. The 450 CFM and 120 MPH output of the POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor and REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC8.0 Battery are tailored to landscape maintenance professionals’ needs.

The blower has a variable-speed trigger and high- and low-speed settings for greater control. It’s best to use the high setting if you’re removing debris from flower beds, the lightweight setting is best for keeping the mulch in place.

The blower can be set to full throttle with the lock-on button, which frees up the operator’s hand and reduces fatigue. Using the M18 FUEL™ Blower with over 200 different M18™ system solutions is possible.

Key Features

  • Power to Clear From 15 feet
  • Full Throttle In Under 1 Second  
  • Up to 4 lbs. Lighter  
  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor: Delivers more power under load and longer motor life  
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence: Provides optimized performance and overload protection using total system communication between tool, battery, and charger  
  • M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC8.0 Battery Pack: Provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler vs. M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC Battery Packs  
  • Maximum Air Volume: 450 CFM   Maximum Air Speed: 120 MPH  
  • Lock On Button: Yes  
  • High/Low-Speed Settings

Greenworks 48V(2*24V) Brushless Cordless Axial Blower (585 CFM / 140 MPH)

  • Two Greenworks 24 VOLT batteries combine for 48 VOLTS of exceptional, better-than-gas power without leaving the 24 VOLT battery platform.
  • Greenworks 2 x 24V (48V) cordless axial blower provides powerful clearing performance with a 585 CFM airflow, 140 MPH airspeed, and 360-degree rotating head.
  • Push-button ON / OFF switch and Brushless motor provide gas-like power, greater efficiency, and lower noise level
  • Finish your project with up to 30 minutes of runtime on high with a fully charged 4Ah battery and Cushioned over-mold grip
  • Variable speed trigger with cruise control provides controlled airflow when it’s needed most
  • An airflow of 585 CFM delivered at 140 mph
  • A 3-year tool warranty protects your investment

3 BEST Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers


The Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blower delivers high air power and is ready for your next yard maintenance task. With its specially engineered fan and lightweight frame, the blower is designed to minimize stress while delivering enormous wind power.

It also features a cruise-control function that maintains a constant fan speed, allowing you to tackle raking and sweeping tasks easily. It’s the perfect blower for quick cleanup jobs and for use around the yard.

Key Features

Auto return stop switch – The stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

Cruise control – Set the fan speed for easier handling.

Adjustable tube length – The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance.

Intuitive controls – The controls are well-gathered and easy to access.

Air Purge – Removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

Inline design – The fan housing is engineered to align the air stream with the handle. This reduces stress on the wrist and arm.


  • 125B
  • Cylinder displacement    28 cm³
  • Power output                    1.1 hp
  • Maximum power speed 8,000 rpm
  • Fuel tank volume             16.91 fl oz
  • Idling speed                       3,000 rpm
  • Electrode gap                    0.024 in
  • Fuel consumption            575 g/kWh
  • Engine Family CARB        *PWES.0284BQ
  • Air flow in housing           470 cfm
  • Air flow in pipe                 425 cfm
  • Airspeed                            170 mph
  • Air speed (flat nozzle)     170 mph
  • Air speed (round nozzle)130 mph
  • Blowing Force                   12.5 N
  • Weight                                9.4 lbs
  • Product Size, LxWxH       14.9 x 8.1 x 13.4 in

Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Engine Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower

This Gasoline Leaf Blower has the power and convenience you want. The lightweight and powerful 25cc 2-cycle gas engine has an air volume and airspeed of up to 430 cfm/200 mph and is powered by a high-performance 2-cycle gas engine.

With Easy Start technology, starting is a cinch, and 3-Step starting is a breeze. Translucent fuel tanks and throttle with cruise control add convenience features to the blower’s design.

The integrated scraper on the extended nozzle makes it easier to remove even the most stubborn of leaves and debris. This Gasoline Leaf Blower has the power and convenience you want. The lightweight and powerful 25cc 2-cycle gas engine has an air volume and airspeed of up to 430 cfm/200 mph and is powered by a high-performance 2-cycle gas engine.

With Easy Start technology, starting is a cinch, and 3-Step starting is a breeze. Translucent fuel tanks and throttle with cruise control add convenience features to the blower’s design.

The integrated scraper on the extended nozzle makes it easier to remove even the most stubborn of leaves and debris.

Key Features

Powerful Engine: 25cc, 2-cycle engine for quick and efficient blowing

High Performance: Air volume and airspeed up to 430 CFM/200 mph

Easy 3-Step Starting: Prime, Choke, Pull

Control Air Flow: Variable-speed throttle with cruise control

Easy Fuel Check: Translucent fuel tank allows you to see when to refuel

Lightweight Design: Combats user fatigue

Versatile Usage: Extended nozzle with integrated scraper helps clear stubborn leaves and debris.


  • Noise Rating: 72dB(A)
  • Air Speed: 200 mph
  • Air Volume: 430 CFM
  • Weight 10–pounds

Makita BHX2500CA 24.5 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Blower

Makita’s 24.5 CC Blower combines a cleaner-burning 4-stroke motor with the lowest weight for more efficient performance. The BHX2500CA is EPA Phase II CARB III compliant and is a step up from older 2-stroke technology.

24.5 CC Power with Improved Fuel EfficiencyThe BHX2500CA is powered by a 24.5 CC commercial-duty 4-stroke engine that requires no fuel mix and has a 17.7 oz. Fuel tank for a longer run time and a maximum airspeed of 145 mph.

The low-compression engine is engineered for easy starting, with an improved configuration for easier maintenance. The BHX2500CA is compact with its class’s lowest weight (9.8 lbs.) for easier control.

Key Features

Engineered for Commercial Duty

Makita’s cleaner-burning 4-stroke BHX2500CA is engineered for commercial lawn and garden work. It is ideal for any professional seeking a best-in-class blower.

24.5 CC Power with Improved Fuel Efficiency

The BHX2500CA is powered by a 24.5 CC commercial-duty 4-stroke engine that requires no fuel mix and has a 17.7-ounce fuel tank for a longer run time and a maximum airspeed of 145 mph. The low-compression engine is engineered for easy starting, with an improved configuration for easier maintenance. The BHX2500CA is compact with its class’s lowest weight (9.8 pounds) for easier control.

About Makita’s 4-Stroke Engines

Makita’s 4-Stroke engines have been designed to the most demanding global standards for efficiency, noise level, and emissions. Engineered for better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, they do not require a fuel mix and significantly reduce emissions over traditional 2-stroke engines. Makita’s commercial 4-Stroke engines are easy to start, run quieter, and are EPA Phase II, CARB Tier III compliant while maintaining power and performance.


  • Max. airspeed – 145 MPH
  • Max. air volume – 358 CFM
  • Engine Displacement – 24.5 cc
  • Fuel – Unleaded Gas
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 17.7 fl. oz.
  • Overall Length – 14″
  • Net Weight – 9.8 lbs.

2 BEST Handheld Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

Toto Ultra Leaf Blower Vac (51619)

The Toro Ultra delivers all the power and versatility you need to tackle yard clean-up chores. It offers a rugged metal impeller and variable-speed air control. Its blower inserts for multiple applications allow you to tackle any space.

The powerful, up to 250 mph, air stream clears debris, sticks, and large, heavy leaves. It converts quickly to an aggressive vacuum without any tools and reduces 88% of mulched debris to less than 1/2-inch. You can’t buy a more powerful electric blower/vac than a Toro.

Key Features

Multiple Tubes for Specialized Uses

This blower includes multiple inserts for multiple applications.

  • Main Tube – moves debris away from house, shrubs, etc.
  • Power Insert – moves debris into wind rows and creates piles
  • Concentrator – moves debris out of cracks, edging and moving stubborn leaves
Metal Impeller

The metal blades on the impeller shred leaves and debris into fine mulch.

Variable Speed Knob

Match the airspeed to the task in both blower and vacuum modes with the infinitely variable knob.

No Tool Conversion

The Quick-Release Latch lets you convert your blower into a vacuum in seconds without tools.

Cord Lock System

Keep the extension cord firmly in place with the built-in cord locking hook.

2-Year Full Warranty

This product is covered by a two-year full warranty. See your dealer for warranty details.


  • Air Speed – 260 MPH
  • Air Speed Control – Variable
  • Air Volume – 340 CFM
  • Leaf Shredding Reduction – Up to 88%*
  • Maximum Air Flow in Blow Mode – 340 CFM blow mode and 405 CFM Vac mode
  • Nozzle Velocity – Max. Up to 260 mph ( 418 kph)
  • Weight – 8.5 lbs. (3.8 kg)

Sun Joe SBJ601E 10 Amp 215 Max MPH All-Purpose 2-Speed Electric Blower

When a large blower isn’t enough, use this 10-amp dynamo with a powerful 215 mph motor. Perfect for sweeping porches, patios, walkways, decks, garages, and a little light snow!

 With the flip of a switch, the wind can be tailored to fit the job at hand. Plus, it weighs only 4.4 pounds, so you can take it with you wherever you go. When you’re done, it folds up small enough to fit in your car’s trunk, deck box, or broom closet. Going bigger’s not always better when you can get away with going small instead!

Key Features

  • Best use: sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages
  • Air speed (max) 215 mph
  • Speed settings: 2
  • No load speed: 12, 000 – 15, 000 RPM

Why Simplify Gardening Likes the Sun Joe

Powerful 10 Amp Motor – The Sun Joe SBJ601E is powered by a powerful 10 Amp motor that generates up to 215 MPH of airflow.

Adjustable Wind Speeds – Choose from either normal speed or high speed to fit your job.

Easy Storage – Removable chute and lightweight makes it easy to store.

Key Specifications

  • Motor – 10 Amps
  • Air Flow (Max) – 240 CFM
  • Speed Settings – 2
  • Weight – 4.4-pounds

The 2 BEST Backpack Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless 580 CFM Backpack Blower

If you already own a Greenworks product, then the interchange batteries make this a good option.

Key Features

  • Up to 580 CFM / 145 MPH makes blowing through dry/wet leaves and debris a breeze
  • Brushless motor delivers gas equivalent performance
  • Variable speed trigger and turbo button deliver on-demand power
  • Cruise control for ultimate control. Compatible 80V Battery Model 2901302 | 60-1706 Compatible 80V Charger Model 2901402 | 60-1708
  • Battery and charger not included
  • 4-Year Limited Tool Warranty


Brushless Motor:Yes
Blower Max MPH:145
Blower Max CFM:580
Trigger Speed:Variable
Cruise Control:Yes
Fan Design:Axial
Turbo Button:Yes
Tool Warranty:4 Years


Power-to-weight ratios are best in class, and Husqvarna’s 300 Series battery products are professional-grade and durable. With a blowing force of 17N, the 340iBT battery backpack blower is quiet and vibration-free. Two BLi battery slots and an auto-switch feature keep the blower running until the job is finished with an easy-to-use user interface.

Key Features

Brushless motor – High torque to weight ratio for increased efficiency, reliability, reduced noise, and longer product life.

Blowing capacity – High blow force with 17 N. Equivalent blow force as petrol 40cc backpack blower.

Two battery slots – Two battery slots secure long runtime. Auto switch function and individually interchangeable batteries secure continuous work.

Intuitive keypad – Handle with the new intuitive user interface. Size of buttons adapted for easy maneuvering, even with gloves.

Low noise levels – Low noise levels enable longer working hours and the possibility of working mornings and evenings without disturbing your neighbors.

Low maintenance – No refilling of fuel, fewer parts to serve, and an electronically controlled drive system mean less downtime and low operation costs.

A flexible battery system – The high-performing Husqvarna battery system offers a wide range of options, from lightweight integrated- to backpack batteries. The batteries within the Husqvarna system are built to be used over a long time, are quick to recharge, and are even quicker to swap for continuous use. The Husqvarna battery system allows flexible use in different Husqvarna tools. You will always find a tailored battery solution that perfectly suits your task at hand.

3 BEST Backpack Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

The Husqvarna 350BT backpack leaf blower is designed for large landowners who want a unique, lightweight blower. This popular mid-size 50 cc blower has a new, powerful X-TORQ engine for increased power, better fuel economy, and lower emissions. It’s easy to use because the harness and controls are ergonomically designed. The tube has controls for the throttle mounted on it.

Key Features

  • X-Torq® engine – The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
  • Air Purge –  As with all Husqvarna 2-stroke engines, the air purge valve removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.
  • Utilize full blow force with minimal arm strain – The offset handle makes the blow forces easier to control by preventing the arm from being pulled downwards
  • Adjustable handles – Adjustable handle-grip for superior comfort.
  • LowVib® – Dampeners between the engine and chassis effectively reduce vibrations.
  • Ergonomic harness system – Padded harness and hip belt is shaped to fit the contours of the operator.
  • Cruise control – Fan speed can be set for easier handling.
  • High blowing capacity – The powerful and easy-to-start X-Torq® engine, combined with efficient fan design, delivers high air speed and flow.


Cylinder displacement50.2 cm³
Power output2.1 hp
Maximum power speed7,500 rpm
Fuel tank volume42.27 fl oz
Idling speed2,200 rpm
Electrode gap0.03 in
Fuel consumption455 g/kWh
Air flow in housing692.17 cfm
Air flow in pipe494.41 cfm
Air speed180 mph
Air speed (round nozzle)180.01 mph
Blowing Force21 N
Weight22.5 lbs
Product Size, LxWxH13.8 x 17.6 x 11 in
Tube diameter0 in
Vacuum KitNo
Nozzle typeRound
Sound and noise
Sound pressure (15m)71 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle2.2 m/s²

Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower

Using the Poulan Pro PR48BT’s 48cc 2-cycle engine, it’s easy to clear wet, heavy leaves, grass, and other stubborn debris at speeds up to 200 mph with airflows up to 475 CFM with this gas-powered backpack blower.

The unit offers:

  • A heavy-duty frame
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Large, contoured, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded, load-reducing harness for optimal fit and superior comfort
  • Minimal strain and reduced fatigue for users of any size.

This lightweight blower has all of these high-performance features. It is ideal for year-round clean-up and an excellent choice for homeowners and small business owners with 1/2-acre or larger yards because it’s powerful, comfortable, versatile, and easy to use.

RedMax EBZ5150 Backpack Gas-Powered Blower

RedMax is the clear industry leader in power blower selection and performance for commercial operators or large property owners. The Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine in the EBZ5150 backpack blower produces ultra-low emissions while delivering high power.

The EBZ5150 has a displacement of 50.2 cc and 2.3 horsepower, translating to a top speed of 171 mph and a tube airflow of about 487 cubic feet per minute (CFM). To keep users cool and comfortable on hot days, the Max Cooled back pad uses air ducts from the fan housing.

Oversized comfort is provided by the wide straps and contoured back pads. Frame-mounted throttle virtually eliminates downtime due to damaged cables as standard equipment.


Air flow in housing692.17 cfm
Air flow in pipe435 cfm
Air speed214.75 mph
Air speed (round nozzle)216 mph
Blowing Force20 N
Weight22.7 lbs
Weight10.3 kg
Product size length15.8 in
Tube diameter2.24 in
Cylinder displacement50.2 cm³
Power output2.15 hp
Maximum power speed6300 rpm
Fuel tank volume70.9 fl oz
Idling speed2200 rpm
Electrode gap0.03 in
Spark plugTorch AC7R, NGK CMR7H
Fuel consumption455 g/kWh
Sound and Noise
Sound power level, measured104 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear89 dB(A

The 2 BEST Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Cub Cadet JS 1150 Wheeled Blower

Clean your yard using the Cub Cadet walk-behind leaf blower. This blower arrives pre-assembled, extremely powerful, easy to operate, and fuel-efficient. Equipped with a 208 cc reliable Cub Cadet engine, this walk-behind blower will produce maximum power.

The blower has a 1,000 CFM air volume, up to twice as much as a backpack blower. A balanced fan provides less vibration, while the flow adjustment attachments offer additional control over the airflow direction.

The walk-behind blower is easy to maneuver thanks to the two 12-inch rear wheels and 8-inch front swivel wheel. So whether you have a large property full of leaves, a parking lot full of debris, or want to do some cleaning up around the yard, the cost-efficient Cub Cadet walk-behind blower is the product to purchase.

Engine BrandCub Cadet
Engine Model170-CU OHV
Engine Displacement208cc
Starter TypeRecoil
Fuel Tank Capacity2 qt
Drive SystemPush
Warranty3-year limited
Commercial WarrantyNone
Pitch Control15” up/down internal air directional
Front Wheels8″
Rear Wheels12″
Weight (approx.)89 lbs
Discharge Chute90” forward adapter
Handle TypeStandard
Model Number24A-67M4710
ImpellerTen vanes- 14” x 3”
Air SpeedUp to 150 mph
Air VolumeUp to 1,000 CFM
Noise Rating100 dBA

SuperHandy Leaf-SNOW Blower Wheeled

This SuperHandy Leaf & Debris Wheeled Walk-Behind Blower has an all-powerful 7Hp 212cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. This engine provides excellent power-to-weight ratio performance – where it counts.

With a Max Output Power of 4.1 kW, Wind Force Speed of 150-200 MPH/ 1270-2000 CFM, a High Max Rotation Speed of 3600RPMs & a Heavy Duty Industrial size of 13.5” (340mm) Metal Impeller that will empower you to have ultimate control of maintaining your land.

Our Jet Sweep Blowers are great for Garden & Lawn applications, making it easy & simple to pile up leaves/debris. They are built with heavy-duty powered, heat-treated, rust-resistant steel so your blower can last for many seasons. The engine runs excellent on Unleaded 87+ octane Gasoline (10%< less ETHANOL recommended), with a Max capacity of 0.7 gallons, including:

  • Rugged all-terrain 10” Rear Wheels,
  • an 8” 360° Swivel Front Wheel &
  • An Adjustable Flow Angle.

The engine is designed to ensure the operator’s safety. Always operate the machine according to directions in the user manual. Always wear the appropriate ANSI standard hand & eye protection.

Simplify Gardening CHAMPION Leaf Blowers

Deciding between the 15 leaf blowers chosen was not easy. We excluded the heavier-duty machines as their use is limited to larger properties, and the selections made are already a good indicator.

The three that made the grade certainly are deserving of the honor.


More than 50 percent of the available leaf blowers are battery-powered. The split was:

  • Handheld Battery-powered – 53%
  • Handheld Gas-powered – 11%
  • Handheld Corded Electrical – 9%
  • Backpack Batter-powered – 5%
  • Backpack Gas-powered – 17%
  • Wheeled – 5%

We trust that how we laid the selections out helped you make an informed decision.


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