15 Best Riding Mowers for Smooth and Easy Lawn Care

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There are three riding mowers: lawn and garden tractors, zero-turn radius (ZTR), and step mowers, though the latter is not a sit-on riding mower. There are more than 400 riding mower models for sale in North America.

Riding Mowers Reviewed

Of the 400 models available, we reviewed 352 from 15 manufacturers. We chose the best 48-inch mower from each manufacturer (where we could) and studied them for you. We then shortlisted three best-of-the-best riding mowers – based on reviews, functionality, features, and value for money from our list of fifteen best riding mowers.

Person riding a red riding mower

Riding Mower Manufacturers

Below is a list of the 15 brands we reviewed, ordered alphabetically. We included the number and price range of grass and garden tractor models and zero-turn mowers each brand currently has listed.

ListBrandGarden Tractor MowersGarden Tractor Mower Price RangeZero-Turn MowersZero-Turn Price Range
1Ariens0 13$3,000 to
$5, 900
2Bad Boy0 12$3,700 to
3Bobcat0 7$4,800 to
4Country Clipper0 14$4,300 to
5Craftsman18$1,200 to $2,2006$1,800 to
6Cub Cadet15$1,800 to $5,60027$2,900 to
7Ferris0 12$7,000 to
8Gravely0 12$6,700 to
9Husqvarna22$1,600 to $4,30031$2,800 to
10John Deere30$1,800 to $8,70022$2,600 to
11Kubota5$4,000 to $10,00049$4,000 to
12SCAG037$5,100 to
13Simplicity5 $3,150 to $13,8506$2,750 to
14Toro0 29$2,900 to
15Walker0 13$5,800 to $18,900

What to Consider when Choosing a Riding Mowers

Following are some things to look for when buying a riding mower.

Mowing Deck Width and Construction

Mowing Width

This review focused on units that can cut a swath between 42- and 56 inches per pass. The logic is that if you want anything more significant, say 60 to 70 inches, we’re entering the terrain of commercial-sized machines.

Again, getting anything small is also uneconomical – still expensive but less effective.

This is fine if you have money to burn, but their price is only justifiable, in my opinion, if they’re going to generate profit to pay for themselves. I prefer a medium machine that won’t compact my soil and will still handle acreage with slopes or uneven terrain.

These are personal opinions, and you will have to consider your factors – such as:

  • Acreage – the size of the property
  • Terrain – mostly flat, slight slopes, some uneven terrain
  • Obstacles – small obstacles, trees, mulch beds, gates, rough grass, bigger obstacles (pools)
  • Features you value – Anti-scalping wheels, armrests, cruise control, front-end protection, deck-type
  • The storage you have available for your machine
  • Attachments you may want to use
  • Price Range
  • Fuel Source – Battery or Gasoline

Matching Your Riding Mower to the Acreage Needing Mowing

Given the variable discussed above, a rule of thumb would be:

  • A 42-inch decked riding mower can easily handle anything under two acres
  • The closer you get to two acres, you might consider a 46-inch riding mower
  • More than 2 acres, start looking at the 50-inch riding mower
  • Over 3 acres, toward 4 acres, you will be wise to get a 54-inch riding mower. The blade count normally increases as the width increases, especially with zero-turn mowers. This means the mower’s speed can increase too – making the whole job much faster.
  • If you have hilly terrain with slopes over 15 degrees, consider getting a riding mower with a slip differential to retain traction on both wheels.

Guidelines for Time vs. Acreage

  • A 42-inch lawn tractor will mow about 1 acre an hour at 3 to 4 miles per hour.
  • A 42-inch zero-turn mower will mow an extra half acre, i.e., 1.5 acres in the same hour – 50% more.
  • A 48-52 inch zero-turn will mow about 3 acres in the same hour.

Riding Mower Deck Types

  • For smooth grass, stamped decks are okay. They are less expensive but still perform admirably in the mowing department.
  • Mowers with constructed decks are a good value for homeowners who want a mower that cuts well, handles rough lawns well, and lasts for a long time.
  • Heavy-duty constructed decks are available for use on large estates, farms, lawns, and farm ditches and for mowing pastures.

Engine Type

Just about every unit we looked at made use of engines made by one of the following manufacturers:

  • Kohler
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Briggs Vanguard

While riding mowers provide a general overview of the machines, the respective brands’ websites can provide you with manuals and accurate specs. In the review, we noticed that some riding mower brands gave inaccurate horsepower ratings on the machines they used.

Most of the machines had an electric start. Higher up the quality (and price) scale were factors such as:

  • Carburetors vs. Fuel Injection
  • Type of Fuel Injection
  • Lubrication Systems – compressed injected vs. splash
  • Inclusion and quality of fuel and oil filters

Riding mower manufacturers will notice that Kohler engines for smaller units require high torque at lower revs. Kawasaki is famous for higher-end machines. If you take care of it, you can be sure your engine will outlast the rest of your mower.  

Transmission Type

Transmissions define what you can pull and how well the mower will last over the years mowing slopes. All mower brands commonly use Four hydrostatic transmissions in 48-52 inch zero-turns. All the brands listed here match the transmission size correctly to the ZTR and what you expect the mower to do.

The mower’s weight, the rider, a bagger, and how rough your lawn is are all factors. Later in this article, you will see how transmission types and capacities affect the price and mowing speed.

Acres Per Hour With Given Speed and Mowing Width

The size of an area you can mow in an hour is a product of the deck width and the drive-train (transmission) speed. We’ve included a helpful table that shows how your mowing speed and deck width will affect the acres per hour you can mow.

A loss factor of 15 percent is included for overlapping and non-productive turning. Smaller decks don’t have the blade efficiency built to run at higher speeds.

To calculate the acres-per-hour advantage a riding mower offers, the following info will help: inches per mile = 63,360; square inches per acre = 6,272,640. Alternatively, use the table instead.

Example of how to calculate your acres per hour mowing at a given speed and deck-width

If You’re mowing at five mph, i.e., you’re covering 5 x 63,360 inches per hour = 316 800 inches per hour (speed)

If your deck is cutting 36-inches wide, i.e., you’re mowing 36 x 316 800 inches per hour = 11,404,800 square inches

Convert that to acres = 11,404,800 divided by a acre (6,272,640) =1.81 acres mowed in an hour

Reduce the efficacy by 15 percent = 1.81 x 0.85 = 1.54..

Deck SizeFive mphSix mphSeven mphEight mphNine mphTen mphEleven mph
 36-inches          1.54         1.85                                         
 41-inches          1.76         2.11         2.46         2.82                      
 48-inches          2.06         2.47         2.88         3.30                          
 51-inches          2.19         2.63         3.07         3.50         3.94         4.38        
 52-inches          2.23         2.68         3.13         3.57         4.02         4.46        
 61-inches          2.62         3.14         3.67         4.19         4.71         5.24         5.76
 72-inches          3.09         3.71         4.33         4.95         5.56         6.18         6.80

Simplify Gardening 400 Riding Mowers Reviewed to find the 15 BEST

We reviewed more than 350 mowers from the top 15 residential riding mower manufacturers to select their best product. We then shortlisted the TOP THREE RIDING MOWERS.

I expect this post will be the default reference site for riding mowers. It’s loaded with information to help you choose your next riding mower. Enjoy!


Ariens family business was founded in 1933 with four employees in Brillion, Wisconsin. It employs over 1,500 people across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway. And through it all, the Ariens family has been at the helm (and own Gravely too)

The Ariens brand sells zero-turn riding mowers and snow blowers.

What is a Zero-Turn

Zero-turn refers to a vehicle’s ability to turn on its axis – using only the space the vehicle occupies. Zero-turn mowers feature two steering levers on either side that control the wheels.

Push the lever forward to move forward on that side, and pull the lever backward to move that side’s wheel back. The direction in which you push the lever is how the rotation will move.

To execute a clockwise zero-turn, pull the right lever back, and push the left lever forward. To move forward, push both levers forward; to reverse, pull on both levers equally. In the center position, the wheels don’t move backward or forwards – they standstill. The further you push the handle from the center point, the faster the wheel turns.

It’s possible to maneuver around yard obstacles with a zero-turn radius lawnmower. You’ll need to be as precise as possible to do this, from hugging a decorative fern to a one-year-old tree trunk.

You can mow a row of grass, turn the mower around 180 degrees, line up the deck edge with the uncut grass, and continue mowing. There is no need for extra maneuvering at the end of each cutting row.

Ariens Available Models

APEX 48 Kohler48″Kohler® 7000 Twin23hp/725cc
APEX 52 Kawasaki52″Kawasaki® FR691V Twin23 hp/726cc
APEX 60 Kawasaki60″Kawasaki® FS730V Twin24 hp/726cc
IKON XD 4242″Kohler® 7000 Twin22 hp/725cc
42″Kawasaki® FR600V Twin18 hp/603cc
IKON XD 5252″Kohler® 7000 Twin24 hp/725cc
52″Kawasaki® FR691V Twin23 hp/726cc
IKON-XD 6060″Kawasaki® FR691V Twin23 hp/726cc
EDGE 3434″Kohler® 6000 Twin19 hp/660cc
34″Briggs & Stratton® Intek Twin20 hp/656cc
EDGE 4242″Kohler® 6000 Twin19 hp/660cc
42″Briggs & Stratton® Intek Twin20 hp/656cc
EDGE 5252″Kawasaki® FR651V Twin21.5 hp/726cc

The Ariens family has four lines: Zenith, Apex, Ikon, and Edge. The Zenith is a 60-inch commercial unit with a Kawasaki FX730V Twin engine that pushes 23.5 horsepower from a 726cc capacity.

Apex Model

The flagship home garden range, APEX, has three sizes with a specific engine. The frame used is a full tubular steel rail for strength and superior resistance to stresses and loads.

The thick 10-gauge steel deck is welded together for superior strength, durability, and impact resistance. The deck is commercial grade.

Ariens’ fitted the range with self-adjusting belt technology that keeps belt tension constant to maximize belt life, minimize wear and maintain a consistent, quality cut. The deck lift system is foot-operated.

Using an entire pin selection board, you can quickly choose a cutting height between 1.5-inches and 5-inches in quarter-inch increments – 15 cutting positions.

The deck access panel provides easy access to three-blade spindles and belts for quicker and more thorough cleaning.

Ariens have made sure that their Apex range offers comfort. Their plush, adjustable high-back seat with padded armrests will support you in comfort, even during longer mows: more mow, less moan.

Simplify Gardening Choice

We like the Ariens APEX 48-inch zero-turn riding mower. Below are the unit’s specs:

EngineKohler 7000 – Gas, 22 hp, vertical shaft, twin cylinders, air-cooled, and EPA Phase III compliant
Engine Size725cc
Drive SystemHydro-Gear ZT-3100 Transaxles
Hour MeterStandard
Cutting Width48-inches
Deck Material10-gauge
Deck ConstructionFabricated
Maximum Cutting Height5-inches
Minimum Cutting Height1.5-inches
Cutting Positions15
Ground Speed8 mph – 4 mph reverse
Fuel Capacity5.10 gallons
Number of Spindles3
Spindle MaterialAluminum
Spindle ShaftForged Steel
Spindle BearingBall Bearing
Deck DriveBelt
Deck EngagementElectric Ogura
Deck Lift SystemFoot Operated
Weight825 lbs
Front Wheels13.0 x 6.5-inches – 6-inches
Back Wheels22 x 10-inches – 12-inches
Front Wheels AxleFixed
SeatHigh Back Premium with padded armrests
Warranty (Machine)4-years / 500 hours

Our choice of the Ariens APEX 48 Kohler would cost us $5,799


These guys are proud to be part of the United States of America and make no bones about it. From a modest 26,000 square feet to more than a million across 105 acres in a little more than 15 years is a pretty good indicator of their rise – and they’re just getting started.

They start with a dedication to innovating a better cut. These guys even have their own rolled steel leveling system and sheet cutting plant – no messing around for these guys – they have a plan, and they’re working it, staking their reputation on the products they deliver.

Nobody deploys more technology and mechanical power in mower manufacturing than these guys. Their automated laser cutters turn out 20,000 pounds of steel daily, and their one-of-a-kind deck bender handles 120,000 pounds. They bend, cut, and shape over 32 million pounds of steel annually. Proudly American.

It still takes artisans with skills and a great work ethic to bring it all together. Everyone from fabrication and welding to assembly and inspection has a say-so in designing and building their mowers. So while their mowers are rugged and simple to operate and maintain, plenty of homegrown smarts go into making them that way.

Large landowners and homeowners have recognized the incredible value for money of Bad Boy machines. They’ve set out to create the best zero-turn mowers available – from concept to creation, and maybe they’ve got it right. Their homeowner models are built and assembled alongside their commercial-grade kin, setting a new standard for other mower manufacturers.

By standardizing design components across the entire lineup, they’ve successfully broken price barriers for this class of residential mowers. They’ve done this by squeezing even more savings out while maintaining frame quality, power upgrades, and improved comfort. Compare them pound-for-pound, price-for-price, and you’ll find yourself ‘Mowing with an Attitude.’

Bad Boy Available Models

Bad Boy has five ranges in their domestic lineup, from flagship to budget.

  • MAVERICK – 3 engine choices & 3 deck choices 48, 54 & 60-inch
  • ZT ELITE – 4 engine choices and 3 decks – 48, 54 & 60-inch
  • ZT AVENGER – 3 engine choices and 2 decks – 54″ & 60″
  • MZ MAGNUM – choose between 3 engines and either a 48″ or 54.”
  • MZ – choose between 2 Kohler engine models for your 42″ deck

This article reviews their ZT ELITE range.

Bad Boy ZT ELITE Zero-Turn (ZT) Riding Mower

Bad Boy Mowers ZT Elite zero-turn mower has offered the best value in the performance and price honey-hole of homeowner-class mowers for over a decade. It’s been their best-selling model since the day they introduced it. And they never stop making it better, more robust, and more comfortable. You are encouraged to compare it to any other zero-turn in its price range. There’s still no better value and flexibility for the residential homeowner — anywhere.

Bad Boy ZT ELITE Specifications

ZT ELITE SpecificationsDetails
Kohler4800 – 725cc, 25hp Air-Cooled 7000
Kohler5400/6000 – 747cc, 26hp Air-Cooled Pro 7000
Kawasaki4800/5400/6000 – 726cc, 24hp Air Cooled FR730
Briggs4800/5400/6000 – 724cc, 25hp Air Cooled CXI25
ZT ELITE DimensionsDetails
Cutting Widths4800 – 48″; 5400 – 54″; 6000 – 60″
Weight4800 – 812 lbs.; 5400 – 839 lbs.; 6000 – 865 lbs.
Overall Height / Length46″/74.5″
Chute Up / Chute Down Width4800 – 54″/61″; 5400 – 58″/67″; 6000 – 64″/73″
ZT ELITE FeaturesDetails
Transmission3100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle
Deck Thickness3/16″ Thick Solid Steel
Cutting Height1.5″ – 4.5″ with Deck Height Control System
Foot-Assist Manual Lift with Dial-Style Height Adjustment.
Lift & Height AdjustmentOptional Electric Lift.
Rear Tires / Front Tires 480022×10-10 Turf / 13×6-6 Smooth
 Tires 5400/600022×11-10 Turf / 13×6-6 Smooth
Fuel6.5 Gallons, Unleaded Gasoline
Ground Speed (Forward)Up To 7 mph

Bad Boy Standard Feature

  • Dual Hydro-Gear 3100 Series Integrated Drive Systems
  • Patented Independent Front Suspension
  • Heavy-Gauge, All-Steel, All-Welded Frame
  • Industry-Leading 3/8˝ Steel Front Forks
  • 7-Gauge All Steel, Formed, and Welded Deck with Reinforced Edges
  • PEER, Maintenance-Free Spindles
  • Deck Lift Pedal with Deck Dial Adjustment
  • Seat Lifts for Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Electric PTO
  • Comfort Seat

Simplified Gardening Choice

Again, we would choose the 48-inch ZT ELITE 4800 kitted with a Kawasaki 726cc, 24hp Air Cooled FR730 engine, weighing 812 pounds and setting us back at $5,939.00. Not bad at all.

So far, we have:

  • The Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  • The Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939


Bobcat is a global brand with employees and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Customers use their machines and technologies to accomplish more in construction, agriculture, landscaping, rental, grounds maintenance, utilities, and other applications. They are proud of what they create, the value provided, and the relationships they build – all while helping people succeed.

The name Bobcat is synonymous with compact loaders. The people behind their brand and the equipment they manufacture are rugged, agile, and versatile. Bobcat equipment fosters a sense of pride and inspires confidence on even the most challenging job sites.

Since they invented the skid-steer loader – which created the entire compact equipment industry – they’ve built their reputation on performance and dependability.

Bobcat is known for making equipment designed to empower customers and operators to accomplish more, be more innovative, and tackle any job site confidently.

Innovation is at the core of everything they do. They continue to be the leader in compact equipment by pioneering significant advancements, developing leading technologies, and pioneering new products, services, and possibilities for their customers.

North American operations are headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, with manufacturing and engineering facilities in Gwinner, Bismarck, downtown Fargo, and Wahpeton.

They also have facilities in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Minnesota alongside global offices, allowing them to expand our reach worldwide.

Simplify Gardening’s Choice

With Bobcat, we’re again looking at the 48-inch deck – and they’re looking good. Bobcat has two 48-inch offerings. The main difference between the two is price and drive transmission. Let’s compare them.

FeatureBobcat ZT3000Bobcat ZT3500
Mower DeckTufDeck™ Pro 10-gauge Top with 7-gauge Spindle Supports; 7-gauge Side SkirtsTufDeck™ Pro 10-gauge Top with 7-gauge Spindle Supports; 7-gauge Side Skirts
Cutting Height1.5-4.8751.5-4.875
Engine Size726 cm³726 cm³
Cutting Width48-inches48-inches
Adjustable Scalp Rollers33
Engine ModelKawasaki FR651VKawasaki FR651V
Transmission TypeHG ZT-3100 Hydrostatic Transaxles -350 lb/ftHG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles – 500 lb/ft

So they look pretty much similar, except for the transmission type. Let’s look at the difference between the Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 and ZT-3400:

Drive-Train SpecificationHG ZT-3100HG ZT-3400
Pump Displacement0.61 in3 /rev [10 cc/rev]0.73 in3 /rev [12 cc/rev]
Motor Displacement0.97 in3 /rev [16 cc/rev]0.97 in3 /rev [16 cc/rev
Input Speeds Max Hi-Idle (no load) Min (loaded)  3600 rpm 1800 rpm  3600 rpm 1800 rpm
Output Torqueup to 350 lb-ft [up to 474 Nm]up to 500 lb-ft [up to 677 Nm]
Speedup to 9 mph [up to 14 kph]up to 10 mph [up to 16 kph]
Gross Vehicle Weightup to 1200 lbs [up to 544 kg]up to 1600 lbs [725 kg]
Axle Shaft Diameter1.0 in [25.4 mm]1.125 in [28.56 mm]
Axle Shaft End OptionsTapered 4-bolt Flange 5-bolt FlangeTapered 4-bolt Flange 5-bolt Flange
Weight of Unit32.5 lbs [14.7 kg]34.5 lbs [15.6 kg]

So we see that the speed drops by a mile per hour, gross vehicle weight by 300 pounds – and the price drops from $8,269 to $6,599. I’m not the largest man, so the weight drop is acceptable. I’m sad about the speed loss, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me – $6,600 sounds good.

So far, we have:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599



Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc. has been an energy-efficient design and concept pioneer for over 50 years. The first commercially successful Continuous-Flow Grain Drying System was invented by Charles Shivvers, founder of Shivvers Manufacturing, in 1968 with the invention of the tapered sweep auger.

1984 Shivvers Manufacturing revolutionized the industry by introducing the COMPU-DRYTM Command Center, the world’s first computerized grain drying controller. Continuous Counter-Flow Grain Drying Systems are a Shivvers specialty.

With Carl Shivvers as President, Shivvers remains a family-run business. As a proud American company, Shivvers is committed to the quality of its products.

Country Clipper History

Shivvers was ahead when it debuted in 1984 with the Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower. As a leading manufacturer of zero-turn lawnmowers, Country Clipper also built mowers for other reputable companies. Today, a dedicated dealer network exists for Country Clippers in countries like the United States and Canada.

For 35 years, Country Clipper has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing zero-turn lawnmowers and other lawn care equipment for commercial and residential customers. They’re one of the industry’s first eight zero-turn mower makers.

Country Clipper has a zero-turn mower to suit your needs, whether you mow a small yard, a 3-acre estate, or a lawn care professional. Contrast Country Clipper with the competition; you’ll see that nothing else comes close.


Eighty miles south of Des Moines, Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in Corydon, Iowa. Shivvers has a 20-acre campus with 120,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space and employs about 150 people from the surrounding area.

Even though Shivvers is still a privately held company, it sells more than $40 million worth of agricultural and outdoor power equipment each year. Shivvers is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting-edge equipment that delivers real value. The success of Shivvers is proof of their dedication.


ContourDTSTM is a patented design that Country Clipper owns. With a pivoting front axle and suspension, this deck tracking system delivers on the promise of improved comfort, improved quality of cut, and superior traction.

Country Clipper Zero-Turn Mowers come standard with the ContourDTS tracking system, which stands for Contour Deck Tracking System. The front axle is articulated, and the deck is suspended from the axle on both sides. Thanks to each front wheel’s assistance, this layout enables the deck to follow the lawn’s contours.

For uneven terrain, one side of the deck rises while the other stays, ensuring an even cut. The ControurDTS feature increases traction by allowing all four tires to keep in contact with the ground while providing up to 7″ front axle articulation.

Country Clipper Range of ZTR Riding Mowers

Country Clipper’s selection of fifteen ZTR is divided into six product ranges:

  • Avenue – 42” and 54”
  • Boulevard – 48”, 54”, and 60”
  • XLT – 48”, 52”, and 60”
  • Challenger – 52” and 60”
  • Charger – 52” and 60”
  • BossXL 60” and 72”

The top three are residential grade, and the bottom three are for commercial use – parks, sports grounds, community ground, and more significant acreage. Let’s Compare the residential flagships, the XLT, and the Boulevard.

SpecificationBoulevardXLT – Simplify Gardening Choice
SpecificationBoulevardXLT (Simplify Gardening Choice)
Engine23 hp Kohler® KT73024 HP Kawasaki® FR730V, 26 HP Kohler® KT745 (Joystick Steering Only)
Horsepower2324, 26
Oil Capacity2.0 qt (1.9L)2.2 qt (2.1 L),
Two qt (1.9 L)
Drive SystemHydro-Gear® ZT-2800Hydro-Gear® ZT3100
Hydro Oil CoolerN/AN/A
Fuel Capacity5 Gallon5 Gallon
Steering ControlJoystick, Twin LeverJoystick, Twin Lever
Stand-up DeckStandardStandard
Pivoting Front AxleN/AStandard
Roll-Over ProtectionN/AN/A
Tires, Rear20×10-10,22×9.5-10,
Tires, Front13×6.5-613×6.5-6
Turning RadiusZero-TurnZero-Turn
Ground Speed (Forward/Reverse)7.5 mph/4 mph8 mph/4 mph
Height: top of the seat back45″48″
Width, Tractor (outside rear tires)47″, 48″47″, 49″
Width, Deck w/ Chute58″, 67″, 74″61″, 65″, 73″
Width, Deck Chute Up50″, 55″, 62″49″, 53″, 61″
Cutting Width48″, 54″, 60″48″, 52″, 60″
Cutting Height1.5″ – 4.5″ (1/4″ increments)1.5″ – 5″ (1/4″ increments)
Deck ConstructionWelded 12 Gauge Steel Deck with 12 Gauge Strategic ReinforcementsWelded 12 Gauge Steel Deck with 10 Gauge Strategic Reinforcements, including high-impact anti-scalp rollers, 3/8″ x 2″ wear bar on leading & trim edge
Deck EngagementElectric, Warner®Electric, Ogura®
Blade Length17″, 18.375″, 21″17″, 18.375″, 21″
Spindle AssemblyCast aluminum housing; 1″ diameter shaft; maintenance-freeCast Aluminum housing; 1″ diameter shaft; maintenance-free
Blade Tip Speed, approx.18,000 fpm18,000 fpm
Weight688 lbs, 700 lbs, 722 lbs814 lbs, 823 lbs, 838 lbs
SeatAdjustable, High Back, Deluxe Bucket SeatHigh Back, Enhanced Comfort Seat with adjustable slides
Other Standard FeaturesHour Meter, Electric Start, Arm Rest, Cup Holder, Hitch PlateHour Meter, Electric Start, Arm Rest, Cup Holder, Front Step, Hitch Plate

Simplify Gardening Choice

So if we look at the two top Country Clipper ZTR Riding Mowers for non-commercial use, we see that the top one comes in at about 6.8k but is fitted with the HG ZT3100 transmission, which gives us a maximum of 8 mph. The entry-level commercial riding mower from Country Clippers is the Challenger.

The Challenger comes in at MSRP starting at $8,549 and has an HG ZT-3400, allowing a vehicle weight of 1,600 pounds and a speed of 10 mph to 16 mph. It’s an excellent machine (the Commercial Challenger), but budget limitation triumphs again like the case with the Bobcat. So we’ll go with the XLT model – 48-inch deck.

So far, we have four 48″ ZTR Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799


Craftsman Lawn and Garden Tractor Riding Mowers

More extensive lawns necessitate riding mowers, whether you’re mulching, bagging, or simply mowing. Cut grass more efficiently with CRAFTSMAN® Mowers that feature a Turn-Tight Radius. Garden tractors with 54-inch decks are also available, as are decks as small as 30 inches long and powered by Lithium-Ion batteries.

Craftsman has 17 models of Riding Mowers divided into three Series: the E-Series, which are Battery Powered Riding Mowers; the abundant T-Series with tight turning and front-mounted engine; and the R-Series, with a rear-engine. Below are the models. Some have been adjusted for carb compliance.

ModelFuelEngine/MotorCut Width
R110Gas10.5 hp30″
R140Gas10.5 hp30″
E150Lithium-Ion1500 watt-hour30″
E225Lithium-Ion2250 watt-hour42″
T100Gas11.5 hp36″
T110Gas17.5 hp42″
T130Gas18.5 hp42″
T140Gas18.5 hp46″
T150Gas19 hp56″
T210Gas18 hp42″
T225Gas19 hp42″
T240Gas22 hp46″
T260Gas23 hp50″

Simplify Gardening Choice

So if we want to keep the 48″ theme, I like the Craftsman T240 22 hp V-Twin Hydrostatic 46-inches Riding Lawn Mower with Mulching Capacity for $2,299. So I have to admit it can’t turn on a dime, but it sure can tightly circle an 18-inch plate.

So far, we have four 48″ ZTR and one 46″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)

Craftsman ZTR Riding Mowers

Craftsman has four XTR mowers:

  • 20 horsepower – 42-inch
  • 22 horsepower – 46-inch
  • 23 horsepower – 50-inch
  • 24 horsepower – 54-inch

Most of the reviews are positive, especially regarding price. No wonder you can pick up a 50-inch 23-horsepower Craftsman Z5600 ZTR Riding Mower with a V-Twin Kohler 7000 engine for under $3,000. Not too shabby. Regrettably, I can’t tell you about the transmission – it’s a Craftsman mystery. Crafty guys.


Of all the websites I’ve visited in my search to help readers, the Cub Cadet and the Bad Boys sites rocked. The Cub Cadet site lets you feed some use-case variables into an algorithm that advises you on the top three choices.

The Bad Boys site allows you to customize your specific preference – decks sizes,  engine choice, wheels, and seats. But back to the Cub Cadet.

The Cub Cadet has a 60-year American history. Originally the brand was part of the Harvester International group. Harvester was the amalgamation of Harvester tractors and International, a trucking company responsible for developing the excellent Cummings machine.

The point is that these guys have a very long history of U.S.A. manufacturing quality products.

Cub Cadet Lawn and Garden Tractor Riding Mowers

For your convenience, here’s a list of the 15 Cub Cadet garden tractor riding mowers:

CC30ELithium-Ion Battery56V30Ah30″13-gauge Stamped
CC30HGas344cc30″14-gauge stamped
XT1 GT54 FABGas25 hp54″11-gauge fabricated
XT1 LT42Gas541cc42″13-gauge Stamped
XT1 LT42ELithium-Ion Battery56V6042″13-gauge Stamped
XT1 LT46Gas23 hp46″12-gauge stamped
XT1 LT50 FABGas24 hp50″11-gauge fabricated
XT2 GX50Gas23 hp50″AeroForce
XT2 GX54 DGas24 hp54″AeroForce
XT2 LX 46Gas21.5 hp46″AeroForce
XT2 SLX50Gas21.5 hp50″AeroForce
XT2 SLX54Gas21.5 hp54″AeroForce
XT3 GSGas22.5 hp48, 54, 6011-gauge fabricated
XT3 GSGas22.5 hp42, 50, 5413-gauge Stamped
XT3 GSXGas25 hp

Cub Cadet has two battery-powered versions: the XT1-series, the XT Enduro Series, the XT2-Series, and the XT3-Series. The XT3 range sells as power units only to configure as you wish. You might want to use it purely as a garden workhorse with other attachments and not as a mower.

Simplify Gardening Choice

The AoroForce cutting deck appeals to me. The standard feature of the XT2-series models. The fabricated deck delivers the best-in-class cut, with fewer clumps and finer clippings. So let’s look at what’s on offer.

XT2 LX 4218 hp42″AeroForce $ 2,899.00Kawasaki FR 600V
XT2 LX 4621.5 hp46″AeroForce $ 3,099.00Kawasaki FR 651V
XT2 GX5023 hp50″AeroForce $ 3,999.00Kawasaki FR 691V
XT2 SLX5021.5 hp50″AeroForce $ 3,499.00Kawasaki FR 651V
XT2 SLX5421.5 hp54″AeroForce $ 3,699.00Kawasaki FR 651V
XT2 GX54 D24 hp54″AeroForce $ 4,299.00Kawasaki FR 730V

At $4k, the 23-horsepower 50-inch XT2 GX50 looks good.  Standard Features are

  • The AeroForce Cutting Deck
  • Front-End Protection
  • Optimized Steering with a 16-inch turning radius
  • Option for additional Attachment – for your-round use
  • LED Headlights
  • Smoother Ride
  • Tuff Torque Transmission with speeds up to 5.5 mph
  • Fast Attache Blade System
  • 3-Year Warranty with no hour limit
  • Adjustable Cut-and-Sew Seat – 15-inch seat with armrests

So far, we have four 48″ ZTR, a 46″ and a 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)

Cub Cadet ZTR Riding Mowers

Cub Cadet has three ZTR Series:

  • Ultima Series ZT – for yards up to 5 acres
  • Ultima Series ZTX – for yards up to 12 acres – Professional Series
  • S and SX Series – Steering wheel ZTR machines – for yards up to 5 acres.

We took an in-depth look at the residential Series:

Cub Cadet ZTR Ultima Series ZT
  • Forged for Strength – continuous square tubular frame designed for enhanced strength and durability
  • Redefined Comfort – fully adjustable command center for next-level comfort for optimized speed and control from head to toe
  • Best-in-Class Cut – The AeroForce fabricated dec has been tested and proven to deliver a best-in-class cut with optimized airflow and maximum suction that eliminates clumping during discharge and improves bagging performance.
Cub Cadet S and SX Series of ZTR Mowers
  • Effortless Control – The zero-turn includes patented SYncho-Steer® technology pioneered by Cub Cadet provides steering wheel control for all four wheels.
  • Power and Performance – Cub Cadet-certified engines, fully welded steel frames, and tough decks produce outstanding results year after year
  • Triple Guard Corrosion Defense System™ – Automotive-grade corrosion resistance that protects against the elements of wear and tears all year long, year after year


Ferris® ZTR mowers, equipped with patented technology, offer a consistent cut with added operator comfort and productivity. Their philosophy is: Work Hard. Feel Good.

Ferris zero-turn mowers are a preferred choice among landscape contractors. When you have a lot of ground to cover and productivity is vital, a Ferris zero-turn mower with suspension technology is the best choice.

From their top-of-the-line IS® 6200 with a 48 hp* CAT® turbo diesel to our excellent value and compact F60, they have a full range of models to choose from.

When selecting a Ferris zero-turn mower, consider the size of your yard and how many obstacles you must mow around. A large deck size translates to shorter mow time, while a smaller deck size translates to easier maneuverability around obstacles.

Ferris manufactures the following 12 ZTR riding mowers.

ISX 3300 EFI-ETC61″32+ HP12 MPH
ISX 330061″31+ hp12 mph
IS 320072″37 hp12 mph
IS 260061″24 hp10 mph
ISX 220052″25.5 hp10 mph
IS 210061″28 hp10 mph
ISX 80052″24 hp10 mph
IS 70061″27 hp10 mph
IS 60048″18.5 hp10 mph
400S48″21.5 hp8 mph
F6036″19 hp7 mph

Simplify Gardening Choice

There are two 48″ ZTR riding mowers available from the Ferris stable. Let’s compare them.

IS 60018.5 hp10 mph $  7 149.00HG ZT-3200Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series
400S21.5 hp8 mph $  5 149.00HG ZT-2800Kawasaki® FR651V

While I realize the Ferris IS® 600 is a little over my budget, I might break the bank for this one.

This mower will give you all you’re looking for, featuring their patented suspension technology, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200® Drive System, and speeds up to 10 mph. The IS® 600 can tackle tight places, providing maximum maneuverability and productivity.

So far, we have five 48″ ZTR and one 46″ and one 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted – I could have gone for the 400S with additional horsepower and paid less)
Ferris IS 600 Features

Debris Management – Briggs & Stratton® Commercial Series engines are built for extreme conditions with an advanced debris management system and beefed-up cylinder block structure.

Operator Convenience – Ergonomic riding mower control panel features a cup holder and fuel gauge.

Patented Suspension – The suspension system consists of rear coil-over-shocks (shown) and pivoting the front axle with shocks.

Ride-On Mower Warranties – Coil-Over-Shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for five years (60 months), for unlimited hours. We are committed to providing performance, productivity, and durability.

Exceptional Performance – The well-tuned steering system delivers smooth and confident operation for excellent performance.

Integrated Transmissions – Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200®  transaxles are designed for high performance and are fully serviceable.

Easy Access – Quick removal of the floor pan provides convenient access to the top of the deck for easy cleaning and service

Protection – Heavy-duty bumper protects the engine while also allowing for easy service access

Smooth Controls – Smooth, precision controls last longer as a result of pillow block bearings on control mounts

Mower Spindles – Cast-aluminum greaseable spindles feature a 1-inch shaft with 2.5″ x 1″ dual ball bearings, full access grease fittings, and a pressure relief valve.

Cut Height – Foot-operated deck lift, with adjustable pedal, can change cut height in 1/4″ increments from 1.5″- 4.5″

Acres Per Hour – Mows up to 4 acres per hour, based on 80% efficiency

Miles Per Hour – Forward ground speed up to 10 mph, reverse five mph.


There are only so many hours a day, and zero-turn mower technology can help you make the most of them. Easy to learn and operate, zero-turn mowers help you achieve shorter mowing times, use less fuel, and cover more ground throughout the machine’s lifetime. Take advantage of 180-degree maneuverability and confidently earn your stripes.

It’s interesting to note that Gravely is owned by the Ariens family – I never knew that.

The Gravely lineup consists of 11 ZRT Ringing Mowers:

Gravely ZTR MowerDeck SizesEngineTransmission
Pro-Turn® 10048 – 60″22 – 26 hpHG ZT-3400
Pro-Turn® 20052 – 72″25 – 31 hpHG ZT-5400
Pro-Turn® 40052 – 72″27 – 35 hpHG ZT-5400
Pro-Turn® 60052 – 72″27 – 38 hpParker® HTG
Pro-Turn® Mach One60″31 hpHG ZT-5400
Pro-Turn® Z48 – 60″26.5 hpHG ZT-3100
Pro-Turn® ZX48 – 60″22 – 23.5 hpHG ZT-3200
Compact-Pro®34 – 44″15.5 – 19 hpHG ZT-3100
ZT X42 – 60”22 – 24 hpHG ZT-2200
ZT XL42 – 60”21.5 – 26 hpHG ZT-2800
ZT HD44 – 60″21.5 – 26 hpHG ZT-3100

Simplify Gardening Choice

I’ve decided to go for the Gravely ZT HD 48″ with a Kawasaki FR691 23HP V Twin engine fitted with a Hydro-Gear ZT3100 Transaxle transmission that gives me eight mph forward and four mph reverse. This machine will let me mow 3.9 acres an hour.

So far, we have six 48″ ZTR and a 46″ and 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
Gravely ZT HD Features
Gravely ZT HD

For homeowners who don’t just want to mow their lawn but prefer to manicure it. After all, this is a residential mower often mistaken for a commercial unit.

It has the power, durability, and high performance that lawn aficionados demand – causing them to ask whether or not their lawn is worthy of such a machine.

Seat Isolation – Removes vibrations to decrease fatigue by absorbing the rough terrain so your body doesn’t have to.

Commercial Deck – The 5 ½ inch deep fabricated 10-Gauge steel deck provides exceptional air flow and cutting performance with industrial-strength peace of mind, backed by the machine’s 4-year limited warranty.

Automotive-Style Tubular Frame – Increases durability by withstanding force from any direction. This high-strength, premium frame is positioned with a lower center of gravity to improve stability while mowing on hillsides.


Okay, so if you’ve looked on Amazon lately, you would be excused in thinking these are the only guys making riding mowers. This post must come as a surprise, then. Quite a few U.S.A. companies make fabulous machines – next-level, standard-setting stuff.

 Husqvarna has 23 garden tractor riding mower models and 18 residential zero-turn riding mowers.

Husqvarna Garden Tractor Riding Mowers List and Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

ModelEngineHorsepowerDeck WidthMSRP
LGT 48SXLKohler25 hp48″ $ 2 699.00
LTH17538Briggs & Stratton17.5 hp38″ $ 1 599.00
TS 142Briggs & Stratton18.5 hp42″ $ 2 199.00
TS 142XBriggs & Stratton20 hp42″ $ 2 299.00
TS 142XKKohler42″ $ 2 399.00
TS 146XKKohler22 hp46″ $ 2 499.00
TS 146XKDKohler46″ $ 2 699.00
TS 148XBriggs & Stratton24 hp48″ $ 2 599.00
TS 242XDKawasaki21.5 hp42″ $ 2 899.00
TS 248GKawasaki24 hp48″ $ 3 099.00
TS 248TDKawasaki21.5 hp48″ $ 3 299.00
TS 248XDKawasaki23 hp48″ $ 3 399.00
TS 254XGKawasaki24 hp54″ $ 3 799.00
TS 348XDKawasaki24 hp48″ $ 3 999.00
TS 354DKohler25 hp54″ $ 3 699.00
TS 354XDKawasaki24 hp54″ $ 4 299.00
YTH18542Briggs & Stratton18.5 hp42″ $ 1 999.00
YTH22V46Briggs & Stratton22 hp46″ $ 1 899.00
YTH24K48Kohler24 hp48″ $ 2 499.00
YTH24K54Kohler24 hp54″ $ 2 599.00
YTH24V48Briggs & Stratton24 hp48″ $ 2 099.00
YTH24V54Briggs & Stratton24 hp54″ $ 2 199.00

 Husqvarna has six 48-inch riding mowers listed for us to choose from.

Simplify Gardening Choice

I’ve decided to go for the Husqvarna TS 348XD with a Kawasaki FR691 23HP V Twin engine fitted with a commercial grade hydrostat, electric locking differential from Tuff Torq.

Designed for homeowners and landowners, Husqvarna’s 300 Series of riding lawnmowers are built to perform year-round. The 300 Series garden tractors are the most comfortable in their class, with each model ensuring you cut in total comfort.

Towing accessories and lawn care are no problem for the 300 Series mowers equipped with powerful engines. Slopes and slick conditions are no problem thanks to the electronic differential lock and ground-engaging transmission. Season after season, you’ll be ready for the job with a 300 Series riding mower.

So far, we have six 48″ ZTR and a 46″, 48″, and a 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
Husqvarna TS 348XD Features

Electronic locking differential – The standard electronic locking differential locks the rear wheels for increased traction when needed.

ClearCut™ fabricated cutting deck – The new design features welded 10-gauge steel construction with additional welded reinforcement strips for maximum durability.

High Back Seat – High back seat with armrests for added comfort and support while mowing

Deluxe steering wheel – An oversized, thick steering wheel for less effort. Soft-touch inner surface guarantees reduced effort and better ergonomics.

Steel hood – Hood of solid steel construction guarantees reduced paint fade compared to plastic.

Heavy-duty frame – 11-gauge bolted steel designed to endure rougher use. Dipped paint for rust prevention

Anti-scalp wheels – The cutting deck is equipped with anti-scalp wheels, which reduce the risk of scalping when cutting uneven lawns.

Cast iron front axle – Heavy cast front axle provides superior balance and stability, even with a collector. Pivoting action helps smooth out rough terrain.

Brushguard – Tough, rugged-looking brush guard protects the hood of the tractor.

Cruise control – Allows the tractor to maintain consistent speed, even in rough terrain.

Easy-access fuel cap – Refueling doesn’t require opening the engine hood.

The Kawasaki V-Twin engine is a Fully pressure-lubricated, two-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an oil pump and oil filter. Powerful and quiet.

LED headlights – Gives over 50% larger lighted area than traditional incandescent lights. For safer operation in darker conditions

Cast Iron Spindle Housings – Rugged cast iron blade housings are built for durability and feature ball-bearing spindle support.

Deluxe Gauge Package – Ammeter and Hour meter Gauges allow charging system status and hours used.

Husqvarna Zero-Turn Riding Mowers List and Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

ModelEngine MakeHorsepowerDeck WidthMSRP
MZ48Kawasaki23 hp48″ $ 4 599.00
MZ54Kawasaki24 hp54″ $ 4 999.00
MZ61Briggs & Stratton24 hp61″ $ 5 799.00
MZ61Kawasaki27 hp61″ $ 5 299.00
Z142Kohler17 hp42″ $ 2 799.00
Z146Kawasaki18 hp46″ $ 2 999.00
Z242FKawasaki21.5 hp42″ $ 3 199.00
Z242FKawasaki18  hp42″ $ 2 899.00
Z246Briggs & Stratton20 hp46″ $ 2 899.00
Z248FKohler26 hp48″ $ 3 399.00
Z248FKawasaki23 hp48″ $ 3 299.00
Z254Briggs & Stratton24 hp54″ $ 2 999.00
Z254Kohler26 hp54″ $ 3 099.00
Z254FKawasaki24 hp54″ $ 3 399.00
Z254FKawasaki23 hp54″ $ 2 999.00
Z254FKohler26 hp54″ $ 3 499.00
Z248FKawasaki21.548″ $ 2 899.00


According to John Deere, their customers are central to everything they do. With more than 180 years of experience and terabytes of precision data to know their customers and needs, they can serve them better than anyone else.

Their easy-to-use technology helps deliver results customers see in the field, on the job site, and on the balance sheet. They ensure seamless access to parts, services, and performance upgrades from take-home to trade-in.

They do this by providing world-class support throughout the lifecycle of the equipment they sell, always keeping productivity and sustainability in mind. Deere’s ethos entails never forgetting that they’re there to help life leap forward.

John Deere has five Series:

John Deere 100 Series

  • 17.5 – 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engines
  • 42-, 48-, 54-inch Edger™ mower decks
  • Select models with Easy Change™ 30-second oil change system, 15-inch open-back seat, and easy-read fuel gauge
  • Hydrostatic transmission (S170 and S180 heavy duty) with side-by-side foot pedals
  • 2-year/120-hour bumper-to-bumper Warranty

John Deere 200 Series

  • 21.5-22 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Cyclone engines – for debris management
  • 42- and 48-inch Accel Deep™ mower decks
  • 15-inch open-back seat, hydrostatic transmission with side-by-side foot pedals, cruise control, and front bumper
  • 3-year/200-hours bumper-to-bumper Warranty

John Deere X300 Select Series

John Deere X390
  • 22 hp Briggs & Stratton Cyclone on the X330 and 21.5 hp Kawasaki engines up to the X370 and John Deere iTorque™ 23 hp from the X380 upwards.
  • 42-, 48-, 54-inch Accel Deep™ mower decks
  • Select models (X394) with 4-wheel steering, an 18-inch cut-and-sewn seat, and an adjustable deck-leveling system.
  • Twin Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals
  • Optional One-Touch MulchControl™ System available
  • 4-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper Warranty

John Deere X500 Select Series

  • Fitted with Kawasaki FS720V (726cc – 24 hp) engines, the two X590 units fitted the electronic fuel injection versions of the same motor (25.5 hp).
  • 48- and 54-inch Accel Deep™ mower decks
  • Select models (X584) have 4-wheel steering, a 21-inch cut-and-sewn seat, a hydraulic lift, and heavy-duty all-purpose tires.
  • Twin Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals
  • Optional One-Touch MulchControl™ System available
  • 4-year/500-hour bumper-to-bumper Warranty

X700 Signature Series

  • The X750, X754, and X758 are powered by a John Deere 3-cylinder 24 hp diesel engine and a John Deere V-Twin liquid-cooled torque fuel-injected engine (25.5 hp)  powers the rest.
  • 48-inch Accel Deep™, 54- and 60=inch High-capacity mower decks
  • Select models (all X700 Series except the X750 and X730) have 4-wheel steering, 21-inch adjustable-back seats, an automotive-style dashboard, and heavy-duty all-purpose tires.
  • Twin Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals
  • Optional One-Touch MulchControl™ System available
  • 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper Warranty

John Deere Pricing

  • The 100 Series will cost you between $1,799 and $2,999
  • The 200 Series will cost you between $2,499 and $2,999
  • The popular 300 Series will cost you between $3,399 and $6,799
  • The 500 Series will cost you between $6,799 and $8,699
  • The signature 700 Series will cost you between $$11,989 and $15,264

Simplify Gardening Choice

I’ve decided to go for the upper end of the John Deere X300 Series. The X300 Series is a mid-range, value-for-money option. The X390 is $800 less than the X570, which I considered, but the gain is only one horsepower and an extra 200-hour warranty.

So far, we have six 48″ ZTR and a 46″, two 48″, and one 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
  10. John Deere X390 at $5,999

Here’s the reason why I love this machine:

  • My experience with John Deere engines has been good.
  • Clear liquid crystal dashboard with fuel gauge, hour meter, and warning lights
  • Stamped steel deck (4.83-inches deep)
  • Excellent 3-blade cut quality – even at faster speeds
  • Clip-on washer port for easy deck cleaning
  • Versatility – easy to change between side discharge, mulch, and bagging modes
  • Power-steering and hydraulic lift makes for easy operation


“For Earth, For Life” is much more than Kubota’s brand statement. It’s a mission this globally operating company dedicates itself to. It is committed to engineering excellence so its customers can focus on planting, feeding, building, and caring for the world.

Founded in Japan in 1890, Kubota is recognized for its commitment and passion for innovations that improve the world.

Kubota Corporation introduced its first tractor to the United States in 1969. Filling a product void in the American marketplace for a sub-compact tractor, the Kubota 21 HP L200 was an overnight success. Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) was formed in 1972, and the company continued to expand its product line for the U.S. market.

This expansion has continued, and Kubota offers products in various segments, including lawnmowers, utility vehicles, construction equipment, agriculture tractors, and hay equipment.

Kubota Residential Riding Mower Range

Kubota Lawn & Garden Tractors Riding Mowers

Kubota has five models ranging from $4,000 to $9,949

  • T2090BR-42 – 20 HP, 42″ deck. A premium lawn tractor designed to take your performance to the next level. $3,999
  • T2290KW-42 – 21.5 HP, 42″ deck. The power you need to do what you do best. $4,599
  • T2290KWT-48 – 21.5 HP, 48″ deck. Kubota’s durability and reliability ensure you get the best lawn tractor offers. $5,299
  • GR2020G – 20.5 HP, 48″ deck. Tight turning radius, professional results, and our “Glide Steer” technology. $8,999
  • GR2120 – 17 HP, 48″ deck. Flawless precision and streamlined maneuverability. $9,949

Simplify Gardening Choice

I’ve decided to go for the T2290KWT-48 – 21.5 HP, 48″ deck.

So far, we have six 48″ ZTR and a 46″, three 48″, and one 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
  10. John Deere X390 at $5,999
  11. Kubota T2290KWT-48 at $5,299 (on my wishlist is the B01 Series Compact Tractor)

Here’s the reason why I love this machine:

Kubota residential riding mower range consists of nine series:

  • I like the dashboard – The T90’s cruise control feature allows you to maintain a constant mowing speed once you have reached the desired speed. You can also reach the desired speed by pulling the cruise control knob. In addition, the T90 is equipped with the Kubota Reverse Awareness System (KRA) to prevent you from moving in revere. You may choose to override the system by depressing an override switch. A flashing light reminds you that reverse moving has been selected.
  • Front axle – Ductile cast iron provides a strong and durable front axle that easily handles the bumps and shocks of extreme mowing jobs.
  • LED Headlights
  • This is a clever feature for me – a USB 12-Volt charger port with a mobile storage slot.
  • Suspension Seat – Parallel link suspension provides even greater comfort and support. It adjusts a full 4″ inches forward and back so you can find just the proper position.
  • Flat Foot Rest – The T Series features the flattest footrest in its class – no bumps, no humps, nothing to get in the way when getting on and off the mower.
  • A funky steering wheel – A thicker, easier-to-grip steering wheel ensures maximum control and ease of operation while reducing vibrations. Positioned higher to reduce fatigue and enhance operator comfort and control.
  • Great engine choice – You can choose between the Briggs & Stratton® or the Kawasaki FR651V – I prefer the latter one.
  • Comfort level – The T90 Series was designed with one goal in mind: to make your job as easy and comfortable as possible. With an ergonomic operator layout, everything about it says comfort. Featuring a high-back seat with extra cushioning and support, these adjustable seats with dual armrests provide a premium level of comfort.
  • Fabricated mower deck – A fabricated mower deck gives the T90 Series’ mower deck excellent rigidity and strength, ensuring years of trouble-free operation and reduced maintenance.
  • Transmission – T90 Series lawn tractors incorporate a foot-operated hydrostatic transmission that simplifies speed and direction control. This frees your hands for precise steering around trees and shrubs or maneuvering in confined spaces.
Kubota Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Kubota has 29 ZTR riding mowers spread across nine Series with 48″ deck Z412KW-48 at $6,849 with top-class specs: 22 hp, Hydro-Gear ZT3600 transmission a premium adjustable suspension seat.

  • Z200 Series – 5 ZTR riding mowers
  • Z400 Series – 6 ZTR riding mowers
  • Z700 Series – 6 ZTR riding mowers
  • Z700 EFI Series – 3 ZTR riding mowers
  • ZD1000 Series – 2 ZTR riding mowers
  • ZD1200 Series – 2 ZTR riding mowers
  • ZD1500 Series – 2 ZTR riding mowers
  • ZG200 Series – 2 mowers
  • ZG300 Series – a 60” 26 hp gas-powered unit.


Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has manufactured “Simply the Best” commercial riding, stand-on, and walk-behind lawn mowers money can buy. Scag’s innovation and attention to quality are known and respected throughout the industry. According to Scag, they’re it if you’re looking for the highest-quality, best-built, best-cutting, USA-built lawn mower.

Scag Power Equipment was established in 1983 as a division of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. The Scag® product was initially made in Mayville, Wisconsin, by Metalcraft of Mayville, under contract. Metalcraft acquired Scag Power Equipment in 1986, which ushered in a period of rapid expansion for the business.

Scag Power Equipment has grown from a single model, a gear-drive rider, to over 50 models today, becoming one of the world’s largest independent commercial mowing equipment manufacturers.

The innovative spirit and dedication to quality demonstrated by Scag Power Equipment are well-known and well-respected throughout the power equipment industry. With an emphasis on quality, performance, ease of maintenance, and profitability, their mowers and accessories are built to last.

The Scag lineup of ZTR riding mowers consists of seven series:

  • Turf Tiger – Commercial
  • Cheetah – Commercial
  • Cheetah 1 – Commercial
  • Tiger Cat – Commercial
  • Patriot – Residential, Commercial Entry-Level
  • Freedom Z – Residential
  • Liberty Z – Residential

SCAG Residential XTR Riding Mowers

Liberty Z

The Liberty Z is SCAG’s model designed for residential gardens. The essential specs are:

ModelKey SpecsMSRP
 SZL-36H-18FR 36″, 18 HP Kawasaki® FR600 Series 603 cc, HG ZT2800 $5,166
 SZL-48H-21FR 48″, 21 HP Kawasaki® FR651 Series 726 cc, HG ZT2800 $5,445
 SZL-48H-22KT 48″, 24 HP Kohler® 7000 Series™PRO725 cc, HG ZT2800 $5,445
 SZL-52H-23FR 52″, 23 HP Kawasaki® FR691 Series 726 cc, HG ZT2800 $5,669
 SZL-61H-24FR 61″, 24 HP Kawasaki® FR691 Series 726 cc, HG ZT3100 $6,397
Freedom Z
ModelKey SpecsMSRP
 SFZ48H-24KT 48″, 24 HP Kohler® 7000 Series™ PRO – V-Twin, air-cooled engine, HG ZT2800 Transaxle $6,265
 SFZ52H-26KT 52″, 26 HP Kohler® 7000 Series™ PRO – V-Twin, air-cooled engine, HG ZT2800 Transaxle $6,431
ModelKey SpecsMSRP
 SPZ52H-22FX 52″, 22 HP Kawasaki®FX691, HG ZT3100 $8,189
 SPZ52H-23CV 52″, 23 HP Kohler® Command PRO®, HG ZT3100 $7,774
 SPZ52H-26BV 52″, 26 HP Briggs Vanguard® 810, HG ZT3100 $8,114
 SPZ61H-23FX 61″, 23 HP Kawasaki®FX730, HG ZT3400 $8,876
 SPZ61H-25CV 61″, 25 HP Kohler® Command PRO®, HG ZT3400 $8,353
 SPZ61H-26BV 61″, 26 HP Briggs Vanguard® 810, HG ZT3400 $8,674

Simplify Gardening Choice

I’ve decided to go for the SCAG Liberty Z SZL-48H-21FR with the 48″ Heavy-Duty Hero Cutter Deck, the 21 HP Kawasaki® FR651 engine, and the Hydro-Gear ZT2800 Transaxle drive system

So far, we have seven 48″ ZTR and a 46″, three 48″, and one 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
  10. John Deere X390 at $5,999
  11. Kubota T2290KWT-48 at $5,299
  12. SCAG Liberty Z at $5,445

Here’s the reason why I love this machine:

Hero™ Cutter Deck – Deep, Fabricated, and Welded Cutter Decks
SCAG Liberty Z

The heavy-duty Hero Cutter Deck is designed and constructed to yield an excellent cut quality. Deep design handles lots of grass at higher speeds. Heavy-duty, aluminum, sealed ball bearing, blade-drive spindles provide reliable performance season after season.

Powerful and Efficient Engine Options – reliable power, up to 24 hp

A Kawasaki® FR engine powers it. The engine provides a smooth, reliable ability to get the job done efficiently.

Easy Foot-Pedal Deck Lift – easy up, easy down.

The foot-pedal cutter-deck lift is spring-assisted, making raising the cutter deck smooth and easy.

Contoured, Bolstered, High-Back Seat – ride in comfort

An ultra-comfortable, adjustable (with tools), and contoured seat for improved comfort – features armrests.

Low-Maintenance Mower Design – more uptime

Fewer grease points increase operator convenience and ease of ownership.

Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 Transaxles

The ZT drive systems’ dual hydro transaxles with all metal gears and spin-on oil filters deliver smooth, solid power to the drive wheels.

High-Strength Steel Frame – solid design for years of dependable service

Tubular-steel main frame delivers unmatched strength and longevity.

Ogura PTO Clutch Brake – strong, adjustable clutch for extended life

The Ogura GT1 PTO Clutch Brake provides excellent starting and stopping power for the cutter deck, 74 ft. lb. of holding strength, and an adjustable air gap for long life.


Simplicity’s position near the bottom of the list is only because it is an alphabetized list – they don’t rank at the bottom. Simplicity is so low on the review list because it’s the alphabet effect.

There are numerous lawn and garden tractors to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The choice will be simple if you concentrate on the most critical factors, namely, the quality of the cut and the appearance of your lawn.

Lawn striping’s secret lies in the mower deck. Simplicity’s Free FloatingTM mower deck, which has full-width rollers, moves independently of the other mower. As a result, your lawn gets a more natural-looking cut with less chance of scalping. Compared to other companies, Simplicity® attaches directly to the frame, ensuring the best possible amount. A lifetime warranty is also included with Simplicity’s fabricated mowing decks.

Simplicity has five series in its Lawn & Garden Tractor Riding Mowers and six series in its Zero-Turn Mowers:

Simplicity Lawn and Garden Tractor Riding Mowers

  • Regent – 5 specification options (MSRP $3,149 to $4,099)
  • Broadmoor – 5 specification options (MSRP $5,146 – $6,949)
  • Conquest – 2 spec options (MSRP $7,349 & $8,849)
  • Prestige – single 52” 27 hp with Tuff Torz® K72 specification (MSRP $10,299)
  • Legacy XL – a 4-wheel-drive, 33 hp with Tuff Torq® K92 transmission can fit a range of attachments, including a front-end loader and a box scraper/scarifier, 60” snow dozer blade, or a 50” tiller. (MSRP $13,849)

Simplify Gardening Choice

Well, there’s so much to like, but I’ll behave and take a 48-inch deck from the Broadmoor Series – see specs below:

Model Number2691673
Marketing Model25/48″ SCS
US MSRP †$6,449.00
Start TypeElectric, Push Button
Power Rating25 hp
Engine Displacement (cc)724
Choke/ThrottleReady Start®, Single-Lever
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)3.6
Transmission TypeTuff Torq® K62
Transmission DifferentialHydrostatic
Max Ground Speed-Fwd (mph)6.7 mph
Max Ground Speed-Rev (mph)4.0 mph
Automatic Controlled Traction™Standard
Frame Steel10-Gauge
Front AxleCast-Iron
Front Tires (in)16 x 6.5-8 / Turf
Rear Tires (in)22 x 10 – 10/Turf
Attachment LiftManual
SeatHigh-Back Mesh
SuspensionSCS, Rear
Mower Deck TypeFabricated Free Floating™
Cutting Width (in)48
Number of Blades3
Height-of-Cut (in)1.5 – 4
Height-of-Cut PositionsInfinite/Electric
Blade EngagementElectric PTO Switch
Rear RollersStandard, Full-Width Striping
Mower Deck RemovalQuick Hitch™
SpindleCast-Aluminum w/ Zerk Fittings
Mower Steel Gauge10-Gauge
Washout PortStandard
Cruise ControlStandard
SteeringPower Steering
HeadlightsStandard, LED
Hour MeterStandard
Fuel Level IndicatorDigital, Dash
12 Volt DC OutletYes
Hand GripsStandard
Cup HolderStandard
Turning Radius (in)18-inches
Consumer Warranty (Product)3-Years
Fabricated Mower Deck WarrantyLifetime

So far, we have six 48″ ZTR and a 46″, four 48″, and one 50″ garden tractor Riding Mowers to choose from:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
  10. John Deere X390 at $5,999
  11. Kubota T2290KWT-48 at $5,299
  12. SCAG Liberty Z at $5,445
  13. Simplicity Broadmoor 2691673 at $6,449

Simplicity ZTR Riding Mowers

  • Courier – 7 variations – 36- to 52-inches with Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of between $2,749 and $5,149
  • Courier XT – 2 variations – 52” and 61” – MSRP $5,499 and $5,999
  • Contender XT – 2 variations – 52” and 61” – MSRP $7,249 and $8,749
  • Citation XT – 3 variations 52” & 61” – MSRP $9,799 to $10,299
  • Cobalt – is paired with an upgraded Vanguard® commercial engine with features that allow you to mow faster and confidently. 61”, HG ZT-4400 28 hp with MSRP of $ 13,149
  • Cobalt LE – unparalleled performance. 61”, HG ZT-5400 drive train, 37 hp with twin 5.5-gallon tanks (11-gallon fuel tank)  – MSRP $15,999

14. TORO

Turf maintenance and snow and ice management are some of Toro’s innovative outdoor environment solutions. Other solutions include irrigation and lighting for the outdoor environment. Toro celebrated its first century in 2014 as a leading global provider of innovative outdoor environment solutions.

Toto makes a range of homeowner products and is a respected brand in the United States and abroad. The riding mower range consists of 29 models divided into two series:

  • The TITAN Series – 12 machines – 48 to 60-inch decks – $5,099 to $7,499.
  • The TimeCutter Series – 17 machines – 34 to 60-inch decks – $3,099 to $4,599

Simplify Gardening Choice

We decided on the 48″ TITAN® MyRIDE® Zero-Turn Mower (75314), and here’s what I liked about this riding mower from Toro:

Totoro 48” TITAN® MyRIDE® Key Features

MyRIDE® Suspension System – No more rocky rides. Save your body from the most challenging terrain and avoid slow mowing speeds with the MyRIDE Suspension System. Enjoy a more comfortable ride, keeping you productive and feeling fresh.

Pro DNA – Commercial DNA courses through these machines’ veins with the same technology professionals depend on. Get a beautiful, professional-looking lawn.

IronForged® Deck – Toro IronForged® fabricated deck ensures years of reliability and top performance.

Cast Aluminum Stomp Pad – Keep your grip and remove excess mud from your shoes with a cast aluminum stomp pad.

Handcrafted Seat with Arm Rests – Ultimate padding and back support with a handmade high-back seat with armrests and bullhorn logo.

Cup Holder – Stay cool and hydrated with a built-in cup holder – priorities, my friends.

Easy Height-of-Cut Adjustment – Easily clear unexpected obstacles and save your deck with the deck lift pedal.

Rubber Discharge Chute – Trim close without damaging landscape structures or your chute.

Wet Spray Blocking Fenders – Shield your engine from tire spray and avoid backsplash on you with protective tire fenders.

Toro 48” TITAN® MyRIDE® Specifications
Engine26 hp* Kohler 747cc with Pro Air Cleaner
Fuel CapacityFive gal / 18.9 L
Cutting Width48 in (122 cm)
Caster Tires13” x 6.5” – 6” (33 x 16.5 – 15.2 cm)
Deck Design48″ IronForged® Fabricated 10 ga. High Strength with Bull Nose
Drive Tires22” x 11” – 10” (56 x 28 – 25.4 cm)
Engine Horsepower26 hp*
Engine Displacement747cc
Foot Operated Height of CutStandard
Ground SpeedUp to 8.5 mph ( 13.7 kph)
Height of Cut1.5″ / 3.8 cm – 4.5″ / 11.4 cm
Hitch BracketStandard
Hour MeterStandard
Seat18″ (45.7 cm) Handcrafted High Back with Arm Rests – Lever Slide
Steering Controls1.3″ (3.3 cm) Diameter Grips; Adjustable, Dampened

So far, we have seven 48″ and one 51″ ZTR as well as the following garden tractor riding mowers – a 46″, three 48″, and one 50-inch:

  1. Ariens APEX 48 Kohler at $5,799
  2. Bad Boy ZT ELITE 4800 at $5,939
  3. Bobcat ZT3000 at $6,599
  4. Country Clipper XLT-48 at $6,799
  5. Craftsman T240 at $2,299 (my pocket is happier)
  6. The Cub Cadet XT2 GX50 at $3,999 (slower but wider)
  7. The Ferris IS® 600 at $7,149 (I got tempted)
  8. The Gravely ZT HD at $5,299
  9. Husqvarna TS 248XD at $3,999
  10. John Deere X390 at $5,999
  11. Kubota T2290KWT-48 at $5,299
  12. SCAG Liberty Z at $5,445
  13. Simplicity Broadmoor 2691673 at $6,449
  14. Toro 48” TITAN® MyRIDE® at $6,399 (a definite contender)

15. Walker

The Walker story is one of perseverance, character, and grit. It’s a story about Max and his journey towards creating several unique products – from golf carts to mowers and many other ideas.

 The Walker story is an American dream of a farmer who created a brand and a family of Walker Mower owners through faith, grit, and hard work. It’s a compelling story.

Today, Max’s family produces a range of commercial and residential ZRT riding mowers.

Walker XRT Riding Mowers

  • Model S – Residential
  • Model C – Residential & Commercial
  • Model T – Commercial, Fleet
  • Model D – Commercial, Municipal, Institutional
  • Model R – Residential
  • Model B – Commercial, Rural
  • Model H – Commercial, Acreage, Rural, Field

Unique to Walter ZTR Riding Mowers is the option to select what deck/s suit your needs. They have the following deck options:

Walker Mower Decks

  • Collection Decks – 8 alternatives from 36” to 52” (denoted by the prefix C)
  • Side Discharge Decks – 12 options from 36” to 74” (denoted by the prefix S)
  • Rear Discharge – 52” and 64” (commercial)
  • Mulching – a choice of five from 36” to 52” (denoted by the prefix M)

Walker Attachment Options

  • Snowblower 36
  • Dozer Blade 48
  • Dethatcher
  • Boom Sprayer
  • Soft Cab
  • Hard Cab
  • Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
  • Spyker Spreader Attachment

Walker Residential ZTR Riding Mowers

Series S
  • S14i – 14 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI – 6.5 mph. Choice of 8 decks – C36R (R for Reverse Rotation), C42, CC42R, S36 S42, M36, M42, M42B.
  • S18 – 18 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, 7.4 mph. Choice of 14 decks – C36R, C42, C42R, C48R, S36, S42, S48, S48-3, S56, M36, M42, M42B, M48, U48 – the latter to be a single mower solution for both manicured turf and rougher field-type grass
Series C
  • C19 – 19 hp Kohler Command Pro CH620 engine, entry-level commercial. Choice of 6 Collection, 7 Discharge, 4 Mulching decks
  • C19i – 19 hp Kohler Command Pro ECH630 EFI engine, Superior fuel efficiency, Decks: 7 Collection, 7 Discharge, 4 Mulching
Series R
  • R21 – 21 hp Kohler KT620 with Smart-ChokeTM technology, 3-gallon custom-molded fuel tank, Electric blade clutch, Decks: 2 Discharge

Simplify Gardening Choice

Well, there’s so much to like, but I’ll behave and take a 48-inch mulch deck with the S18.

Final 15 BEST Riding Mowers (Listed Alphabetically)

ModelDeckCut HeightEngineHPDrive-TrainSpeed MPHMSRPWarranty
Ariens APEX 48481.5-5Kohler
Bad Boy
481.5 to 4.875Kawasaki
23ZT-31008$6,5993yr/1,000 hr
Country Clipper XLT-48481.5-5Kawasaki
Craftsman T24046Kohler
Cub Cadet
XT2 GX50
23Tuff Torq
IS® 600
481.5-4.5Briggs &
23Hydro-Gear ZT-31008$5,2994yr/500hr
TS 248XD
23Tuff Torq8$3,9993-years
John Deere
23Tuff Torq
8$5,9994 yr/300 hr
21.5Hydro-Gear  GR7306.7$5,2994 yr/300 hr
21Hydro-Gear ZT-28007$5,4455 yr/75o hr
Simplicity Broadmoor 2691673441.5-5Briggs &
Stratton Pxi
26Tuff Torq® K62$6,4493-years
Toro TITAN® MyRIDE®481.5-4.5Kohler
S18 M42
48Briggs &
Stratton Vanguard

The 3 BEST-OF-THE-BEST Riding Mowers

There are a lot of good riding mowers out there. We shortlisted the 15 BEST, trying to remain objective and comparative. Choosing the best-of-the-best is no simple feat, but after much debate, here they are:

No, wait – that’s not fair. Let’s split our finalists into two groups the three best lawn tractor riding mowers and the three best zero-turn riding mowers. That way, the comparison is fairer.

The 3 BEST Lawn Tractor Riding Mowers

Simplicity deserves mention, as does the Kubota. The Craftsman is the best value for money.

The 3 BEST Zero Turn ZTR Riding Mowers


Selecting the best out of 400 excellent machines is no simple task. We believe your best option is to work through the information in this article and choose what will suit you best.

Investing in a riding mower will bring you years of satisfaction, whatever your choice is. It’s pricey, but what would work is shared ownership. A riding mower is so productive that it could easily keep the lawns of multiple properties in shape without breaking a sweat.


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