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15 Best Wheelbarrows to Save Your Back

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Wheelbarrows are essential outdoor equipment that takes away the hassle of transporting bulky items from one point to the next. They come in quite handy when handling gardening, construction, or landscaping work. No matter the load you need to transfer from point A to point B, a wheelbarrow will help you achieve this with minimum effort.

You will agree that garden work can be exhausting and overwhelming, and heavy lifting has long-term effects on your back. The energy needed to move things around is bound to break one’s back for sure.

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Thankfully, wheelbarrows are available to help save our backs purposely!

We have pieced together this highly informative piece to share with you the 15 best wheelbarrows to save your back and so much more.

Uses of A Wheelbarrow

To start us off, let’s explore the variety of things for which we can use our wheelbarrows. We can all relate to these uses that include the following:

Transporting waste materials:

Wheelbarrows are helpful when we are transferring wastes from one place to the dumpsite. When cleaning your garden or an animal shed, a wheelbarrow will make it easy for you to collect and carry all the waste in piles. This will save you so much time and effort.

Transporting fertilizers and seeds:

Wheelbarrows act as a fantastic transportation machine in the garden. If you need to fertilize your crops or plant new crops, a wheelbarrow will help you carry the fertilizers and seeds you need in one go.

Watering your crops:

At times, you may experience challenges with your irrigation system or rain may be absent. A wheelbarrow will help you during this time to carry the gallons of water needed to water the plants in your garden.

Transferring plants:

In times when you need to move plants from one place to for instance the backyard of your house, a wheelbarrow will help in this. You can easily fetch small and large plants using your wheelbarrow. And in case you need more soil for the transplanting process, the wheelbarrow will help in this too!

Transporting animal feeds:

When you are running out of fodder for the animals on your farm, a wheelbarrow will help you bring in more feeds. Whether you are buying the feeds from the store or getting it directly from the fields, your wheelbarrow will ensure the feeds get to your cows, goats, or sheep.

During construction:

Wheelbarrows are essential instruments during the constriction process. When building a gazebo or an additional room in your garden, a wheelbarrow will help you transport the construction materials. You can use it to carry bags of cement, sand, or any other bulky construction equipment.

Carrying your harvest from the farm:

When the crops in your farm are ripe and ready for harvest, a wheelbarrow will come in handy when transporting the harvest from the farm to the designated storage facility.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wheelbarrow

Having looked at the significant uses of a wheelbarrow, we find it necessary to share the factors you need to consider when choosing one.  When selecting a wheelbarrow, have the following considerations in mind:

The tray’s material:

When choosing a wheelbarrow, it is essential to carefully consider the material that makes up the area that holds your luggage. It could be of steel, plastic, or even fabric. You need to settle on a wheelbarrow with a tray that can handle the kind of work you do.

If you use your wheelbarrow for regular garden work, one with a plastic tray will work just fine. But when you need to carry heavy materials like wood, stones, or bricks.

The size of the wheelbarrow:

Size is also another essential consideration when choosing a wheelbarrow. Different wheelbarrow sizes would fit depending on the work you intend to use your wheelbarrow for. For instance, if you only need to carry small amounts of mulch around your garden, a small-sized wheelbarrow will work just fine. However, when you need to take large quantities of items, you will need to settle for a high-capacity wheelbarrow.

The wheels:

Traditionally, wheelbarrows came with only one wheel. Modern versions now come with an option for two or four wheels. Settling on a wheelbarrow with a good set of wheels will ensure you have one that can handle just about any terrain.

To avoid punctures, choose one with solid rubber wheels. Another choice you have is settling for one with pneumatic tires. This one has an internal tube giving it a shock absorption ability. It can quickly move through stairs and bumpy surfaces.

The handle:

A wheelbarrow handle is critical when determining its user-friendly. Wheelbarrows come with handles made of either wood, steel, or covered in plastic. When getting a wheelbarrow, you’ll want to choose one that has a handle that offers a firm, comfortable grip.

Also, ensure the handle is well-positioned at a logical angle. This way, you’ll be sure to settle for a wheelbarrow that is ergonomic enough, thereby offering comfort and minimizing fatigue as you work.

The Best Wheelbarrows to Save Your Back

Having shared with you the variety of things you can use your wheelbarrow for and the factors you need to consider when choosing one, let’s shift focus to the best wheelbarrows you can purchase. We will share ample details on the ideal wheelbarrows you can buy to help you handle whatever work you have at hand.

Continue reading as we delve deeper into the 15 best wheelbarrows that will save your back as you work.

Two Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Heavy Duty Dolly Utility Car

This type of wheelbarrow happens to top our list when we consider the options available out there. It comes with double wheels and is perfect for handling your daily garden work. It has a large pulling handle and two pneumatic tires estimated to be 13 inches in size.  The tires ensure the wheelbarrow can maintain an effective balance and make it convenient for you to load and offload items like fertilizers, seeds, or weeds as you work in your garden.

Its main features include:

  1. A glossy finish with a lightweight design: This makes it the best garden assistant for you to transport your heavy items. It offers a sense of relief for your hands and your back as you carry out the otherwise cumbersome work in your warehouse, patio, or farm.
  2. A rigid steel frame: This wheelbarrow is made up of a stable heavy-duty frame and PP container. This ensures you have a wheelbarrow that offers you a rigid yet lightweight cart to transport items around your garden. The 13-inch pneumatic rubber tires make it easy for you to lift and balance your load as you move.
  3. A super large capacity: This wheelbarrow features a deep volume with an easy to dump design. It offers 5-cubic feet of space for the 330 lbs. hauling capacity. What’s more, the large, pressed area can be uniformly forced ensuring durability. Therefore, the container will not deform or break as time goes by.
  4. A good loop handle: The wheelbarrow comes with a padded loop handle. This offers convenience as you control and balance the wheelbarrow while transporting items. It also makes it easy for you to load and offload the items.
  5. Easy to install: Additionally the wheelbarrow comes with simple and detailed installation instructions. You can therefore assemble the parts effortlessly and begin using it. Moreover, the steel frame comes with painting that is easy to clean up.

Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

One outstanding feature of the best tools available is carrying out more than one task. The Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow comes with the ability to carry out double duties and provide eight solutions in a single piece of equipment! It owes its versatile nature to the adjustable plate and movable support bar.

This wheelbarrow quickly shifts from a lightweight wheelbarrow onto a yard cart, a bag holder, a dolly, an extended dolly, a cylinder carrier, a rock or plant mover, and a trailer tote. It has a clever design that makes it possible to carry out all eight functions. In a nutshell, the fulcrum is shifted and, therefore, the center of gravity to the optimum place for each function.

This wheelbarrow is made from sturdy steel and flat-free tires that require no inflation. It features a turbo lift design that helps you transport huge loads easily. This wheelbarrow can transform 200 lbs. load to feel like 17lbs. With the Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow, you can quickly turn back-breaking tasks into manageable ones.

This wheelbarrow is a must-have in your garden. Worx tools are known for the high-end technology used in their design. They are efficient, modern, and durable. The factors that stand out with the Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow are versatility, sturdiness, ease to maneuver it, and the simplicity of assembling it. The downsides of this wheelbarrow are that it’s a bit heavy and takes up too much storage space.

Jackson Wheelbarrow

This is yet another great option if you are looking for a wheelbarrow with a traditional design. It has a heavy-duty steel tray, a large wheel, and dual handles. The Jackson Company is famous for making the best wheelbarrows in the world. Therefore, when purchasing the Jackson wheelbarrow, you will be sure to invest in a professional tool.

Here are some of the main features of the Jackson wheelbarrow:

  1. A contractor-grade steel undercarriage.
  2. Patented leg stabilizers making it super easy for it to maneuver across different terrains.
  3. A six-cubic-foot cart that makes it ideal for work around the site or garden.
  4. Durable construction materials offering an assurance that the wheelbarrow will last for several years.
  5. A single wheel that makes it possible for it to move through narrow or tight spaces.
  6. It has leg stabilizers that minimize the risk of your wheelbarrow toppling over.
  7. It comes in either steel or wood frames. If you intend to use your wheelbarrow for construction purposes the steel version is your best choice. For normal gardening work, the hardwood frame version will be ideal.

The outstanding aspects of the Jackson wheelbarrow are the ease of maneuvering around with it, its sturdiness, and how simple it is to assemble the parts.

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-in-1 Convertible Handle

We have ranked this wheelbarrow as the most user-friendly one you will come across. The manufacturer, Gorilla Carts, aims at designing products meant to exceed user expectations. They focus on innovation and quality, thereby ensuring you not only have an effect that gets the job done seamlessly but that you also have fun and get a lot of work done with minimum effort.

Gorilla Carts designs their wheelbarrow to understand that you may have several uses for it. They, therefore, offer ad-on options with this cart that include a scoop, shovel, and stool.  This makes hauling and unloading easy, no matter the terrain. Here are some of the main features of this wheelbarrow:

  1. A convertible handle: Its handle is designed with two-in-one technology. This makes it easy for you to maneuver around with heavy materials around large gardens and farms. You can pull the locking pin and turn the handle enabling your cart to be hooked to a lawn tractor or ATV.
  2. Patented dump technology: This wheelbarrow features a patented quick release dumping technology. This allows the cart to be loaded and offloaded very fast and with ease.
  3. Four-wheel design: It has a balanced four-wheel design that makes it easy for it to move around any terrain even when it is heavily loaded. This cart can hold a weight of up to 1,200 pounds. It has 10-inch thick pneumatic tires that are brave enough for tough terrains. This four-wheel feature makes this cart a great alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow.

Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is a perfect companion for your gardening activities. You can use it to carry items around your farm, barn, or garden. It is built out of heavy-duty materials, guaranteeing that it will serve you for long.

Some of the features that make this wheelbarrow a fantastic choice are:

  • The air-filled tires: The marathon yard rover wheelbarrow is equipped with two air-filled tires that are 14.5 inches in size. This offers a uniform load distribution, creating optimal balance that helps you in handling the wheelbarrow no matter the terrain.
  • The functional tray: This wheelbarrow has rust-free 5 cubic foot tray made of polypropylene plastic. The tray is durable and can withstand the impact of the loads. It also makes it easy to dump in the materials. This tray has a capacity of up to 300 lbs. and can be used to carry items like logs, heavy rocks, garden waste, mulch, soil and so much more.
  • The loop handle: This wheelbarrow features a loop handle that makes maneuverability easy. It will be easy for you to push, pull and even offload your luggage at the destination.
  • It is lightweight: The marathon yard rover weighs 25 percent less than normal wheelbarrows. It has an approximate weight of about 25 pounds. This means that it is easy to store too.

The outstanding features that this wheelbarrow comes with are that it is straightforward to assemble. It will take you a few essential tools and just minutes to put it together.

Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow

Here is yet another fantastic product from a company that has you in mind. The team at Best Choice Product gives their best in building innovative, functional, and timeless products. They do not compromise on quality, ensuring that their products exceed your expectations and help you enjoy the outdoors.

With this wheelbarrow specifically, they have created a product that is:

  • Multipurpose: The Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow is one that you can put into varied uses. It is 5 cubic feet deep thereby having a capacity big enough to carry your soil, bricks, mulch, and other farm implements. This gives you the convenience you need as you carry out your home improvement activities.
  • Easy to steer across all terrains: This wheelbarrow easily glides across all surfaces. It has dual wheels that offer the stability you need during motion. It is built with 13-inch inflatable rubber tires. 
  • Comfortable: This wheelbarrow has a thick, padded handlebar that can also be used as a stand when it’s not in use. This ensures you have a relaxed time when moving the wheelbarrow around.
  • Durable: The company has built this wheelbarrow with durability in mind. It has a durable plastic bin and powder-coated steel frame that ensures it can withstand wear and tear thereby last long.

Polar Trailer Utility Cart

Here is yet another wheelbarrow perfect for both minor gardening tasks and handling big projects. It has a massive capacity of up to 400 lbs. making it ideal for carrying bulky items. This wheelbarrow has been built to make your work easy with each use.

You can use it to carry virtually everything. From mulch to leaves, grass cuttings, rocks, stones, camping items, and so much more. The main features of this wheelbarrow are:

  1. A polyethylene tub: This wheelbarrow has a durable and high impact tub that is rust-free and guaranteed to last for years. It has a volume of 10 cubic feet and a weight of 40lbs.
  2. Two 20-inch spoked wheels with solid rubber tires.: Its tires ensure it can glide through whatever terrain whether grass, gravel, or bumpy areas. The two wheels offer stability when the wheelbarrow is in motion. The tires are solid enough therefore you need not to worry about getting a flat tire.

Garden Star Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

This is another wheelbarrow ideal for hauling, weeding, and any other minimal gardening projects. You can use it to push, pull and dump off dirt, debris, mulch, and so much more. Its outstanding features include:

  • Two air-filled pneumatic tires that offer balanced weight distribution and can move across all terrains.
  • A rust resistant 8-inch deep tray that is made of long lasting plastic. The tray makes it easy for you to dump any materials.
  • A loop handle that makes it easy for you to lift the load and maneuver around.
  • The ability to stand upright offering ease with storage because you can just hang it on a wall until the next time you use it.
  • It is also light weight compared to other wheelbarrows; it weighs about 20 lbs. but is able to carry a capacity of 300lbs.

Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow Utility Cart

Our list will be incomplete if we do not share the greatest wheelbarrow out there with you. How does the idea of not having to push your wheelbarrow sound? Well, this wheelbarrow is guaranteed to save your back for sure. The motorized version of this wheelbarrow moves on its saving you the effort of pushing it. You can use it in the garden or construction site.

This wheelbarrow is powered by rechargeable batteries that can last for a duration of up to 5 hours. Here is some more information about this fantastic equipment:

  1. It has 13-inch pneumatic wheels suitable for all terrains.
  2. It is fully electric with a load capacity of 330 lbs. or 150kgs at a maximum 12 degrees upward slope and a 4 cubic feet tray for the load.
  3. It is eco-friendly considering it is powered by electricity. You are therefore guaranteed of no smog or noise.
  4. It is built from an efficient design with an absorbent glass matted technology that provides quick charging time. It also features a spill-proof design.

When operating this wheelbarrow, safety is critical. You will need to use it with your eyes and hands protection on. Make good use of the speed control too.

  1. Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart

Let’s also share with you another fantastic wheelbarrow option for those of us who have limited storage space. This wheelbarrow comes with a flat-folding fabric that is easy to fold and store away in a corner in your garage or garden shed. Here is what you need to know about this wheelbarrow:

  1. Its weight is less than 15lbs. and it has a collapsible design. The fact that it easily collapses makes it possible for you to load it at ground level.
  2. It has a fabric canvas surface that is tough and durable and is also made of heavy gauge steel handles that make handling it quite easy.
  3. It can carry a capacity of up to 300 pounds. Its simple design makes it easy to load and offload items.
  4. It has one single wheel of great quality that rolls easily therefore maneuvering around with it is not a hard task.

Get yourself this wheelbarrow if you are looking for convenience for storage and within your gardening work.

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart

We present to you yet another option for wheelbarrows meant to save your back from the strenuous work in your garden. This wheelbarrow reduces the strain on your body because you don’t need to raise it to a certain angle, and you can pull it instead of pushing. It comes in a wagon style and is supported by four wheels. Let’s explore more of its unique features:

  • The Poly Garden Dump Cart has a steel frame and is designed with a quick release dumping technology which makes it easy and quick for you to load and offload it.
  • It has a balanced 4-wheel design that makes it easy for it move even across the roughest terrains and when heavily loaded, it can carry up to 600 pounds of materials. Each wheel is a 10-inch pneumatic one.
  • Its handle design is a padded straight one that offers a firm grip as you pull it around.
  • This wheelbarrow is fairly lightweight weighing about 31.5 pounds.
  • It has a rust-free poly bed measuring 36-inch by 20-inch. The material making this poly bed is durable enough offering an assurance that this wheelbarrow will serve you for a long time.

The Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart has a new frame design that makes assembling is relatively easy.

Big-4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow, 6 Cubic Feet

Big-4 Wheeler designs versatile wheelbarrows suitable for commercial, agricultural, and domestic use. They come in three size options, one with ten cubic feet, another eight cubic feet, and this particular six cubic feet one that we are focusing on. The six cubic feet wheelbarrow is perfect for domestic use. Some of the appealing advantages of this wheelbarrow are:

  • The fact that it has a rugged container that allows it to transport objects easily with minimum effort. You therefore don’t need to lift things and risk hurting your back.
  • It offers non-spill transport for your items because of the stability it gets from the four-wheeled chassis.
  • It has a durable container suitable for carrying virtually everything. From near-liquid items to bricks, dirt, and debris.
  • It gives you two wheel choices. You can have the high quality ones that you are sure will never go flat or you can choose the pneumatic ones that are improved and built to last.

This wheelbarrow is indeed designed to offer you the comfort and convenience you need as you work. The main disadvantage with the six cubic feet one would be that its capacity might be limited for huge loads.

Rubber Maid Commercial Big Wheel Cart

This is another brilliant piece of equipment that will help you smoothly transport heavy items even on rough terrains. It gets the name ‘big wheel cart’ from the giant 20-inch 5-spoke dual tires. These tires enable it to glide with little effort on uneven ground.  This wheelbarrow has been designed in a way that makes it easy for you to handle even when it is complete. Here’s more on the outstanding features of this wheelbarrow:

  1. It is a 7.5 cubic feet cart that lets you carry weights of up to 300 lbs. You can therefore carry huge amounts of sand, bricks and more with so much ease.
  2. It has an all-resin seamless pan design. This makes it easy for you to clean it and works in your favor when you are offloading items.
  3. It is a durable item that is rust-free, weather resistant, leak-proof, and ideal for heavy duty work for every season.
  4. It has ergonomic handles that will prevent you from straining yourself as you work.

Lasher Ecobarrow

This wheelbarrow from Lasher tools has won awards because of its unique concept design. It features an ergonomic handle and frame that is made from nylon. This makes it very lightweight and long-lasting. Here are some more additional features of this wheelbarrow that make it a great choice:

  1. It is made of recyclable material that is easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion. You will be sure that your wheelbarrow will stay in good condition for a long time.
  2. It can carry a load of a capacity of up to 70 liters or 200 kilograms. This is adequate enough for you to transport various items around.
  3. The lightweight nature of this wheelbarrow makes it safe for your back.
  4. It has a poly hub roller bearing, 4 ply pneumatic wheel that makes it easy for you to push it around.

If you are interested in sustainability and excited about the idea of reducing plastic use, this wheelbarrow is the best option for you.

VonHaus 70L Wheelbarrow

Let’s wind up our list of the best wheelbarrows to save your back with the VonHaus 70L Wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow is the best for short gardeners; its height is 65cm. It is versatile and robust, and ideal for everyday use. You can use it as a garden cart or trolley for several purposes. The main features of this wheelbarrow are:

  1. A steel frame and robust plastic tray that makes it favorable for it to carry a variety of items.
  2. It has a generous capacity of 70L or 100kg making it capable of holding and transporting various garden essentials.
  3. It comes with soft grip handles that make it easy for you to push it around without feeling uncomfortable.
  4. It has two wheels that offer greater stability and traction even on a rough terrain.

MY Top Wheelbarrow Picks Based On Price

Based on each of the wheelbarrows we have shared with you above, I have given you my best picks in categories under $100, under $200 and under $500. This will give you a clear overview of the wheelbarrows to choose from based on your budget.

Best Wheelbarrow Under $100

Lasher Ecobarrow is my top pick for under $100, this is a string durable wheelbarrow that will handle any gardening task you can throw at it.

Best Wheelbarrow Under $200

Polar Trailer Utility Cart is my pick for carts under $200 this cart has 20 inch wheels and is easy to push over uneven ground and even stairs

Best Wheelbarrow Under $500

Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow Utility Cart is my best pick under $500 this is an electric cart and is perfect for heavy weights over long distances that anyone can use without effort.

FAQ’s About Wheelbarrows

For some people even pushing a wheelbarrow such as these is still too difficult, so we also have tested 9 Best Powered Wheelbarrows To Make Life Easier.

To Wrap Up

Wheelbarrows are arguably a piece of highly essential equipment both commercially and domestically. A famous quote by Hal Borland says, “Consider the wheelbarrow.

It may lack the grace of an airplane, the speed of an automobile, the initial capacity of a freight car, but its humble wheel marked the path of what civilization we have”.  Indeed, wheelbarrows do so much for us in the garden, farm, or construction site.

With the comprehensive list, we have shared with you, you now have various options to choose from. The most budget-friendly one on our list, the Marathon Yard Rover is a great garden companion.

Not forgetting the luxury you will have when you go for the costliest one on our list, the Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow Utility Cart. Hurry and get a wheelbarrow of your choice from the tremendous inventory we have shared. It’s time to save your back from the strenuous tasks!

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